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Corruption - how to define? We all know that human life is a string of not only sad, but joyful events. It is not by chance that it is compared with strips on the zebra skin.

There are times when the negative black bar is so prolonged that thoughts start to come to mind about the fact that the reason for this negativity was someone's evil intention, called the spoiling or the evil eye.

Immediately make a reservation that in this article we will not talk about removing the spoiling of Muslims, because in Islam for this purpose they resort to the help of the Holy Quran.

Are there signs of spoilage?

Experienced psychics will confidently list to you not one dozen such signs. Already the very fact that a person thought about the presence of spoiling, most often indicates that it really someone has broug

ht. Spoiling So, let's get acquainted with some of the most characteristic signs of spoilage.

The signal of induced damage can be:
  • Sharp and perfect unreasonable deterioration of health, sudden decline in vitality.
  • Depressive state, a sense of stress, obsessive thoughts about suicide.
  • Lack of interest in life.
  • Uncosted suspicion, dissatisfaction with life, irritability.
  • The emergence of all sorts of fears.
  • Sudden asphyxia, sensation of acute shortage of air.
  • Constant frustration of personal plans.
An unrelenting desire to remove from the body a cross that the person used to wear constantly.
  • Obsessive thoughts about the troubles that have occurred recently.
  • Inability to visit the church, look at the fire of candles and the faces of saints.
  • Sudden invasion of rodents( rats, mice) and insects( ants and cockroaches).
  • The appearance of agonizing nightmares.

The presence of several signs and the internal conviction that the cause of the prolonged failure rate is the evil eye, makes it necessary to check whether this is really so.

How the spoiling and the evil eye are detected

Corruption or evil eye How to determine: is there a spoil or evil eye on a person? There are many ways that can detect the at home:

  1. You can detect spoilage with a match. To do this, it is enough to burn it to the ground and throw the formed coal into a glass filled with ordinary water, which has stayed in the test subject's room for at least 24 hours. If a person is damaged, the coal will fall to the bottom of the glass in a couple of minutes.
  2. There is another way to determine the negative impact with matches. Fill the glass with a solution of salt( enough pinch), put it on the palm: left-handed - on the right, right-handed - on the contrary. Having folded a free palm with the boat, it is held over a glass and mentally charges the solution with positive energy, thinking about something good. Putting the glass, for one minute, they hold three matches in one hand. Alternately igniting and waiting for the burning of matches by 2/3, they are thrown into the charged solution. A minute later they watch the result. All the matches left on the surface are evidence of the absence of the evil eye. Immersion to the bottom of all matches is a statement of a conspiracy to die. If one match is drowned, and two are in a dazed state - there is a conspiracy made to die with prolonged torment. Partial immersion of all three matches is an absolute evidence of a strong evil eye. Voodoo doll, spoilage
  3. How to identify the evil eye by candle? Taking a burning candle, its zigzag motion is carried out along the body of the person being tested. Smoking of a flame will indicate the presence of a serious evil eye, a strong crack is evidence of repeated breakdowns of the energy envelope( aura) as a result of powerful spoilage. The active course of wax will occur in the place where the negative energy was accumulated, which was the result of a strong resentment and hidden tears.
  4. Determine the evil eye by salt as follows: sewing the pouch from a rough cloth, in it to a half pour large salt and sew up so that the threads are left inside the hidden seam. The bag is left for a few days in the subject's room.
    If the salt remains dry and friable - there is no evil eye. If it becomes firm or turns into a stone, someone will spoil that person.
  5. You can guess the presence of spoilage on gold. For this test, you need any golden ring. Most often, this is done with the help of an engagement ring. Pre-washed, to remove from the skin flaky traces and the remains of cosmetics, it is necessary to draw a ring on the cheek - from ear to chin. If after that there is a black trace on the cheek - a spoilage or evil eye is spoiled on the person.
  6. There is a practice of detecting damage by cards. Taking a completely new deck of cards that does not participate in the game, they are shuffled, after which the upper part of the deck is shifted with the left hand toward itself. Now, from a number of places in the deck, choose a dozen cards: three times three( present, past, future) and one final card. The selected cards are placed with the figures up. Peak ace, guessing at the evil eye The presence of a peak ace and a nine-point peak indicates the presence of magic. The nature of the magical effect is refined by other maps that fall into the fold. Seven peaks indicate a serious and purposeful corruption. The Queen of Spades means a terrible generic curse, for the neutralization of which the help of a strong magician is required. The presence of a worm suit indicates a love spell.
    The presence of adverse effects can be guessed by health. A sharp deterioration in it, as well as a sudden appearance of strange symptoms indicate a very common health damage.
  7. Detecting spoilage with a candle can be done this way: it is necessary to put three lit candles on the table, read the prayer "Our Father" above them and cross them three times over. Smooth and clean burning of candles at the moment of praying means no spoilage. If the flames are restlessly swaying and smacking strongly, this is a clear confirmation that a spoilage has been inflicted on a person.

