Tips on how to stop jealous of a guy

Jealousy is a powerful feeling that can destroy even the strongest relationship. Under the influence of jealousy, kind, sensitive and feminine woman can turn into unbalanced paranoichku that will plague her boyfriend constant suspicion. Therefore, it is very important to learn to stop jealous, especially without reason. Tips on how to get rid of this addiction are given below.

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distrust of the partner is the main cause of jealousy. Most often, distrust arises in two cases: past relationships and unreasonable suspicions.

If you are jealous of a guy for a former girl, then it's worth thinking about that you also had a past. Remember, it was, then passed, so you need to stop jealous of your soul mate to those who long ago disappeared and his life and begin to build a happy future. If the feeling of distrust is not supported by some sound arguments, and there it is only in your head, there already appears the second cause of this disastrous qualities - self-dou


often Jealousy is for this reason comes to those who have lots of free time. Every free moment such girls spend for the most interesting occupation - "self-digging".And what only disadvantages they currently are - "I have one ear larger than the other, and her legs became like a man after two trips to the gym," "my sundress on Helen looks better, I'm fat," and so on. Such thoughts loosen the female psyche, eat up her self-confidence and make the guy jealous of other girls. Read about why the man ignores the woman.

How to get rid of this and stop jealous of a loved one? Simply and easily! Download yourself by doing: go to foreign language courses, work or a favorite hobby, spend a neighboring volleyball tournament and so on. Below we have collected the most effective advice that will help you learn not to be jealous of the guy at all.

What to do

  • Believe in yourself and in your own beauty. Stop thinking about your shortcomings, better think about those virtues that you possess. It has been observed that women who truly love themselves have pronounced charisma, which allows not only easy to win a man, but also to keep it next to him. At the same time, many of them are far from beauties, but they are self-confident, which means they are confident that their chosen one is loyal to them.
  • Stop fantasizing about the betrayal of a guy. Stop painting in your imagination the non-existent scenes of adultery. Drive these negative thoughts away, think better of something positive, because we attract to ourselves what we constantly think about. Otherwise, soon you will have to think about how to stop jealous now the ex-boyfriend.
  • Keep an eye on your appearance. Remember, to appear before a man in a worn out robe and worn-out slippers is a taboo. If you do not want your loved one to go looking for a more attractive person, then always try to look good. Over time, it will become a habit, and you will see for yourself that it is much nicer to be groomed.
  • Do self-realization. Very often painful jealousy arises from dissatisfaction in the professional sphere. Perhaps you feel unworthy of your man. Then urgently increase your qualifications and develop comprehensively.
  • Share the interests of your chosen one. Certainly in the beginning of the relationship your man you tried to attach to their interests - called to go to the football, play tennis or set-top box, to go along on a fishing trip. Then you refused, believing that these activities are not for you. But now you are jealous of him even to his hobby, because you do not know exactly where he is, when not next to you. Well, it's time to start taking an active part in all his entertainments.
  • Talk about your jealousy. If you can not yet not be jealous of a guy, then ask him to help you. Together you will cope with this problem faster. Talk to him, explain the causes of jealousy and ask to be as open to you as possible. If a guy loves you, then he will definitely come to your rescue and will try not to give absolutely no reason for jealousy. The main thing, do not get carried away and remember that to report to you constantly a man is not obliged, he only helps you to cope with your problem.

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In conclusion, it should be added that it feels like jealousy greatly affects the emotional state of a woman, making her irritable, angry and depressed. Nevertheless, you can get rid of jealousy, just look at yourself differently, your companion and your love. If you manage to cope with this pernicious feeling, then in return you will receive peace, faith and happiness.


That's right: the jealousy arises because of a lack of confidence, fear of losing a young man. But what if some guys provoke a girl into jealousy? Here the girlfriend constantly tells her about her ex-girlfriends, that someone was interested in them, made an unambiguous hint, etc. He can discuss with the girlfriend the dignity of another girl. The girlfriend told him that she did not like this, that she was jealous, that she was hurt. The impression that he likes to hurt the feelings of his girlfriend.

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