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Every girl wants to have beautiful hair. To solve this problem, you need to give your hair a maximum of attention. You can use the current solution, which is called the Shatush. After performing this procedure for 5-6 months you can avoid staining the roots. In addition, the key to the beauty of the curls is their purity, health and pleasant shade. Therefore, you need to provide a full-fledged hair care.

The essence of the procedure

Shatush 1

Some girls try to emphasize their individuality by dyeing their hair in bright shades. However, in most cases, women tend to give their locks a natural appearance. This is exactly the task that the shatush is painting. Thanks to a special technique of applying paint, it is possible to achieve an amazing effect of hair burned in the sun.

As a matter of fact, the shatush-staining is a special kind of meli

oration, which implies stretching of color transitions. The difference is that this method is realized without a cap and foil - in the open air.

To achieve the required results, the paint is applied to small, but often located strands, which are chosen in a chaotic manner. In this treatment, the hair is subjected not to the entire length, but slightly retreating from the roots. The boundaries of staining can be obtained by performing a fleece.

The peculiarity of this technology lies in the harmonious distribution of paint on the hair. As a result, the specialist Hair coloring in a hairdresser defines soft and gradual color transitions. In the root zone, the wizard makes the most dark shade, then proceeds to light tones at the ends. If the paint is applied in this way to blonde hair, it is very important to pay attention to darkening the zone in the root area.

Correctly implemented technology of the stoop will achieve an amazing result: soft feathering of the paint along the entire length of the curls. Deepening the color in the root zone in combination with the clarified locks in the middle and at the tips will make the hair more bulky. At the same time, experts argue that it is best to apply paint in the style of the stooge to dark hair.

This technique combines several types of staining. These include:

  • ombre;
  • balage;
  • California highlights.

The main difference is the most natural result, while other staining techniques involve the use of contrasting colors without detailed shading.

Advantages and disadvantages

shatush Coloring hair has a number of indisputable advantages:

  1. paint When applying no contrasting lines that make for a natural result, reminiscent of burnt hair effect.
  2. Thanks to the use of such technology it is possible to achieve the most smooth transitions from dark shades to light ones. This allows you to get a unique color game. With any variant of lighting, the hair will look attractive due to the saturation and depth of the hue.
  3. The hair shaft of the hair makes the strands visually more bulky and thick. Shatush 2
  4. Due to the use of this technique, it is possible to hide the growing roots and provide natural hair growth. In this case, the hair will look just as attractive.
  5. To maintain proper shading lines, adjustments can be made not more than 1 time in 3 months. It is rather rare in comparison with melirovaniem or ordinary painting.
  6. Shatush beautifully hides the gray hair. However, this is possible only if it covers not more than a third of the total hair mass.

disadvantages in this technique quite a bit, but they are still present: Work of a professional master

  1. Certain skills are required for the procedure. To get a decent result, you should seek professional help from a professional. The independent conduct of the procedure may lead to a not very good result.
  2. Applying this method to short hair is not recommended. The fact is that the result will not be too noticeable. Ratusha on light brown and short hair The same can be said when performing the procedure on fair-haired hair. This technique is still better suited for dark curls.
  3. Doing this painting in a beauty salon will be quite expensive.

Suitable for shatush

Since this technique involves dark roots and light enough tips, it is recommended to do the girls with dark hair shade - or brown-haired brunettes. This does not mean that blonde beauties such a method is contraindicated. However, in such a situation, it becomes necessary to use a paint with an ammonia content that will cause significant damage to the hair.

On a gray hair doing shatush only in the event that they are no more than a third of the total number of locks. Otherwise, it is advisable to choose another staining technique.

To implement this method, use both chemical and natural dyes. Of course, most girls prefer to use funds without ammonia. Such cosmetics do not harm the locks. On the contrary, it strengthens them and makes them healthier.

As for color, the most relevant today following colors:

  • gold;
  • nut;
  • wheat;
  • ashy;
  • beige;
  • pearl.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, you can easily afford and other shades depending on tsvetotipa their appearance. Shades of Shatush

Preparation for procedure

No specific preparation for the procedure is required. However, to achieve the desired results for 1 month, any effects of chemicals on the hair should be avoided. If we ignore this rule, the result may be very different from the expected effect. This is due to the reactions between the various chemical components present on the surface of the strands.

