Scenario for the celebration of Victory Day on May 9

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The great holiday - Victory Day is approaching. There are not many veterans, participants of the Second World War left, and therefore every effort should be made to prepare an unforgettable concert for them in 2016.We bring to your attention the scenario for May 9, which aims to depict events from the beginning of the war in 1941 until the very end of 1945 in music, dance performances, poems and songs.

The most important thing in this scenario is the well-coordinated work of the director, the illuminator, the sound engineer, the choreographer, the vocal teacher and other specialists engaged in the preparation. It is better to hold a concert in closed rooms than on open areas, so that the light effect is clearer and brighter. It's another matter if the concert was held at an open area in the dark, but on May 9 it is unlikely.

Therefore, it is preferable to stage in concert halls, in clubs and in

schools. Required the presence of wings and comfortable seats in the auditorium, where in the forefront will be, of course, expensive veterans. What should be prepared for the

concert? Before the concert, it is necessary to decorate the stage itself, but without unnecessary decorations: it is enough to tie the red curtains with St. George ribbon on either side of the stage. But the hall itself should look festive - with balls, posters and flowers.

  • Lighting. Accordingly, we need an experienced lighting specialist who knows all the subtleties of his business.
  • Required screen( LED, light-dynamic) at the end of the scene and editing director, who will be engaged in video and photo cutting.
  • Decoration. There are no special difficulties for this scenario, except for some simple requisites( but we will tell about it in the scenario itself).
  • Musical design. We need a competent sound technician.
  • Two dance ensembles: junior( for two waltzes) and children's( 5-6 girls).Waltz to the day of victory
  • Vocal group of girls( 8 people, one of them is a soloist), as many young actors, one of whom sings well.
  • Reader( chiter) with a well-set voice, which reads poetry in an inspired way. As an option - you can write down the poems in advance by making a phonogram.
  • Children's choir.

Preparing for a concert in stages

  1. Before the rehearsal, each specialist and participant in the program should have a script in hand to imagine in advance how and what will happen on stage.
  2. Next, you need to collect all the groups and sketch a sketch of the upcoming performance: who, when and where to go, what the mise en scene will be at this or that period.
  3. Next stage Children - learning songs, choreographic productions for groups. A selection of music, light, cutting video and photo for the screen - this is done by specialists under the direction of the director.
  4. And only after the honed numbers are several rehearsals of all participants.
  5. Immediately before the holiday itself - a dress rehearsal to ensure that the event itself was impeccable.


Part 1. Solemn congratulation

In the first part from the stage of veterans congratulates the organizer( host) of the event. Picking up the kindest and warmest words to dear veterans, he announces a concert program.

Part 2. Concert

Scene 1

  1. Lighting: bright, light. The youth dance group performs the pre-war waltz performed by I. Kobzon "Year 41st, early June".Girls can have bouquets of wild flowers in their hands. This waltz, according to the scenario, takes place at the graduation ball before the war, so on the screen - something from the scenery of the dance hall. Waltz on May 9
  2. Gradually, spinning around in the dance, couples go behind the scenes, the music gradually ceases.
  3. The light slowly goes out and the screen shows footage from the movie "The house I live in" from 48 min.50 s for 49 minutes.15 seconds - only for 25 seconds. Scene from the film, where on the horizon appear glowing figures "1941".
  4. Against this background, the reciter behind the scenes with a heartfelt voice: "Year forty-first, early June. Still alive, still alive, still alive. "
  5. On the stage all the lights go out and for a few seconds darkness and silence reign.

Scene 2

bright flashing red lights on the screen poster "The Motherland Calls".On the stage stands a group of young men in uniform, cloaks and helmets. The song "Get up a huge country" sounds loud. At the command they get in the service for 2 people and check the step, they go for the left wing.

Scene 3

Following Girls perform B. Okudzhava for systems on stage running out due to the right wing of a girl with pigtails, in simple cotton dresses, young men waving handkerchiefs, and sing a song Okudzhava "Boys, try to go back."

Stage lighting - light green colors - the colors of hope. On the screen - a changing range of light tones without specific pictures, symbolizing the unknown future.

Scene 4

On the stage is empty, the lighting is off, the screen - black and white documentary footage chronicles the war years, the outbreak of war. Barely audible - the sounds of shooting and explosions, the basic sound - voice reader( male) with the verses of "Vow" Akhmatova:

«And is that today says goodbye to sweet,

Let your pain due to purge it. We

children swear, swear graves,

What we have to obey no one can make! »

screen goes blank.

