Popular signs about the weather in March

March 1 starts the spring with the calendar, but not always with a warm and clear weather month. People's signs say that frosts do happen, but they do not last long. The first spring month was called still a "thief" or "hackney", and on the 21st the equinox comes, when the day is equal to the night.

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Signs about the weather

The people of March have long been associated with the Pancake week and the wires of winter. There is such a sign: if before the very beginning of the Shrovetide week on Sunday there is bad weather, then the coming summer will enjoy a large harvest of mushrooms.

Thunderstorm on any day of March heralds cold snap.

Long icicles on the roofs of houses, say that the spring will be long.

If lightning flashes, but there is absolutely no sound of thunder, then in summer it is not worth waiting for a lot of rains, it will be arid.

Popular signs for March about the weather:

  • bluebird sang - a few days it will be warm a
    nd sunny;
  • melts snow quickly - to a wet summer;

  • a lot of juice flows from the birch - all spring will necessarily be warm;
  • the ice keeps, but the water does not go - the harvest and the weather will not bring joy to the year.

If there are a lot of fogs in March, then the summer will definitely be rainy, but a dry and clear month heralds grain fertility.

Raising groundwater and flooding are signs of the invasion of harmful insects in the summer. If the water does not flow in March, then in April the grass will not grow.

To learn more about the harvest of spring bread and vegetable vegetables for autumn, it is necessary to take a closer look at the March snowstorms: unevenly and wavy snow falls on the fields - the harvest will please with its quantity. A proven sign is that the harvest year is foreshadowed by rare frosts in the first month of spring.

In March, a warm wind blows - the summer will be warm but rainy, and when the weather is mild and clear in the middle of the month, the summer will also delight with sun and warmth.

If the hares do not molt in March, the spring will be cool and, possibly, with frosts.

In March the first thunder rumbles and the northern wind blows - spring will be cold. East wind in this situation foreshadows the dry and warm spring, the western - wet, but the southern - warm spring weather.

When it's early in March to melt the snow - this means that they will not completely melt away completely. In addition, early spring is a sign that a large number of unseasonable days await in the summer.

If the snow melts at midnight from the ant pile on the north side, the summer will be long and warm, and when it's midday and south, it's short and cold.

If you believe people's signs, when in this spring month the snow melts from the sun, then the coming summer will be fruitful, and from the rain - one must wait for a drought.

A fertile summer portends a lot of tadpoles in puddles in March. Simultaneous and early departure of bullfinches, cranes and large tits indicates that spring will come very early and very quickly.

Signs for the month of March related to animals:

  • rooks fly to old nests - wait for a warm spring;
  • flew fatty wild ducks - the spring will be long and cold;
  • on the sunny side of the bird nests are building - summer will not please with sunny and clear weather;
  • geese fly high - there will be a lot of water, if very low - a little;
  • spring flies a lot of webs - in the summer it will be very hot;
  • appeared many mice - this year's harvest will be very meager;
  • a long bee stays on the color of cherries - cherry will be produced.

If the birch tree moves forward, the summer of this year will be dry, and if the maple is wet. When the birch blossoms earlier this month than the alder, it will be dry in the summer, but when the alder leaves the birch, it is wet.

Cracked bark on a large number of trees suggests that in the near future in the yard there will be clear and dry weather. But if the early bloom of a dandelion, then the signs of a long summer should not be expected.

Short-term weather forecasts for March:

