Shape type rectangle

The figure "rectangle"( type "H") is considered the most common among the fairer sex. The famous Tina Turner, the intriguing Mila Jovovich, the feminine Penelope Cruz are the owners of the figure rectangle.

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Shape features

The main distinguishing feature of this type of physique is the lack of a clear waist line. The holders of the "rectangle" figure also have the following features:

  • identical in width hips and shoulders;
  • flat buttocks;
  • with slender legs;
  • wide thorax.

If the owner of the figure "H" is gaining excess weight, the fat is evenly distributed in the area

of ​​the bust and abdomen. Fat deposits on the thigh line are absent.

The figure "rectangle" can be of two types: "column" and "brick".For the owners of the figure "column" are the following features:

  • hips and shoulders of equal sizes;
  • long legs;
  • fuzzy waistline.

American actress Nicole Kidman type figure column photo

A vivid representative of this type of physique is the popular American actress Nicole Kidman.

For women with the figure "brick" are characterized by the following features:

  • narrow hips;
  • wide shoulders;
  • having a small abdomen. Such proportions of the body is possessed by actress Kim Cattrall.

Actress Kim Cattrall type figures brick photo


Recommended clothing for the figure rectangle

Stylists advise women of fashion with the figure "H" to choose clothes that visually create a waistline or accentuate the slender legs, beautiful hips and lush breasts. It is possible to emphasize the basic advantages of a figure by correctly chosen styles of clothes. Consider the types of clothes for the figure "H" in more detail.


A safe option for women with the figure "H" is:

Dresses for figure type rectangle photo

  • dress in Empire style;
  • dress-gown;
  • dress with a smell;
  • dress with sleeves-flashlights;
  • dress with high waist;
  • dress with skirt-sun;
  • dress with a fork;
  • dress-pleated.

With regard to length, the decisive factor here is the harmony of the legs. If nature has awarded you with beautiful legs, choose a mini!


Skirts should visually attach volume to the hips, focusing on the waistline. The representative of the weaker sex with the figure "rectangle" can easily choose:

Skirts for women with a figure figure rectangle photo

  • skirt-tulip;
  • skirt-trapeze;
  • skirt-pleated;
  • skirt on the yoke;
  • skirt-pencil;
  • multi-tiered skirt;
  • skirt-balloon;
  • skirt on the hips.

Blouses, sweatshirts, tops

It is important for women with the figure "H" to choose a blouse that will make the shoulders and chest more feminine and harmonious. With this task, deep cuts and original details - laces, ruffles, bows - are good. Very impressive look at the holders of the figure "rectangle":

Blouses, sweatshirts, tops for women with figure type rectangle photo

  • blouses with a smell;
  • sweatshirts with cutout;
  • blouses with an American armhole;
  • blouses and tops with allowance;
  • extended tunics.

The best length for blouses and blouses is slightly below the hip bone.


Ideal for holders of the rectangle shape are:

Pants for figure type rectangle photo

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  • jeans and trousers straight cut;
  • slightly flared trousers;
  • narrowed trousers.

To visually enlarge your hips, choose pants with patch pockets.

Jackets, coats, jackets and cardigans

Models with a rectangle shape should be selected:

Jackets, coats, jackets and cardigans for figure type rectangle photo

  • jackets and cardigans straight cut;
  • coats and jackets of semi-fitted cut.

If you combine a jacket or jacket with a lush skirt, you can choose your choice from a fitted version with a wide belt.


Holders of the figure "H" are best suited for single-color open swimsuits, which are complemented by ruffles, ruffles and bows on the chest or hips. Effectively will also look:

Swimwear for figure type rectangle photo

  • swimsuit with belt;
  • solid swimsuit with a diagonal pattern at the waist;
  • solid swimsuit with side cut-outs;
  • swimsuit bikini.

Not recommended clothing for a figure rectangle

Stylists advise holders of the figure "rectangle" not to use clothing models that emphasize a wide waistline:

  • skirt on an elastic band;
  • tightly fitting skirts;
  • dresses are straight cut;
  • narrow tops;
  • tops on the straps;
  • trousers with low waist;
  • trousers, strongly narrowed to the bottom;
  • elongated jackets and cardigans.
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Avoid tight clothing made of light and thin materials.

Shoes and accessories for figure

Fashion designers must choose accessories that emphasize the décolletage and slender legs. Women with a "rectangle" figure will do:

  • long beads;
  • scarfs with knotted rings;
  • bags with rigid or semi-rigid construction;The
  • bags are rectangular and trapezoidal.

Fashionable footwear of various colors and textures will help to bring into the image of women with the figure "N" of femininity and sensuality.

Texture and color of the fabric for the shape of the rectangle

For fashionistas with the type of build "N", contrasting colors of the top and bottom are ideal. Helps to visually expand the hips of horizontal strips on the fabric. Form the waist line can be the coloring in the form of broad bands converging to the waist. The possessor of the figure "rectangle" is best to avoid the small pattern.

Effectively on women with the figure "rectangle" will sit products of dense and rough fabrics.

To maintain the harmony of the figure "rectangle", it is recommended to combine a balanced diet with physical stresses on problem areas.

Nutrition rules for the figure H

The main drawbacks of this type of physique are the wide waist and protruding abdomen. To adjust body weight and give the figure feminine forms, you must follow a diet with certain limitations. Nutritionists recommend holders of the figure "rectangle":

  1. Use the principles of separate power supply.
  2. For breakfast and dinner, include in the menu dishes made from low-calorie products.
  3. Exclude snacks.
  4. Observe the drinking regime during the day.

The following foodstuffs are allowed to holders of the figure "H":

  • meat of nonfat varieties;
  • vegetables;
  • fruit;
  • low-fat hard cheeses;
  • whole-grain cereals;
  • greens;
  • low-fat dairy products;
  • muesli;
  • bread made from wholemeal flour.

The following foodstuffs influence negatively on the forms of women with figure "H":

  • alcoholic beverages;
  • confectionery;
  • fried and smoked products;
  • flour products.

Nutritionists are advised to spend once every two weeks unloading days that will help to normalize the functions of the digestive tract and get rid of excess kilograms.

Advice on physical activity for the figure rectangle

All physical activities for women with the figure "H" should be aimed at strengthening the oblique muscles of the abdomen and reducing the amount of fat in the waist. You can create beautiful proportions of the figure using:

  • fast walking;
  • jogging;
  • aerobics;
  • swimming;
  • of tennis;
  • yoga.

To create exciting bends, it is necessary to regularly perform tilting with turns, "twisting" on an inclined bench, power classes "BODY SCULPT", which will help pump up all the muscles of the body.