Recipes of lightening hair with chamomile

Blonde with well-groomed hair and a beautiful shade is now almost impossible to meet on the street. And this is because modern methods of lightening hair do not always lead to a good result. Every girl would like to improve her natural blonde hair without harm. For such procedures( the result of lightening for 1-3 tones) is ideal pharmacy or fresh chamomile, from which you can prepare several proven means.

  • Rinsing with lemon
  • mask with chamomile and henna
  • mask with lavender oil
  • mask with glycerin
  • mask with rhubarb
  • mask with rhubarb and white wine
  • mask with vodka
  • mask with vodka and lemon
  • mask with honey

rinsing with lemon

One of the simplest and most effective methods( frequent use) is chamomile rinse hair. To do this, you need 100 grams of chamomile and two liters of boiling water, all this is to hold on a slow fire for literally 5 minutes and then let it brew for an hour or a half. In the broth you can add juice of one lemon, which will strengthen the effect.

This remedy should be used as often as possible after each head wash and after each application of the following mask recipes.

mask with chamomile and henna

To prepare the masks need to take 200 grams of herb chamomile, 300 ml of settled water, colorless henna pack of 100 grams, 400 ml of vodka. Pharmacy chamomile must be insisted on vodka for one week. Henna brew hot water and chill. After cooling, pour the henna into the infusion of chamomile. Leave the mixture in a calm state for another two weeks. After the time, drain the liquid. Hair completely wet with the resulting liquid, rinse after forty minutes. It is best to wash off the mask with soap.

mask with lavender oil

For this recipe you need to take 100 grams of dried flowers of chamomile, 5 grams of saffron, a glass of boiling water, 5 drops of lavender essential oil, juice of one large lemon. Dry ingredients should be filled with a glass of boiling water. Cool and add lavender and lemon juice. With the mixture obtained, grease pre-washed hair and hold for 20 minutes. Wash off with running warm water.

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mask with glycerin

half a liter of boiling water to pour 200 grams of flowers of chamomile. Insist under the capron cap decoction for two hours. After the time has passed, add 60 milliliters of cosmetic glycerin to the broth( not to be confused with the technical one).Stir and distribute evenly over all hair. Cover with polyethylene and a terry towel. Wash off after half an hour. The mask brightens at once on two, and even three tones, all depends on susceptibility of hair.

Rhubarb mask

Grind 30 grams of rhubarb root and pour half a lire of apple cider vinegar. Put the mixture on a slow fire. When the boil add 20 grams of dry chemist's chamomile, 20 grams of calendula flowers, 4 crushed lemon, and boil for five minutes. The broth should be allowed to infuse, and then drain. Strain the mixture with three large spoons of honey and 50 grams of alcohol or vodka. Blend the hair on the hair, for five hours, warm the head. Wash off with shampoo.

mask with rhubarb and white wine

One glass of crushed roots of rhubarb, one cup of chamomile and one cup of chopped rhubarb shoots to pour half a liter of white table wine. Put the mixture on a slow fire and boil so that the mixture is reduced by half. Decoction to cool. Strain through gauze. Apply to hair and warm the head. After an hour, wash the mask in the usual way.

This mask is also capable of giving instant lightening effect of 2-3 tones.

mask with vodka

Take 150 grams of dry chamomile pour half a liter of vodka and insist two weeks. After the infusion time, the mixture is filtered and 50 ml of hydrogen peroxide is added to it in three percent. Finished means to apply for half an hour on hair, and then rinse with water without the use of shampoo.

Mask with vodka and lemon

To prepare mask stands in equal proportions combine vodka, chamomile and lemon juice. Insist 2 days. Apply the mixture on the head and carefully insulate. To maintain the mask is enough for 20 minutes, and then rinse with water without shampoo. The mask is not only able to lighten the hair, but also to normalize the lipid balance of the scalp.

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mask with honey

Water in an amount of 100 ml fill a second portion daisy packaging and hold in a water bath for about 15 minutes. Allow the mixture to cool completely and add 1-2 large spoons of liquid honey to it. Honey is better to take a fresh, light. The mask should be kept warm for at least 30 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.


I have light brown hair, and I have never used any colors. I used only a decoction of chamomile to make the hair a couple of shades lighter. For me it turned out to be a fairly effective method. In addition to lightening, my hair has improved their health and well by this natural mouthwash 🙂


I used a decoction of chamomile, not only to lighten hair, and to strengthen them. She rinsed her head after each wash of her head. After several procedures, the hair acquired a shine and softness.