Examples before and after applying facial face rejuvenation techniques

The way to strengthen the facial muscles of the face and neck is called facebuilding. This is a specialized complex of activities, which combines the training of the muscles of the neck and face with a massage of the facial musculature. This procedure allows you to regenerate the elasticity and simulate the face, forming a clear oval. The first mention of the technique is in the 30s. The literal translation of the word "facebuilding" means "person + building".

  • Visual performance results
  • Feature techniques

Visual performance results

The result of using facebuilding photo

Work on nasolabial folds photo

Improve photo contour

Result after applying the exercises of fesbilding for face correction and features of the photo

Chin lift photo

Noticeable face correction photo

Elimination of the second chin photo

Oval face photo

Example of the application of facebuilding photo

Facebuilding for men photo

The result of the fight with the second chin photo

Facebuilding in old age photo

Change after the course of the exercises photo

Improved Skin Photo

Elimination of deep wrinkles photo

The positive effect of the exercises photo

Result after the course photo

Exercises for men photos

Improved skin photo

Shining skin photo

Rejuvenation after Exercise Photo

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Feature technique

Pathfinder system was the German plastic surgeon Reinhold Benz. His method he developed for the famous ballerina, with whom he was friends. The aging face of a woman has significantly grown younger after strengthening the muscles with exercises. Unique in its identity system quickly found its application in different countries.

The surgeon's techniq

ue does not combat the biological enemies of facial aging, but focuses on the physical impact and the restoration of the muscular framework.

Facebuilding is an alternative to plastic surgery. The method of applying the technique allows for a long time to maintain hyperactivity and elasticity of the skin due to the training of the muscles of the face and neck.

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The training complex described by Benz consists of 21 sessions and is focused on exercises of the muscles of the mouth, Neck, forehead, eyebrows and eyes. This is a simple set of uncomplicated manipulations, as well as a step-by-step instruction that allows a person to avoid execution errors.

When taking feysbildingom necessary to accurately perform the exercises, otherwise uncontrolled exercise will lead to the formation of new wrinkles and folds. It is recommended to perform exercises at least 5 times a week. Training should be regular, this will speed up the result, which will be visible after 2-3 weeks.

Gymnastics facial Reinhold Benz includes:

  1. Preparation - warming up muscles of the face and neck by massaging.
  2. The main stage is the direct and accurate execution of a set of exercises. Training is performed with the help of hands and involves dynamic and static loads on the facial muscles. It is recommended to wear gloves during manipulation, so that your fingers do not slip.
  3. The final stage is muscle relaxation. A light massage is suitable.

As a result, regular exercise, facial skin becomes much fresher muscles cease to sag and acquire the tone, excess fat deposits disappear, the chin will become a distinct shape, tighten the skin of the cheeks, smoothed wrinkles.

To correct the face oval and change the terrain, it will take a little longer. On the basis of practice, positive results will begin to appear about the second month of employment.

Beginners involved training yourself to perform better course of exercises in advance by viewing video tutorial, and then in front of a mirror to monitor the implementation process. The load should be increased gradually.

In our country, a follower of fashion trends Burdyug was Anastasia, the only licensed master feysbildingu in Russia.