Recommendations and contraindications for ultrasonic skin cleansing

Cleaning of facial skin using ultrasound is one of the most advanced hardware procedures in the field of cosmetology, whereby a deep cleansing of the skin is made possible with its minimal injury. The procedure is quite effective - it removes the horny layer of skin, black dots and stimulates the production of collagen.

  • Photos before and after the procedure
  • Indications
  • Contraindications
  • Stages procedure
  • effect

Photos before and after the procedure

Ultrasonic cleaning of the face 9 photos

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cleaning face - one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Until recently, the most wanted was mechanical cleaning, which is carried out with the help of special tools and is quite traumatic for delicate skin.

Therefore, the question of which cleaning is better - manual or ultrasound, the answer is unequivocal: ultrasonic cleaning person in the cabin, as it is a painless procedure and versatile, safe for all skin types, including sensitive and prone to couperose.

Indications for ultrasonic face cleaning are:

  • expanded pores;
  • low elasticity and elasticity of the skin;
  • comedones and acne;
  • oily, porous skin of the face;
  • dim skin color;
  • increased sweating;
  • post traumatic and postoperative scars.

When to begin ultrasonic cleaning of the face and how often to do it depends on the skin condition. The interval can be from 1 week to 2 months.

To effect after a full course of ultrasonic cleaning of the face did not disappear, it is necessary to perform the procedure on average 1-2 times a month.

. How many exactly procedures will be required, only an expert will answer unequivocally, but on average it is recommended to pass from 4 to 8 sessions with a frequency of 2 weeks.

Contraindications As with any procedure, ultrasonic cleaning person has its contraindications, which, in any case, can not be neglected:

  • presence of cancer;
  • various inflammations and purulent skin diseases( including acne in the stage of inflammation);
  • heart disease, hypertension;
  • infectious diseases;
  • paralysis of the facial or trigeminal neuralgia;
  • presence of dilated vessels;
  • pregnancy.

Carrying ultrasonic cleaning of the face require special summer skin care after the procedure, which is mandatory use of a sunscreen with a high degree of protection and to minimize contact with the skin in direct sunlight.

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Stages procedure

procedure mechanism is as follows. The radiator, which is applied to the skin, spreads the ultrasonic vibrations arising on its upper layers, as a result of which the keratinized cells separate and the skin is cleansed. At the same time, living cells, due to low ultrasound power, are not damaged.

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procedure for cleaning of the skin with the help of ultrasound takes place in several stages.

  1. Cleaning .Any cleaning agent removes dust and dirt, after which the remnants of the product are washed away with a warm compress( the skin does not steam out, as with mechanical cleaning).
  2. Toning .The skin is dipped with a special tonic.
  3. Cleaning .A special gel-conductor is applied to the skin, after which the skin is applied to the skin with the help of a scrabber scapula.
  4. Power supply .On the skin are applied masks with the effect of recovery and nutrition.
The duration of the procedure is 10-20 minutes, with no pain, and sometimes only a slight vibration in the cheek area.

Irritation or redness after cleansing is also not observed.

Effect of

After the procedure, the skin comes to life:

  • , external impurities and dead cells leave;
  • sebaceous ducts open, decreasing in size;
  • metabolic processes are accelerated at the cellular level;
  • improves blood circulation, edemas disappear;
  • the skin becomes more susceptible to care products.

However, it is believed that ultrasonic cleaning of a person can not get rid of acne by one hundred percent. Indeed, this procedure should be supplemented with manual intervention on the most problematic areas. A good specialist will help to choose the right actions and tell you how to take care of the skin after.