4 tips dietician how to start the correct weight loss

Often people give up trying to lose weight from the first days, without waiting for the result of their torment. The reason is that diets and physical activities should be harmoniously combined with the lifestyle, capabilities and physiological characteristics of a person. To do this, 4 tips dietician, how to start the correct weight loss.

  • clear plan and purpose
  • Proper nutrition and calories
  • Water
  • Exercise
  • rookie mistake

clear plan and purpose

Before performing any complex problem it is necessary to focus on the result. Therefore, only those who see it as a necessity can lose weight purposefully.

Before you start losing weight at home, write on the sheet all the reasons why you want to lose weight.

Think about each of them and understand that only your actions will give a result, no one will lose weight for you.

So, when the goal is set and the motivation is determined, it is necessary to draw up a clear plan of their actions. It is not necessary to prescribe breakfa

st time and the exact number of calories per day. It is important to concentrate on the main thing and not to depart from the intended path. For example, to promise yourself that for a month you refuse white bread or in a week increase the number of sit-ups three times.

It is important to remember that your plan should not be so strict that it is difficult to carry out, and so easy that you do not have to exert effort.

Proper nutrition and calories

It is possible to effectively lose weight to a woman only when the food is balanced, but will not exceed 2500 calories per day. This is the daily norm for a woman, necessary for the normal functioning of the organism, without leading to exhaustion.

Diets with a daily norm of one thousand calories are not productive, because the body is under stress and trying to accumulate as much nutrients as possible for the future.

Analyze your diet and remove from it the most high-calorie foods, including sugar and its containing delicacies, as well as flour products, mainly with wheat flour.

Such restrictions will not be disastrous for your well-being and purposefulness, or for the body.

If kilograms do not go away during a week of diet, do not stop it - pay attention to physical activity. After all, the role of diet should not be reduced to the work of the body for wear, but consist in the harmonious consumption of useful nutrients.

The diet should also be deleted:

  • Fatty meat and vegetable fats in large quantities. Calories and potatoes.
  • Do not get carried away by fruit.
  • Alcohol.

Included in the diet is:

  • Low-fat meat.
  • Milk and sour-milk products. Cottage cheese and hard cheese( low-fat).Rye bread or bread.
  • Vegetables.

It is important to adhere to the power mode:

  • full breakfast and lunch;
  • allow yourself a light supper;
  • make small snacks in the form of lunch or snack.

It is worth remembering that the amount of food eaten is as important as its quality, so do not overeat. Do not eat full portions, in time there will be enough and half.

So the body will receive the necessary nutrients and vitamins, without weighing yourself excess calories: everything that you eat will go to ensure life, and not be stored in fat cells.


During the diet, it is recommended to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water. This amount is enough to provide the body with moisture and accelerate the process of losing weight, because water removes toxins and toxins, helping to get rid of excess weight.

There is an opinion that an excessive amount of water leads to its deposition in fat cells, which increases the weight. In fact, fat cells hold water in the intercellular space, which causes edema, but in order to avoid stagnation of water it should be drunk as much as possible( within 2.5 liters per day).

Water should be drunk a few minutes before meals, as a feeling of fullness of the stomach is created and, accordingly, there is less want.

In addition, for the best effect, you should drink a glass of water on an empty stomach, and if you plan to go in for sports - take a bottle of mineral water with you. Physical exercises lead to dehydration of the body, and the water supply needs to be restored.

loading. ..

It is important to drink not any liquid, but clean water without gas, preferably at room temperature. It is this water that is best absorbed.

The main task is not to try to drink all 1.5 liters from the first day of losing weight. It is important to start with small doses, for example, with a glass of water on an empty stomach, before lunch and dinner, gradually increasing the amount of fluid you drink, listening to your own body.

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only through sports you can really start to drop kilos. This does not mean that you should start with a run of two kilometers or 50 sit-ups in one approach. Here the same principle as a water and food: start small, do not overexert your body, let it adapt. Of course, exercise should be tangible: do not stop until you feel the muscle tension limit( except for ill health situations).

Sport activities must necessarily be systematic, otherwise there will be no effect.

You can draw up a schedule and follow it clearly. It is best to do the exercises every other day, that is, thrice a week.

The principle of playing sports is the load on all muscle groups. If you want to get a narrow waist, you can not ignore the exercises for the legs and back. The transformation of forms is possible only in a complex. Therefore, you should pay attention to the exercise:

  1. for the press: you can lift your legs and torso and twisting.
  2. For legs: to climb on socks, to jump, do attacks, crouch.
  3. For hands and back: push-up( possible from the knees), work with dumbbells.
  4. loading. ..

It is important that losing weight after 50 years or with a lot of weight requires caution in the exercises - you should not run for weight loss, it can adversely affect joints. It is better to give preference to soft sports:

  • swimming,
  • gymnastics,
  • aerobics,
  • Pilates.

Regardless of what physical work you are getting, you need to add a walking element: if possible, replace in this way public transport. This allows you to burn calories unobtrusively for yourself, without much effort and stress.

It is worth remembering that sports do not necessarily involve hiking in a paid gym: this can be done without problems at home, you just have to be able to control yourself and not give up after a week or two.

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rookie mistake

Sometimes even the greatest desire to improve may crash through the wrong approach. Consider the most common mistakes that are allowed at the beginning of weight loss:

  • Large intervals between meals or refusal of breakfast or lunch.
  • Indulgences for themselves in the form of "one candy on a Sunday evening."
  • Violation of the regularity of physical activity.
  • A sharp decrease in the daily calorie rate.
  • Excessive attention to the calorie counting along with ignoring the quality characteristics of the products( whether they contain fats and carbohydrates, or proteins).
  • Constant self-checking on scales: not always the result is visible at once, especially in weight calculation. If you are doing sports, you need to consider that the muscles are heavier than fat, and the scales will not show any improvement.
  • Termination of the diet after losing several kilograms. Weight will return very quickly, if not maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat right.

Everything is perfectly described, I'll start from tomorrow. Thank you!!!


And after the octal weight is not returned?

lomako dmitriy ivanovich.

Tips are good if a person has no limitations. I am an invalid instead of the hip joint, I have an endoprosthesis, as well as an operation on the spine, as a result of which I can neither run nor lift more than five kilograms, and severe shortness of breath even at the slightest load. So I would like to know how to lose weight in such restrictions.