What room flowers can not be kept at home and why

Indoor plants occupy an important place in human life. Almost every apartment has its own favorite flowers, which please the eye with all possible forms of leaves and an unimaginable palette of colors. Many houseplants are useful for humans. But there are also some that are in no way worth keeping in the house.

  • Poisonous
  • Adenium
  • Azalea
  • Dieffenbachia
  • Croton
  • Euphorbia
  • Mimosa shy
  • Monstera
  • Oleander
  • Nightshade
  • Ivy evergreen
  • Primula
  • Trihotsereus
  • Ficus
  • Philodendron
  • Cyclamen
  • Allergenic
  • Alocasia
  • Geranium
  • Hydrangea
  • Lily
  • Orchid
  • Fern
  • Tuberose
  • Popular signs



Adenium Photo

It's also called adenium fat, Adenium thick or Rose of the desert, and all because of the stem that has the shape of a bottle. It blooms very richly, with bright beautiful flowers. However, its juice, getting on the skin and mucous membranes of a person, penetrates into the blood, causing poisoning.

In the homeland of Adenium, in Africa, Aboriginal tribes still use toxic
plant juices to hunt for a large beast, lubricating them with arrows.


Azalea photo

Azalea( Rhododendron) is a very beautiful plant. His flowers are like lilies and with proper care it blooms very abundantly. But the juice and nectar of Azalea is poisonous. If you accidentally swallow a piece of leaf or nectar, there will be a profuse salivation, it is possible to vomit, lachrymation. Rhododendron flowers have a strong odor that can cause allergies. This is manifested by rashes on the skin and a headache.


Dieffenbachia pictures

Although Dieffenbachia cleans well and even moistens the air, however, this plant is not suitable for living quarters, since it has a very poisonous milky juice. When in contact with exposed skin, it causes ulcers and severe irritation. It is more dangerous if the juice gets into the eyes or into the mouth. In the first case, blindness is threatened, in the second - a strong swelling of the throat and tongue, and a person can simply suffocate.

For pets, the poison of Dieffenbachia is fatal.


Croton Photos

The plant belongs to the family of small-lot, so it also has a poisonous juice that can cause burns on the skin. And its entry into the blood with a cut or inside the body is fraught with resuscitation or death.


Euphorbia photo

So this plant is called because of its milky juice. It is necessary to know that Juice Juice is poisonous, therefore it is dangerous to keep it in the house. On the skin, it causes redness, burning, blisters. Especially dangerous is Milk Milk for the eyes, it can cause inflammation, temporary blindness and conjunctivitis. You should not try it for taste - it will cause poisoning, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, cramps and circulatory disorders.

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Mimosa shameful

Mimosa shy photo

Mimosa was dubbed shy because of the ability to fold its leaves whenTouching them. The pollen of this plant causes severe allergies. This plant can be pretty poisoned only if you eat it. Basically, the poison accumulates in the root system in special nodules.


Monster pictures

This exotic plant is famous for its wide leaves with unusual slots. It is in the juice of these leaves that the poison is contained. If by carelessness the juice has got on the skin, it can cause a burn, blisters, redness. If the juice gets into your eyes, you can temporarily go blind, earn conjunctivitis and burn.

Monstera is one of those colors that one can not keep at home by single women.


Oleander photo

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Despite its beauty and love of flower growers, this flower is very toxic. Even the aroma of this plant causes dizziness. When Oleander juice comes on the skin, burns occur, and if ingested, serious poisoning occurs. It can cause blindness if it gets into the eyes.


Nightshade photo

This is a beautiful evergreen plant abundantly strewn with bright orange berries. All parts of Nightshade are poisonous, but especially attractive berries are especially dangerous. Strongly it is not recommended to grow it in an apartment, if there live small children. The child will definitely try a bright berry, and it can cause a strong digestive disorder.

Ivy evergreen

Ivy of evergreen photo

A very common houseplant that pleases the eye with its glossy leaves. The poison is found both in leaves and in ivy berries. When poisoning can cause delirium and cardiac arrest.


Primula photo

Indoor primrose with a rosette of leaves and a variety of colors of flowers is not so innocuous. The poison of this plant causes a rash on the skin, itching, irritation and even eczema.


