With what to wear gray women's pants: stylish options

  • Variants of models
  • Constant elegance
  • Gray trousers combined with bright things
  • Original solution

Gray women's trousers are a kind of golden mean between too gloomy black and not so practical white. However, they will not be found in every wardrobe, as many girls consider them to be an attribute of strict office style only. And absolutely in vain.

With this garment, you can create bright and fresh images, not devoid of femininity and refinement, which will be appropriate for different situations. The main thing is to know what should be worn with gray trousers and how to combine them correctly with the rest of the wardrobe.

Variants of models

023849395 Such trousers can be found the following styles:

  • classic model with arrows;
  • gray pants of a narrowed silhouette;
  • high and low waist;
  • breeches, wide and flared;
  • short model;
  • imitating jeans.

Also among the most common models are the male silhouette trousers, which differ from the lo

wered trouser legs. Due to the variety of styles the girl can find not only the one that most impresses her with her stylistic decision, but also the one that favorably emphasizes her figure.

  • So, to the magnificent young ladies with massive hips you can pay attention to a straight wide cut or a narrowed model, so that all attention is accented on the ankle.
  • Too thin girls who are embarrassed by their thin legs, you can safely choose a male or flared cut.
  • It is not worthwhile for a woman to prefer shortened models, so as not to distort the figure even more.

If you consider all these nuances, gray pants will help create an amazing and unique image that will be out of time and fashion.

Constant elegance

  • Zarina-5117-spring-summer-2013-0053 Gray classic pants always symbolize a restrained elegance, which is most suitable for creating a business office style. In this case, such a wardrobe item does not add age, as black pants sometimes do, and additionally gives the woman a slight softness.
  • For everyday workdays, you can choose plain gray trousers or models in a cage, herringbone, or "foot".The length can be standard or English( 7/8).In this case, the outfit will be actual-fresh, but at the same time rather strict.
  • However, when buying not very monogonal trousers it is necessary to take into account the features of the figure, since large patterns on them can fill the hips and legs. To properly choose such gray pants, when buying, you should pay attention to the fact that the ornament or pattern anywhere "did not crawl" and did not bend.

Examples of office concise combinations can be the following outfits:

  1. Gray classic smoky pants, light gray shirt with tucked sleeves and patch pockets on the chest. The top is tucked into the pants, which are complemented by a thin black lacquered strap. On their feet are put on dark shoes with a spike with a sharp nose, and the image is completed by a small bag-briefcase in black and gray.
  2. Narrowed gray trousers, the same shade blouse in white small peas, light crimson shoes with a stable heel from suede. Above you can throw a white jacket with raspberry pointed lapels.
  3. An image with the use of gray trousers of a short form made of light wool fabric is very elegant and expensive, complemented by a wide, sky-blue knit blouse in the form of a trapezoid with sleeves reaching the level of the elbow. On their feet are put on boats made in gray scale and on a low heel, and on the neck you can hang a small necklace with inserts of green, gray and blue.
  4. Wide flying trousers of a dark gray shade, snow-white or soft pink shirt with a triangular neckline, lacquered shoes-Oxford light gray and white rectangular clutch. In cold weather, this outfit can be supplemented with a gray fitted jacket of the shortened model on lacing.
  5. Straight smoky shirts with pleats in the hips, black satin shirt with flashlights sleeves, which is decorated with white stripes in front and on sleeves.

Gray pants in combination with bright things

For friendly meetings, romantic dates and just for informal conditions, you can try to connect gray trousers with some colorful and bright top. This contrast in the image looks great, because it is the gray bottom that allows you to achieve balance and harmony. Therefore, you can safely put on such pants expressive tops and blouses, jackets and jackets of the following shades:

  • With-than-wear-gray-pants-10 lemon;
  • red, purple and crimson;
  • is rich in blue and purple.

And do not be afraid of such brightness in the image, as together with gray pants, the outfit will not be flashy or defiant. A girl in such a set will definitely look impressive. Illustrative examples of such combinations can be the following combinations:

  1. Trousers with arrows of asphalt shade, top with a round neckline and a small sleeve of fuchsia, a black miniature purse and the same strict slippers. Add a lipstick selected in the color to the top.
  2. Light gray tight trousers, a shirt with long sleeves of dark blue color with a colorful pattern of yellow and blue flowers, suede shoes of bright blue hue.
  3. Scattered pants pale gray in a small cage and with an overstated waist, tight-fitting thin turtleneck lemon color, yellow bright belt and the same color three-dimensional bag.
  4. Classic gray trousers, orange blouse-fly, made by applying a layer of cloth in several layers, leopard shoes on the platform and hairpins and a strict bag style also beastly colors.
It is worth noting that in the fashionable season of 2017 stylists recommend not to be afraid of gray shades, combining them with bright and juicy colors.

You can experiment with shades and halftones, but it's not worth combining things of completely different color scales. Also, experts in the fashion industry recommend that gray trousers be combined with other clothes depending on the type of appearance:

  • If it is a question of burning brunettes and swarthy brown-haired women, then such an elegant and discreet bottom can be confidently combined with a bright, expressive and self-sufficient top.
  • But blondes and owners of light skin in a duet to gray trousers it is better to choose clothes of soft and muffled tones.

Original solution

With the help of classic gray trousers you can create a very interesting and original image that will give the girl incredible self-confidence. This outfit should consist of the following items: The original solution with gray pants

  • dark gray trousers with arrows and secret pockets;
  • white classic shirt with a high collar;
  • jacket of black bombs with a pattern of pink roses and green leaves all over the surface;
  • white men's lace-up shoes, which are trimmed with black thin lacquered tows;
  • pink and black square clutch.

This outfit will not be solved by many, but it really looks stylish and at the same time gives an incredible sense of inner freedom. Add to the image of playfulness will help flared gray jeans pants, which are complemented by a long monophonic tunic and a leather jacket framed by a fringe. After such a combination, no one will say that gray is boring.

As you can see, trousers in gray tonality can really be successfully applied in different stylistic decisions.

Also it is necessary to remember that in most cases gray pants prefer unobtrusive and non-removable from the general background of accessories. And if you follow all these recommendations, you can easily and skillfully create a stylish, elegant image with the help of gray trousers. Related Videos:

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