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We all love the taste of ripe juicy strawberries - a healthy and appetizing berry. Sometimes the desire to eat sweet fruits is so strong that people see them in a dream, and then try to interpret it correctly. What does a strawberry dream about? Our subconscious mind works in such an amazing way that sometimes it tries to send us some information with the help of dreams. It remains only to reliably interpret everything you saw in order to be ready for possible changes in your life in the future.

Perhaps these dreams are not just the result of a crazy love for juicy berries? And the subconscious mind, using a similar image, is trying to warn something? In this article, we'll tell you what a big red strawberry usually dreams about and what kind of life changes it is worth preparing


The art of interpreting

Studying the dream book, you can see that the same dream can number from a dozen different interpretations. How in this case to find the correct version of the explanation?

In fact, looking for the solution of the dream and rereading several interpretations of its meanings, each person can only intuitively choose among them the only true interpretation. The answer is prompted by the subconscious mind itself, which immediately indicates the correct solution as soon as the correct answer appears.

It is not difficult to explain such an amazing brain work. Just different interpretations serve in the role of certain hints, which allow us to interpret all the images seen. At the same time, our subconscious knows exactly what it was that wanted to tell us this or that dream. The person remains the most difficult task - trusting his own feelings, using hints to find and pull out the correct explanation of the pictures seen.

This amazing ability of a person to decipher his own dreams was noticed by Sigmund Freud. In detail studying the experiences and mental disorders of his patients, he helped them to find the correct interpretation of all dreams. As a result, people themselves began without any difficulties to find suitable values, following the promptings of a brilliant psychologist.

Using the same algorithm of actions, you will be able to find the answer you are interested in, and the information that will lead to the information will be the dream book. The more interpretations there are presented, the more likely you are to find the right answer.

Seductive berries in a dream

Most often strawberry in a dream symbolizes tempting perspectives and pleasant pleasures that will accompany you in life.

  • If you dream of bright red ripe strawberries. ..
    1. It promises you: a strong love and happy family ties.
    2. Those who have not yet had time to acquire a family, such a dream promises an early meeting with the long-awaited second half or a significant change in the relationship with a loved one who will bind you by marriage.
    3. If between lovers there are some misunderstandings and conflicts, such a dream presages the prompt resolution of all the troubles and a favorable outcome of the dispute.
  • If you saw a whole field of ripe berries in a dream, then in reality all kinds of everyday joys and joys will distract you from more important serious matters.
  • Big Red Strawberry dream. ..
    1. For unforgettable pleasures of love that promise sea of ​​passion and pleasure.
    2. Large-sized berries also symbolize passionate passionate feelings of people in love with each other.
    3. However, certain dream books decipher such dreams as a harbinger of the early start of a violent love affair that will remain for a long time in your memories.
  • If you dream you have to collect a strawberry. ..
    1. This may mean unrequited love or monotonous routine work, that will not bring you any moral satisfaction.
    2. If the berries are collected by a completely different person, then you will be able to avoid the performance of complex uninteresting work.
    3. There are interpretations in which the collection of strawberry berries is interpreted as a non-standard and creative thinking that allows a person to generate and implement unusual ideas and ideas. The same interpretation has dreams in which you take care of strawberries on a bed or water it.
    4. Still such a dream can mean recently experienced experiences caused by unrequited love feelings.

Dreams with berry fields

  • dreams in which you see a huge field with lots of berries portend family well-being and prosperity.
  • As if in a dream you deliberately stomp and spoil the beds of strawberries, in reality, you should look around and think: maybe you do not notice the happiness of the nearby, and go on about their own illusions. Perhaps you should look more closely at the people around you and appreciate the worth of those who are sincerely to you. There are strawberries in a dream, to see berries of different quality.
    • If you have to eat a ripe strawberry in a dream, then, most likely, you will soon meet your soul mate, with whom you will be connected by serious reciprocal feelings. However, there are some subtleties that determine the correct solution of the dream:
      1. So, if you manage to tear and eat a delicious sweet strawberry, it heralds a strong happy relationship with a partner that will deliver a huge number of positive emotions.
      2. But if the berries in a dream were small, green and sour, then such a dream promises an inevitable parting with your second half.
    • dream in which you feed someone delicious strawberries, means the appearance of your life devoted admirer, was eager to win your heart.
    • If you dream that you are eating strawberries jam or jam, get ready for a new love adventure.
    • To dream of a green strawberry - to the fact that serious conflicts and misunderstandings with your loved one will await you. Such a dream is a harbinger of an early separation.
    • Spoiled or rotten berries portend the serious consequences of indiscriminate love affairs. It can be various infectious and venereal diseases, abortion and even death. Rotten strawberries

    Berries in the kitchen

    Have you seen ripe berries in the house? Such a dream is a favorable symbol of success in any endeavors and deeds.

    • If you dream about a plate with a lot of strawberries, prepare yourself for a momentous event that will change the whole of your life for the better.
    • If there was only one berry on the plate, then expect an early career take-off and great achievements in the professional field of activity.
    • A dream in which you enjoy a delicious strawberry with cream or a sweet strawberry dessert, means a lack of love in your life.
    • Engage in making strawberry jam - for everyday chores and household chores.
    • Detect ripe berries in the refrigerator - to the long-awaited meeting.
    • Keep the strawberries in your hands - to pleasant changes in life.

    Some sources help decipher even certain dishes with strawberries:

    1. Cake with strawberries - to pleasant events;
    2. Jelly from berries - to swift changes in your personal life.
    3. Strawberry drinks - for a fun and positive pastime.
    4. Berry chocolate cake - to fulfill all cherished desires.
    5. Manna porridge with pieces of strawberry - to confession in love.

    Miller's dream and strawberry

    The most famous and popular is Miller's dream book, in which the decoding of dreams about strawberries is given a separate place. If you believe Miller, that is, a tasteless acidic strawberry - to severe obstacles in life, and to wash berries in water - to strong strong feelings. The purchase of delicacies serves as a harbinger of aggravation of the conflict between two lovers.

    In Miller's dream book, several more interpretations of similar dreams can be found:

    • A ripe juicy berry, seen in a dream, symbolizes insufficient attention to oneself. Appetizing externally, but not too sweet strawberries is a sign that the dreamer should carefully monitor his actions and not commit stupid hasty actions in order to avoid possible conflicts.
    • A basket with strawberries symbolizes any unmet sexual needs. The size of the basket will depend on the number of unfulfilled sexual desires. If the berries are poured from the basket onto the floor, it promises you the realization of pleasant erotic fantasies. Basket of strawberries
    • If your loved one feeds you with delicious berries, such a dream portends love affection and passion in relationships.
    • A child who shares strawberries with you - to optimistic joyful news.
    • The berry, presented to you by an elderly person, symbolizes unexpected and pleasant life changes in the near future.

    Sweet delicious berry in a dream is always a harbinger of good and pleasant events in life. Therefore, you can interpret such dreams only in a positive context.

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