  • March 1 is the day of Fyodor Tiron and Mariamna. In former times, on March 1, we prayed for the return of lost loved ones and stolen things. People's signs promised a good harvest, if in the evening a bright month showed, rain - to abundant breads and a flax harvest.
  • March 2 is the day of Leo, Agapit, Vladimir the Confessor, Yaril and Ovsyanka. On this day, examined the inventory, prepared for sowing works, revered a bird-oatmeal, which was the messenger of fast heat. A lot of snow on March 2 - there will be a lot of bread, a lot of water - there will be a lot of grass. The clouds swim high and fast - the day will be clear and without rain.
  • March 3 - the Apostle of Arkhip and Filimon Veshnego were honored. Women spent almost all day in the kitchen, preparing loaves and many delicacies, and then did "good deeds"( treated to squalid and poor people passing by the yard).To see the butterfly-urticaria - to great happiness. A white hare appeared in the woods - still wait for the snows, a gull flew by - the ice on the river would soon come down. The shimmering moon in the haze - to the snow.
  • March 4 is the day of the Reverend Leo, Bishop of Katan or Katysh. Last time they slept and squeaked kolobok-katysh. Whoever goes the rest of the way along the road will prolong his happiness. And if you get sick on that day, you should not expect a speedy recovery, or death will prevail at all. According to the signs, if it snows, the grass will not appear even in April, the birds are sitting on the road in flocks of flocks - to fast foul weather.
  • March 5 - Timothy Vesnovay, Eustathius, George. On this day they said: "Timothy came to know the warmth at the door."The old men got off the stoves and went outside to watch the weather. A stagnant day is for fast and warm spring. The thunder rumbles under the north wind - it will be still cold, at the east - the spring will be warm and dry, with the southern - hot.
  • March 6 is the day of Mauritius. We started the first field and garden works. Swallows flew to a happy and productive year. Dry and windless weather promised fast warmth, strong west wind - to long dampness.
  • March 7 is the day of Polycarp and Matrona. It was considered a woman's day, when the girls hid their wedding dresses in the chests until the fall. People said: "Magpie was cleaned up to the forest, she began to take a nest, and the black grouse started to sing."The woodpecker knocks - there will be a late spring, the finch will sing - wait for the bad weather, and the tit - it will be warm.
  • March 8 - John's Day. We prayed for the health of children, getting rid of headaches, fertility, women did not wash their linen so as not to scare off the birds that arrived. On signs this day snow - to the cold Easter and cold April, heat - and in April by that.
  • March 9 is the day of Saint Tarasiy of Constantinople, Alexander and Mstislav. It was considered a bad omen to look into the house from the street through the window - the fever would necessarily catch up. The door that broke off the hinges was a big grief in the family. The domestic animals are getting into groups - to cold and bad weather. Sharp horns in the young month - wait for a strong wind.
  • March 10 is the day of St. Porphyry of Gaza or Late. Beliefs say: birds fly in mass - to the harvest year. Arrived rooks - to fast heat. In the morning puddles, covered with ice, then the summer will be warm.
  • March 11 is the day of Prokop Perezimnik or the Expendables. If the willow starts to blossom from the top of the head or the snowdrops blossom, then you can sow. Window shutters clap and creak in the wind - to the rage, hens row in the snow - to warming.
  • March 12 is the day of Vasily Decapolit or Kapelnik. The snow began to melt on the roofs. In the house brought pine branches for its purification and health of the whole family, young shoots and needles were prepared medicines( infusions, teas, sprays).The southern wind with a drop foretold a hot summer.
  • March 13 is the day of John Cassian and the Icon of the Mother of God. The signs usually on this day the weather is warm, but the long icicles on the roofs speak of a long and cold spring.
  • March 14 - Evdokia Iliopolska, Whistler or Plyushchikha. On this day, women collected melt water, because it was believed that it has healing properties. The seasonal winds started to blow and whistle. Signs of this day: sunny and the surface of snow rough - this is a sign that the harvest will be fine, and the smooth surface of the snow spoke of a crop failure. The branches of the juniper straighten - to good weather.
  • March 15 - Fedot of Cyrene or Vetronos, usually marked by a thaw and winds. Signs say that when this day in the yard there is a snow drift, a wind or blizzard, there will not be grass for a long time and say: "Fedot is not the one".The wind blew from the north - it will be a cold summer, from the south and it began to rain - wet, but warm.
  • March 16th is the day of Eutropius and Basilisk. Bears are waking up. They walked around the field and prayed for the sun to melt the snow faster on it. People's signs indicated: if the sun on this day sits in clouds or clouds, then the next one should wait for the bad weather.
  • March 17 - Gerasim of Jordan or the Ravens. Arrived from the south rooks and if they immediately took up the repair of their nests, then it will be warm and can be sown if circling over the nests, without starting the case - there will be frost. On this day the housewives baked the birds from the dough and treated them to all household members and neighbors. If the star cluster of the Pleiades is poorly visible in a cloudless night - wait for the heat.
  • March 18 is the day of Konon Isaurian, the Grader, the Poster or the Gardener. They began to dig and fertilize the garden, soaked the seeds of vegetables before planting. According to the signs of sunny weather on Konon - in summer you can not be afraid of hail. The moon in the blue haze - to fast rage.
