8 variants of braids for medium hair length

For hair, the length of which refers to the average, you can use a wide variety of weaving patterns. Create beautiful braids for such a length is simple and independent, without help, but in any case have to fill your hand, train. Use the following step-by-step examples of eight weaves.

  • Spit harness
  • French braid contrary
  • Kos Boho
  • Flower of braids
  • Spit Falls
  • Weaving at the back
  • fish tail


Spikelet Photo

This is the most convenient braid, which you can quickly learn to weave with your own hands.
We begin to perform it in the usual way, gradually weaving the strands from the forehead. At the back of the head, we do not need to weave the weave. We hide the tips in the remaining hair and fasten it with a hair clip.

Weave can be continued along the entire length of the hair.

Read also about how you can do it yourself hair clip http://woman-l.ru/kak-sdelat-krasivuyu-zakolku/

Stylish styling turns out, if you divide the hair parted in the middle and on each side of

the weave freeHalf-club, fixing the edges of the hair with elastic bands.

Spit harness

The scythe of the photo

hair need to pick up the neck or at the bottom, forming a tail to fix its gum. Highlight two large locks of hair.

The first one must be screwed clockwise. With the second all the same, but you need to rotate in the opposite direction. After both spirals of hair it is necessary to twist.

This braid will look beautiful only if you make it tight and homogeneous.

French braid contrary

French spit on the contrary photo
Tat is necessary as an ordinary scythe, but the locks are not on top of each other, but always one underneath the other.

Beautifully, this braid looks double when the weaving goes on both sides and meets at the back of the head.

We begin to weave braids on the sides, grabbing strands from the side of the face and parting. When it is ready, fix it with a clip and make a braid on the other half. Both braids are connected at the neck and fixed with hairpins, hiding the ends of the braid in the hair.

Hair can be collected, but you can leave them in the tail or, fixing braids, leave the hair loose.

Koso Boho

Kosa Boho pictures
Ideal for a romantic date and give an image of chic and elegance. This laying is done on the side and the hair from the bangs and from the entire head of hair are weaved into it. The braid can be extended to the ears or lower. And that the image turned out to be original and unique, weave a ribbon into one of the strands, the ends can be fixed with a beautiful pin or flower.

Style Boho is light and easy to negligent, so it will be good if the hair will break out strands, and she will be a bit sloppy.

Flower of braids

Piglet flower photo
This embodiment may be combined with others, finally adding flower basic hairstyle. For the flower you need to leave some of the hair - the amount depends on the desired size of the flower.

to create hairstyles make normal braid of three strands, when the spit, you're ready to pull the strands slightly with one hand, making them bulky and flat, it will give the flower the volume, but you can not pull the strands. Then the braid is folded in a spiral and fixed with invisible or stiletto. The rose can be decorated with beads or stilettos with ornaments.


Weaving a spit waterfall photo
Begin to weave from the forehead or from the temple. The weaving of the waterfall is similar to the plaiting of an ordinary braid, only in this case each time taking the lower strand and passing it through the upper one it is necessary not to leave it in the hand, but to lead to the bottom, making a wave of the waterfall.

The waterfall looks most beautiful on loose hair, but by making it, you can attach hair at the back of the neck or form a tight bundle.

Weaving at the back

Weaving on the back of the head photo
This weave is better to link with a tuft collecting hair high. So weaving will be open. It visually lengthens the neck.

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For such a braid, the fish tail is best suited. Tilt your head so that your hair hangs freely. Divide them into two equal halves. Begin to weave, taking on a thin strand from each half and shuffling them among themselves. Go to the center of the head, collect the hair in a tight tail. Next, form a beam at your discretion.


Fish tail photo
This weave can be done anywhere in the head, but most beautifully this spit looks sideways or just behind when the weave starts from about the center( the highest point) of the head.

Divide the hair into two sides. Take a small strand from one side and throw it over the other, now take the strand from the other side and throw it over the first. Continue so shuffle your hair until the length of the weave will suit you.

The thinner the strands, the longer it will have to weave, but the fish tail will turn out to be more ribbed.