List of the best compliments of the adjective girl

Everyone has long known that girls love ears. They are like flowers, they need to be taken care of, endowed with their love and generously showered with compliments. Possessing the gift of eloquence one can win the heart of any girl. But what if nature deprived a man of such a gift? With our list of compliments you can pick up beautiful words for any girl.

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Most interesting

Each girl is unique and has its own flavor. Sometimes in a fit of emotion it's so hard to express your feelings correctly and beautifully. Examples of the most beautiful compliments will help to melt the ice in the heart of even the Snow Queen:

  1. All your image is impossible to forget, because your view attracts much stronger than any magnet, and your hair smells better than the garden of the most exquisite flowers.
  2. Your figure is like a young birch and every man who has ever seen you tries to pick up a key to your heart.

  3. They say that ideal women do not exist, but how can they be so mistaken, because my ideal is now in front of me.
  4. Every minute after our meeting, I enjoy your perfection. You are not only incredibly beautiful, but also with a beautiful and amazing soul.
  5. After I first saw you, I lost my appetite, sleep and peace. All this time I'm just thinking about your tender smile and thoughtful eyes.

In the verses

Each of us experienced a joyful moment of love. But what to do when simple words become insufficient to describe the beauty of a chosen one? Any girl has always dreamed of hearing compliments in verse:

In your speeches I want to forget,
Listen to the knock of the heart every time.
And every minute I'm ready to fall in love,
And plunge into the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčlovely eyes.
Linen fabric of your hair
I can touch infinitely.
Your soul is pure and flawless,
She stupefies my heart like wine.
You are harmonious, impeccable,
Kind, reliable, funny,
In all you are a diplomatic contender,
You can deal with any business.
You are a perfect wife,
And the daughter and mother are perfect,
Where you need it is as strong as a rock,
Where not - your soul is full of warmth.


In order for the feelings to become brighter and stronger with each passing day, you need surprises not only for holidays, but pleasant words to say your favorite not only when she is offended. Surprise your girlfriend with a surprise, for example, you can post on the apartment cards with 100 compliments. For example:

  • cute;
  • thoughtful;
  • is indispensable;
  • is amazing;
  • is a sexy;
  • unusual;
  • sincere;
  • is dizzying;
  • unpredictable;
  • stunning;
  • is stylish;
  • thoughtful;
  • is good;
  • is sensitive;
  • witty.

In sms

Most of all in a man, girls appreciate care and attention. You can pleasantly surprise your loved one by sending compliments in SMS.For example:

Perfect, like a rose,
All men you are ideal
And in the eyes of your diamond,
Lost all yourself. Sweet, beautiful, my darling.
Nice girl, you've been all mine for a long time.
You smell wonderful, and you have a delicate taste,
And laughter is always so ringing.

The best

It is very important to be able to say the right words at the right time. Exquisitely emphasize the beauty of the girl is not subject to all. Examples of the best compliments will make the girl's heart beat more often.

  1. Your beautiful eyes, driving guys crazy.
  2. You are perfect, one glance is enough to fall in love with you for life.
  3. You are the source of my inspiration.
  4. Only when I'm with you my life is filled with meaning.
  5. From the crowd, you stand out like a precious diamond.
  6. Your view is similar to the ocean.
  7. Your beauty is inferior even to the Goddess.
  8. Your angelic smile has conquered my heart forever.
  9. Every minute of my life you are with me, in my heart.
Note the list of compliments adjectives Men and boys


girls are unlikely to appreciate the compliments in verse, small order, They will scare her away. But the cool compliments will allocate any man from the gray crowd. For example:

  1. girl, you are beautiful at all 85%, because the rest I did not see.
  2. Can I hold your hand over because of your divine beauty in my knees buckled.
  3. I would like to be your fitness trainer.
  4. There are so many decent women on this planet, but you are beautiful to the point of indecency.
  5. Your beauty drove me crazy. Where can I enroll in a group of your fans?
  6. loading. ..


emphasize the uniqueness of the girl and win her arrangement is possible by means of unusual compliments. For example:

  1. Today, two whole holidays. The first is that I met such a beautiful, wonderful girl. And the second is that I managed to talk to you.
  2. My dear, because of your perfect beauty I have lost vision, but, despite this, I will always be faithful to you.
  3. Delicious, you are the most desirable of all the women in this universe.
  4. You are like a pendulum hypnotist, I can not take my eyes off you.
  5. You are a sorceress! How can you get better every minute?