  • March 19 - the day of Theodore Tyrone and Constantine. Trampled the snow around the wells or simply bypassed them in circles. To quickly began to rain, the moss was thrown into the well. White storks flew in, and the swallow could be held in the way of cold. Crimson-red dawn - to a strong wind. Frost foreshadows forty more frosts in the morning.
  • March 20 is the day of Paul the Confessor or Pre-simple and Vasily Kapelnik. They prayed to the icon of the Mother of God and said: "Spring is like a stepmother: it will beckon with warmth, then drive away the cold."Cold and cloudy weather by night is a sign of frost. Abundant melting of icicles - to a good harvest of flax and hemp.
  • March 21 is the day of the Monk Theofilakt of Nicomedia, Lazarus and Athanasius. Day of spring solstice, larks arrive and bring heat to the windows. Honor the willow, bring it into the house to drive out evil spirits, quarrels and illnesses. They prepare it for medicines. According to the signs, if the clouds float high and fast on this day, the next few days will necessarily be fine weather.
  • March 22 is the day of the Forty Martyrs tormented in the Lake Sevasti Sorok Sorok. They did not conduct any field work, women baked larks from the dough, which children hung on poles, roofs, trees, painted with pets. The warm weather on this day, according to the signs, promised another 40 days, the thunder foreshadowed a hungry year, and snow a good harvest of millet.
  • March 23 - Kondrat and Vasilisa Veshnitsa. The water from the houses was taken away from the houses, the roach began to be caught. Fast-flying blue clouds pointed to the heat. The storm was a harbinger of a good harvest. The old people said: "Vasilisins fog eat snow, and a cold wind in the back - it will be difficult to survive the next winter."
  • March 24 is the day of St. Euphemia and Sophronius. The movement of juice in birches and garden work began. According to folk signs, when he heard the voice of the cuckoo on that day, it was necessary to "blare" with coins, so that the whole year be developed. The absence of cold meant that the summer will be warm and dry. Night fluffy white frost promised clear weather without snow.
  • March 25 is the day of St. Theophanes the Sigrian or Confessor, Gregory. They drove the horses to the creek with water and prepared for field work. To divert from the animals the evil eye, a silver coin or a ring was thrown into the water. The horse shakes his head and throws it to the top - to inclement weather. Mists portended a successful harvest of oats, hemp, flax.
  • March 26 is the day of Nicephorus of Constantinople. Spring melting woke up and bothered the bear, waiting for the arrival of geese. They looked closely at who first flew: if the finches, then wait for the belated cold, but the return of the larks promised a rapid warmth. The fogs on this day are a sure sign of rainy summer weather.
  • March 27 - Venedikt of Nursi and Mikhail. They petted domestic animals, took them out to the yard, cleaned and washed. Thunder on this day promised a wealth of fruits, vegetables and fruits, frost promised even a week of cold. It will be a good year for signs, if the sun at sunrise will be red, or in the morning in the sky will be visible burgundy flares.
  • March 28 - Alexandrov Day, Agapia and the Seven Martyrs, Forest Conservation. They read the forest, pronounced prayers and conspiracies to please the harvest of mushrooms, berries and medicinal herbs, game, but did not go to the thicket, as wolves "played weddings" and became very aggressive. A seagull or a crane flew in - wait for the heat, and if the seagull bathes in the water - to the cold.
  • March 29 is the day of Savina Yermopolsky or the Cartman. They cleaned the sleigh and changed seats for the summer transport. If there is warm weather in the yard, then all spring months will be warm. If snow on an anthill comes down equally from all sides - to a long and hot summer.
  • March 30 is the day of Alexy God's man or Warm. They collected birch sap and brewed it with honey and spices, drank the whole family to get rid of their bad and evil eyes. Birch buds were harvested, hives were extracted, weather began to sow oats and barley. Previously, the flowering of the mother-and-stepmother in the hills - to warm April, the thunder over the river, covered with ice - to a good bite.
  • March 31 - the day of St. Cyril, the martyrs Trofim, Dimitri, Natalia. The snow melts quickly in the daytime and freezes at night. The mosquitoes-tolkuns began to appear-expect quick heat, the smoke from the fire spreads over the ground-to bad weather.
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  • purple dawns - to windy weather;
  • month horns down - the day will be warm;
  • horns of the moon are steep and bright - to frost;
  • clouds float very high and fast - a sure sign of good weather;
  • clouds move in one direction and quickly - it will be warm and clear;
  • clouds against the wind float - wait bad weather;
  • in cloudy weather, cloudiness decreases in the evening, and the wind ceases - to freeze.
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Read also the calendar of national weather signs and Orthodox holidays for the second spring month - April http://woman-l.ru/primety-aprelya-po-dnyam/

By days

Wedding in March

March is the perfect month for weddings. From the snow, the first spring flowers begin to make their way, a lot of sun and heat create unique conditions for the original photo shoots. The awakening of nature symbolizes the birth of a new family.

The wedding in March promises to the newlyweds a long marital life, equally filled with joys and sad moments. However, the bride for a long time will have to live "on someone else's side"( with her husband's parents).

It is considered a good sign if in March the Decembrist( Christmas or a slumberberger) blossomed again. His owner is waiting for pleasant surprises in the form of meeting his second half or offering "hands and hearts."

It is not recommended to play a wedding in the days of Lent, March 22( day of the Forty Martyrs) and March 28.