Why not wear silver and gold jewelry together

Precious jewelry has always attracted people with its incredible brilliance and beauty. Silver and gold products are especially popular. There is an opinion that jewelry made of these metals can not be worn together. Some people do not stop it. Let's try to justify this restriction and figure out what's what.

  • Signs
  • Medical point of view
  • This is not aesthetically pleasing
  • Acceptable combination


It has long been believed that silver and gold belong to different elements. White metal belongs to the Moon, and yellow to the Sun. Each of them is endowed with the properties of his heavenly body and is subject to it. Gold and silver have the opposite effect on the human body. If white metal personifies crystal, calm, cold, then yellow is credited with joy, warmth, light. Because of this, a conflict of elements may occur. Therefore, to establish harmony, it is considered that metals must be worn separately.

People have long noted the pattern: luck left those who abused the we

aring of two metals simultaneously. It affected the deterioration of health.

That's why, according to existing signs, you can not wear silver and gold together.

Medical point of view

Those who are engaged in metal therapy have their own point of view on this issue. In the process of wearing precious jewelry, energy is allocated. In this case, each metal has a different effect. Gold has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and tones the body. Yellow metal is able to bring a person out of the state of depression, help with the decline of power. He is advised to wear to maintain immunity and improve memory.

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It is undesirable to wear gold ornaments to people who are characterized by aggressive behavior and unstable psyche. Silver will help improve the eyesight to improve the functioning of the liver, spleen, gall bladder. White metal is advised to be worn for diseases of the digestive tract.

Having bactericidal properties, silver destroys microbes and protects against infectious ailments. Therefore, it is believed that metals can "conflict" with each other if they are worn simultaneously. They will not have the effect you need. As for whether it is possible to wear gold and silver to healthy people on different hands, the answer is rather affirmative.

This is not aesthetically pleasing.

Most stylists consider the combination of gold and silver jewelry to be unacceptable. Especially if you put a lot of jewelry at the same time.

This is considered a mauveton and immediately striking. And if they are also made of different metal alloys, then a strange impression is created. As if the owner did not have enough money for a gold set and she supplemented him with jewelry made of silver.

Acceptable combination

Not everything is so categorical. There are also those who consider such a combination acceptable. The main thing is to observe some rules of simultaneous wearing of silver and gold:

  • not allowed to excess precious jewelry, otherwise you can look like a New Year's garland;
  • undesirable to put on massive ornaments;
  • is better to choose refined stylish accessories;
  • in question, whether you can wear gold and silver simultaneously on one hand, you need to adhere to a sense of style.

Today, manufacturers began to produce jewelry that combines two metals. They look stylish and elegant. If there is any doubt about the correctness of the combination of ornaments, then it is worth giving preference to one metal.


I was interested in the article medical point of view. The story is as follows:
In summer, I started wearing a silver bracelet on my leg. After a while, she noticed redness on her ankle. First, especially did not pay attention, then saw that redness increases, removed the bracelet and began to be treated folk ways. Nothing helped, time passed and I turned to the doctor who diagnosed - dermatitis. Now it's been more than three months of treatment and finally redness on the ankle almost disappeared.
Could silver give such a reaction? I've never had an allergy to metal before. Infection? But here it is written that silver possesses bactericidal properties. How could this happen?


has long been know and have heard that you can not wear gold and silver together. Thanks to the article I understood why it is impossible. But nevertheless, I wear a gold engagement ring and a silver chain with a cross every day. The ring, of course, is a sign of marriage and respect for the spouse. But the chain with a cross for me as a memory of my grandmother. Neither of that, nor from the other, I do not intend to refuse, despite the fact that I violate the rules of aesthetics.


Now it is very fashionable to buy and wedding rings of two metals. But, in my opinion, this combination is not in harmony above all because, compared with gold silver at once simpler and loses its luxury! All light refinement reminds a stainless steel) Therefore it is better really, to wear them separately! Although, in everyday life I wear gold rings and small silver carnations in my ears. This combination does not bother me.


I've just not wear silver and gold items together, because I think it is in bad taste. I have a gold wedding ring and I do not want to take it off for a minute. So it turns out that all the silver is gathering dust on my shelf. There are different opinions on this, recently they are too divided. For some it's bad taste, but for someone - no.