Shatush 3 An important role is played by the choice of colors - that is what the final results depend on. To get the most natural result, you should choose a shade that differs from yours by no more than 2-3 tones. If you choose a very light color of the dye, the strands will remind not burnt, but clarified. At the same time, the natural result can not be obtained, and the roots will be seen much more strongly.

Many artists use multiple similar colors - 2 or 3. This procedure is considered to be more time-consuming, but allows you to achieve the most natural results and increase the visual volume.

To complete the procedure successfully, you need the following:

  1. Paint. It is necessary to choose the dyes of famous brands. In this case, the shade should differ from the natural one by 2-3 tones. Specialists apply both persistent clarifying agents, and sparing compositions without ammonia.
  2. Brush. For the application of paint, it is best to use a quality and natural tool. Moreover, its width should be 2-3 cm.
  3. capacity for mixing ingredients. It should be made of glass or plastic. In this case, metal dishes should not be used.
  4. Hairpins for fixing curls.
  5. Comb. It is best to choose a device with frequent prongs, which will make it possible to create hairpieces.

The method does not require the use of foil. Due to this, it is possible to get the softest and smoothest transitions, making the colors not too bright. The cap is also not used in this case, since the clarifying ingredients must be in contact with oxygen.

Coloring technology

Two main methods are used. The first is to create a nap on the head. In this case, the paint is applied in this way:

  1. At first all locks are divided into strands. Each of them should be no more than 1.5-2 cm in thickness. Since it is recommended to start coloring from the occipital region, it is recommended to fix any excess locks with clamps. Thanks to this they will not interfere.
  2. The first strand must be taken and combed in the root area with a comb. Stainting with Rattles
  3. After this, paint the strand. However, all hair is not recommended for impregnation. The treatment should be superficial to achieve the effect of burnt ringlets. Smears should be short and smooth. It is recommended that all movements be done carefully, but very intensely. In addition, it is important to consider that the roots are not advisable to affect, they must preserve the natural color.
  4. After this, you can proceed to coloring the next curl. In the same way you need to cover all the hair with paint.
  5. After the process is completed, you need to wait a while. This will take 10-40 minutes. To determine the exact gap, you should carefully study the instructions that are attached to the dye. Rinse the dye off the hair with water
  6. Then the head needs to be washed until the water acquires transparency. Do not use shampoo.

The second method - without performing the combing, but the master will require high professionalism. To achieve the desired effect, you should:

  • Divide all the hair into strands. After that, start applying the dye, retreating from the roots a few centimeters. Stainting without Ruffles
  • In the area of ​​connection of a natural shade and colored hair, the smears should not be clearly visible.
  • Then they need to be performed more intensively to get the most natural transition.

Secrets of self-staining

To perform this procedure at home, first of all you need to tidy your hair. To do this, it is important to take a course of masks that have a nutritional and moisturizing effect. In addition, before staining, cut off the split ends and give the hair the desired shape.

To minimize the harmful effect of the dye, head wash should be avoided for 1-2 days before staining. Also at this time, do not use the styling products.

For self-coloring of hair, the following will be required:

  • comb with a thin end for tacking;
  • brush;
  • paint or lightening compound;
  • plastic container;
  • toning agent.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Locks divide into the occipital region, parietal zone and lateral parts. Each site should be combed. In this case, hair loss can be easy or, conversely, strong. The weaker it is, the more bright curls you get. Dye for stooges
  2. After this, proceed to the preparation of the dye. For this purpose, a paint or clarifier is suitable. If you use a lightening compound, the hair afterwards must necessarily be treated with a toning agent.
  3. To achieve good results, you should divide the hair into strands and treat each with a dye. It should be done so that the paint covers the combed strand, but does not penetrate it deeply. When applying the composition, it is necessary to retreat from the roots at least 2 cm. Depending on the length of the curls and the desired effect, the application of the paint can begin 10-15 cm from the roots or even in the middle of the locks. When applying the product, it is necessary to perform stretching movements so that the maximum volume of the paint covers the tips of the hair. Chateau at home, step by step
  4. After 20-40 minutes, the dye must be washed off. At the time of staining, the type and color of the hair is affected. Of no little importance is the result you want to achieve. If you need to get extremely light ends, the composition is kept long. If the goal is to get a natural shade, 20 minutes will suffice.
  5. If necessary, the hair should be covered with a toning compound. It is desirable to keep the desired amount of time on the curls.

Shatush is an up-to-date and stylish method of staining, which allows achieving the most natural and attractive results. To create a spectacular image, it is advisable to contact an experienced master.

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