Trichocereus photos

Trichocereus is a cactus with long spines. Blossoms with white inflorescences with a strong odor. This plant is poisonous, as it contains alkaloids and hallucinogens, which paralyze the nervous system.


Ficus pictures

Ficuses are very common houseplants. Their stems and leaves are poisonous. The juice of the plant, getting on the skin, causes redness, irritation and blisters. Ficus can also cause severe allergies.

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Philodendron photo

This plant is very appreciated for its remarkable greenery. Some Philodendrons are lianas, others are bushes. All kinds are poisonous. The poison contains the juice of the plant, it is very dangerous for the eyes and skin. An intact plant is absolutely safe.


Cyclamen Photo

The poison of Cyclamen in its composition and action is like poison curare. The tubers are most poisonous in this plant. Juice tubers are used in folk medicine, but it should be treated very carefully.



Alocasia photo

This is the representative of the family of Aroids. All plants of this group are toxic. Allergies cause juice, so they need to be transplanted in gloves to protect the skin, and the gauze bandage also does not hurt.


Geranium photos

Pelargonium( Geranium), in the leaves of which contains a large amount of essential oil, its odor can cause allergies. But this sharp aroma stands out only if you touch the plant.


Hortense photos

An allergen is the juice of this beautiful plant, which is present in stems and in leaves and flowers. On contact with it, rashes, itching, weakness, nausea may appear.


Liliya photo

Beautiful flowers have a very strong smell, which makes you dizzy and dizzy, you have an allergy, there are faints. Very poisonous lily juice. It can lead to death if it enters the body. There is no antidote for this poison.


Orchid photo

Allergy of the orchid causes in people with weak immunity - difficulty breathing, lays the nose, the mucous membranes can swell. For allergy sufferers, the fragrance of this flower is deadly because of the swelling of the throat.


Fern photos

All kinds of this plant are dangerous for allergy sufferers. It causes allergy of fern pollen, which easily scattered throughout the house.


Tuberosa photos

The strong smell of Tuberose causes allergies, suppresses the psyche, causes a headache. In the dark, this plant absorbs oxygen and releases carbon dioxide.

Folk signs

There are a number of folk signs that attribute different magic properties to plants. Or maybe this is the result of many centuries of people's observations. Here are some of them:

  • The money tree( Tolstianka) brings money to the house if it has a lot of round green leaves resembling coins. If the plant is sick and leaves fall, nothing good in terms of money can not wait.
  • Zamiokulkas is called "Dollar palm", as it is believed that this plant attracts currency into the house.
  • Recently, a plant such as "Flower upstart" has spread. But it can not be kept at home, because at the astral level the energy of this flower is programmed to bring poverty to its master.
  • Dracena Sandera or "Happy Bamboo", brings her owner a career growth and good luck in everything.
  • A golden tree( Akukuba) reveals in a person talents and promotes their development, brings welfare to the house and protects from enemies.
  • Croton is called the protector of the house. He removes all negative energetics, brings harmony into the house, calms the hyperactive people, allows his owner to put his thoughts in order, to get out of depression and crisis. Also from gives strength and promotes the development of creative abilities. There is a belief - a person who planted or purchased Kraton in a year will be able to radically change his life.
  • Ficus is not desirable to have in the bedroom, otherwise the relationship between spouses may deteriorate. But in other rooms it is possible, especially since it neutralizes negative energy and removes aggression.
  • Bamboo is able to turn negative energy into a positive one.
  • A paper flower( Bougainvillea) rarely grows in houses and apartments, but its owner with finances will never have difficulty.
  • Cacti also attract money to the house, but they still do not allow their masters to be wasteful.
  • Spitafillum is called "Women's happiness."The popular name speaks for itself, as unmarried girls help this plant to find a happy family, and gives them peace and happiness to married people.
  • Why can not I keep dried flowers in the house? The answer is simple: the charm and energy of women are drastically reduced, and so men turn to women who have such flowers in the house, less attention.
  • Why can not I keep flowers at home? The presence of such flowers indicates that your man will be following each skirt. It is better to keep indoors not curly, but erect and powerful plants.
  • Why can not you keep artificial flowers at home? Since they have inanimate energetics and are more suitable for the cemetery.