Scene 5

On the screen - the starry sky, the scene itself - total darkness, except the middle, where the red beam falls. And here you need a single props: an aerofontan with an imitation of fire - it will be a bonfire.

Scene by May 9

Around the campfire, tired soldiers have settled down. Someone lay down, others sit warming their hands by the fire. The soloist sings a song: "There is a fire in a quiet stove."

Scene 6

The red light above the soldiers goes out( the fire simulator turns off too), the starry sky on the screen remains. A bright white beam is already directed at the girl-soloist in a bright scarlet dress on the floor.

For special effect, you can send a hair dryer to the girl, so that the hair and hem on her dress are fluttering. The girl performs "We are an echo" of Anna Herman as an answer to the beloved on his song.

Scene 7( culmination)

Again on the screen, a black and white or colored chronicle of war - its very heat. Voice-over voice or reader reads poetry( heartfelt).On the screen of the chronicle of war

"I know, no fault of mine

The fact that others did not come from the war,

The fact that they are - who is older, who is younger -

Remained there, and not about the same speech,

What I could but could not save,

It's not about that, but still, still, still. .. "

On the last frame appears horn loudspeaker on the pole, and Levitan's voice broadcasts on as yet disappointing reports from the fronts.

On the stage, facing the screen( back to the audience), there are people, illuminated by a faint light, in long raincoats, supposedly listening to the bulletin. At the end of the report, the light on them intensifies, people turn, throwing off their raincoats - and on the stage those girls who escorted the fighters, but already dressed in military uniforms with pylons.

from behind the scenes go boys in uniform are among the girls in one smooth line. There must be an alternation: a guy is a girl, a guy is a girl, etc. They take their hands. The light over them again becomes weak.

Scene 8

The main light accent is in front of the stage, where little girls run out of the wings in light white dresses. They symbolize the souls of the departed soldiers and perform the dance "Cranes" under M. Burns "It seems to me at times that the soldiers. ..".On the screen - cut from the movie "The Cranes Are Flying."After the dance, the girls run back.

Now the light accent is on standing young people in uniform. A bright red flickering color that simulates a fire.

Scene 9

Scene Slides on the Victory Day is empty, on the screen - horn loudspeaker already with joyful summaries from the fronts by the voice of Levitan. After - a black and white chronicle, where our troops attack the enemy, and the reader is already in a cheerful voice reading the poem:

"Houses here twenty years ago

In the fire and the rumbling seething,

And the fighters went through this hell

Irresistible -To the highest goal.

And then over the furious attack,

The last, frenzied delirium:

"Not red above the Reichstag flag,

And the sun is red Victories!" "

Accordingly, the last frame should be with the soldier who hoisted the banner above the Reichstag. Immediately after the end of the chronicle, the music "Victory Day" sounds, the scene lights up with bright colors, on the screen - salutes of salute.

Because of both wings, the same young men and girls appear in uniform, approach the edge of the stage and the rows where the veterans sit and bow low to them. On the stage at this time comes a girl dressed as Motherland from a famous poster, with a bouquet of carnations, descends into the hall and gives the veterans a flower. You can entrust the delivery of bouquets to children dressed in military uniforms.

Delivery of carnations to veterans

Scene 10

Lighting is a bright daylight, on the stage - couples dancing a waltz to Yevdokimov's song "May Waltz".Particular attention to the image on the screen, experts in this matter should try very hard: to choose a successful scenario of the rally in honor of May 9, insert photos of invited veterans, pictures of the chronicles of those years. You need maximum imagination in order to make a successful photo and video cutter.

Young men and women in military uniform are invited to the waltz of veterans, if there is such an opportunity.

Scene 11

In conclusion, Kindergarten performs at a concert is a children's choir, preferably invited from the kindergarten. Before the choral song, three children read the couplet:

1 reader:

"Nobody is forgotten and nothing is forgotten" -

Burning inscription on a block of granite.

2 Reader:

The faded leaves the wind plays

And snow falls cold wreaths.

3 Reader:

But, like fire, at the foot - a carnation.

Nobody is forgotten, and nothing is forgotten.

Apotheosis - the song of the children's choir "My grandfather - hero" sounds. A curtain is coming down.

After the concert program, veterans are invited to the festive table. Food - at the discretion of the organizers: a field kitchen with a front 100 grams or a tea party with sweets.

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