Corruption to loneliness: how to define?

Corruption to loneliness, picture Corruption to loneliness and celibacy is often done on beautiful and successful people who have become the object of someone's envy( the malefic can lie on both a man and a woman).As a result, a person who has become the object of spoiling for loneliness, will never be able to find his chosen one.

Corruption to loneliness can be made on one of the wrong spouses. In this case, the family will inevitably disintegrate.

Symptoms of damage to loneliness

  1. Long absence of a partner.
  2. Unsuccessful attempts to conceive, despite the absence of objective physiological pathologies.
  3. Causing weight loss or sudden weight gain.
  4. Displeasure when looking at your reflection in the mirror.
  5. Prefer masturbation contacts with a real partner.

Corruption to loneliness can have the following manifestations:

  • Sharp deterioration of relationships with close people and colleagues at work.
  • Sudden loss of interest in a loved one or a business partner.
  • Unceasing quarrels with family and friends.
  • The unsuccessful attempts of a healthy woman to conceive and endure a child can lead to the thought of damage to infertility, induced on a blood swab.
  • Hatred between mother and son can also be the result of a ritual of spoilage aimed at severing family relationships.
What is the crown of celibacy and infertility - video:

How to identify other types of spoilage?

If damage is done in the house, how can you independently verify that it is available or not? Let's try to make a brief overview of possible negative impacts.

Spoilage on the egg: how to determine?

The ritual of the evil eye on eggs has been used since time immemorial. Any person who has received a specially conspired egg can become a victim of the evil eye. Paradoxically, the presence of the evil eye can also be determined with the help of an egg.

How to detect spoilage, diagnostics with egg and water - video:
  1. Fill the glass with water so that there is not much room left in it, carefully break the chicken egg over it, trying not to damage the yolk. The glass is carefully placed on the subject's crown and left for 2-3 minutes, while it is allowed to hold the glass with one hand. Changing hands, you must try to keep the contents of the glass does not sway. After the due time, the glass is removed from the head and the results are evaluated.
  2. If the water is still clear, the protein formed a pile at the bottom of the glass, and the yolk remained the same, there is no spoilage on the person. If the threads that resemble the fringe on the mantle of the jellyfish go upwards from the protein, and the yolk is intact, we can state the presence of not too serious types of damage: to failure in relationships and to loneliness.
  3. A thin fringe, similar to cobwebs, indicates that this damage is the result of an amateur's actions. If the threads are laced with air bubbles, this is evidence of a very serious effect. Most likely, it is damage to serious illness and failure.
  4. If bubbles on strings alternate with black dots - this means that the effect is calculated to be death. On the same effect( only conjugate with cruel tortures) is calculated damage, to which the yolk has responded by the appearance of greenish and gray spots.

Corruption to drunkenness: how to define?

It is necessary, taking a lighted candle, three times from top to bottom, then three times from left to right.

Stop the candle, look at the smoke: if it rushes exactly up - there is no spoilage.

Smoke, creeping on the floor or deflected to the side, indicates the presence of spoilage.

Corruption to beauty: how to define?

The victim of this effect changes right before your eyes: it grows old, covered with pigment spots, warts, begins to suffer from skin diseases.

The face can change beyond recognition and cardiovascular weight changes: both towards obesity and in the direction of exhaustion. Damage to beauty

Spoiling for money: how to determine?

After hanging a ring, nut or round earring on a 20-centimeter string, adjust the impromptu pendulum. For this, a question is asked, the answer to which is beyond doubt.

Swinging the pendulum from side to side, as well as turning it counterclockwise, means "no."The stationary position and the clockwise rotation are "yes".After this, you can ask a question about the presence of spoiling for money and lack of money.

Asking Questions

How to cure the spoiling of a child?

There are special prayers and slanders that read over a child with a lit candle.

  • Before reading the prayer, a weak saline solution is prepared and charged while reading the prayer.
  • After the end of the ritual, the baby is washed with water, and the candle is buried in a deserted place.
Prayer-hex from spoiling and evil eye - text in video:

How to determine if the spoilage has been cured, is it present or not at the time?

The person from whom the damage has been removed immediately feels immense relief. Life forces, optimism and energy will return to it.

How to determine who caused the damage?

It's enough to remove it from yourself - and the one who made it, will immediately come to you. What to do in this situation? Do not let this person into the house and then break off all the relationships with him.

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