12 stylish women's hairstyles for every day for curly hair

Girls who have straight hair, always dream of romantic curls and, conversely, girls, with curly locks, try to straighten them. Indeed, it is difficult to keep such hair: it would be nice to be beautiful, and putting unruly curls at times is not easy. Take advantage of the twelve step-by-step lessons of beautiful hairstyles on wavy hair.


For short hair
  • Iroquois padding
  • Pair based braids
  • Pile laying
  • Evening high laying
  • For medium hair
  • Elegant bun at the nape
  • Weaving "Waterfall"
  • Hairstyle with harnesses
  • Evening version
  • For long hair
  • High stacking
  • In the style of the 50s
  • Greek braid
  • Beautiful bundle of braids
  • On short hair

    Short short curly hair occurs least. If you gather for a long time in the morning - this is not your story, feel free to choose such a styling.

    Than hair is shorter, so they are more naughty, so it's wise to choose a haircut, necessarily considering the type of face.

    Haircut "Cascade" will be the most optimal solution if you need to hide a magnificent volume of hair. Also perfect haircuts are "Garzon", "Kare", "Bob" and "Pixie".Here are some hairstyles based on them:

    Iroquois stitching

    Iroquois stitch photo

    Carefully comb hair. Divide them into four parts and secure them with hairpins on the occipital, parietal, middle zone and forehead. There should be four ponytails. Remove the hairpins and fasten each tail with a thin elastic band under the hair color, except for the frontal part of the hair. Invisibly fix all the hair not caught in the tail. Also, with the invisibility, fix the "Iroquois", so that there are no gaps between the tails.

    Based on braids

    Based on pigtails photo

    Comb your hair along the entire length. Separate a part of the hair from the forehead to the middle of the head and fasten it with a hair clip. The free hair from behind is divided into three equal parts. From each part weave a simple pigtail. From these pigtails form behind the wreath, fix the weaving with invisible.

    Learn how to make 8 variants of weaving on average length of hair http://woman-l.ru/pricheski-iz-kosichek/

    The hair that was fixed at the top should be launched into the wreath, and fastened, thus giving the hair volume on top.

    Hair stitching on the side

    Styling the hair on one side photo

    In order to create a siding on the side, you need to comb your hair first, adding a bit of mousse or whey for styling. After combing them on the desired side and evenly fixing the invisible, and then add the main accent in the form of a beautiful barrette. Such a styling can be done with or without a parting.

    Evening high stacking

    Evening high styling photo

    Carefully comb the hair and add a little remedy( foam or whey) to make them more docile. Collect hair from the occipital part in the tail towards the middle of the head and fasten with hairpins( a thin band or invisible).Ahead, make a straight or oblique parting so that most of the hair goes to the right side. The hair that remains on the left, collect and secure with invisible fingers in the same area of ​​the head where the tail is fixed. On the right side you need to take a small amount of hair and fix them in the same way as on the left. Ahead there are free hair, they need to be fixed on the right behind an ear to create additional volume.

    On average hair

    Before styling hair, it is recommended to apply a tool that will make the hair more docile - it can be oils or serums, unthreading curls. In this case, the attractive curl of the hair remains. If you want to make very curly hair more smoothly, you need to apply a smoothing agent and pull them out with a hair dryer.

    The "Cascade" cut is also suitable for medium length. In addition to it, you can try and remote "Kare" or asymmetric "Bob".

    For medium length, the following hairstyles are suitable:

    Elegant bun at the back of the head

    Elegant bunch on the back of the head photo

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    Comb the curls along the entire length. Collect the hair in a loose tail at the back of the head and secure it with an imperceptible rubber band. Form a loose "disheveled" bunch from the hair on the back of the head and fix it with hairpins. Hair that is knocked out in the forehead area, brush, giving volume, and leave elegant curls at the temples.

    Weaving "Waterfall"

    Weaving "Falls" photo

    When creating this hairdo, the upper strands need to be weaved into the weave, and the lower ones, they will form a "waterfall".It is possible to start the "waterfall" from the ear, it will be more beautiful to look at it if it passes through the occipital or parietal zone.

    Hairstyle with harnesses

    Hairstyle with harnesses photo

    Comb your hair. Divide into three parts. Remove the central part of the hair in the tail and fasten it with a rubber band. Take one of the side parts of the hair and twist it in a tourniquet, then wrap it in a tail and secure it with an invisible one. Similarly, do the second side of the hair. The ends of the strands from the bundles can be left loose, they will not stand out from the tail on the background of the common hair.

    Evening version of

    Evening photo option

    Comb your hair. Divide them into three parts along the head and assemble each of them into a separate tail, fastening with a rubber band. In the first tail near the elastic band, you need to divide the hair into two parts and wrap the tail, holding it between two separated strands. So it is necessary to do with each of the three tails. Free ends of the tail should be passed into the holes formed to the lowest tail and fixed with invisible ones.

    For long hair

    For long hair, the "Cascade" haircut is suitable, which is also able to remove excess volume from too curly hair. You can choose something from asymmetric options. On the basis of long hair, the following hairstyles are created:

    High stowage

    High stacking photo

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    Comb your hair. Put on them a means for styling, for better fixing the hairstyle. Divide the hair into two side and one back. The back of the hair should be the largest. To prevent hair from tangling, fix each part with a clamp. The back part is divided into two: the upper and lower. The lower strand is twisted around its axis in a tourniquet, folded on the back of the head and fixed with invisible or stiletto. The upper part is twisted and fixed, like the bottom. The lateral more voluminous strand divide into two parts. Lift the middle strand and fasten it behind the upper harness. Those strands that remained on the sides should be fixed criss-crosswise around the central, previously fixed, strands. Secure the finished hairdo with a varnish.

    In the style of the 50's

    In the style of the 50

    Comb your hair. Begin to weave a French braid from the middle line in front. Spit you need to weave along the right line. In the same way, weave the hair on the left side and on the bottom edge of the hair. Where the braids converge, you need to connect their ends and continue to weave a simple braid on one side. A free braid needs to be wrapped in a bun, hide the ends, fix the hair with invisible objects and cover with varnish.

    Greek braid

    Greek Spit Photo

    Comb your hair and divide it into three parts. The lateral parts should be smaller, and the average should be larger. Bite a low spit from the middle of the hair. Lateral hair, also weave in braids, but above average. Place the cross braids at the bottom of the middle braid and secure them. Each side plait wrap around the middle and secure with a thin imperceptible rubber band.

    Beautiful bundle of braids

    Beautiful bunch of braid pictures

    Comb your hair along the entire length. Divide them into four parts. The two side parts should be smaller, and the two main make a little more. The main parts weave into separate braids and make them bulky. Twist them into a bundle at the back of the head and fix them with studs. The side parts of the hair weave into thin braids from the forehead. Secure them with invisible objects in the main part of the hairstyle.