Ways to force yourself to eat less and lose weight

To have a slender and smart body is fashionable and useful for health and self-esteem. And if you hated kilos in no hurry to leave you stumbled on a cake at a birthday party or a friend bought a piece of chocolate a child, you need to connect actionable advice of nutritionists, that help control appetite and become a good motivation to achieve the goal.

  • Aim
  • Consult a specialist
  • Giving yourself indulgences
  • Visualize desire
  • control weight
  • limited social circle
  • not excuses
  • Do not listen to others
  • Find deliciousand useful products
  • reduce portions
  • Eat liquid
  • Keep fit


In the search for ways how to make yourself lose weight, psychologistI give a clear answer: you need to put real purpose. If there is no understanding, why should you lose weight, then there will be no result. The goal should not be vague, for example: "I grow thin to be beautiful".The hungry brain will immediately find a thousand excuses, that you and so very much even nothing. It is not easy to

deceive the brain. Therefore, the goal should be correct and specific: "I'm losing weight to put on a New Year's long-lying skirt 42 size, and now 46".And also it should not be unreal: "I lose weight to go in a week to a wedding in a dress designed for a lean teenager of 40 size, while now I have 52".

Consult a specialist

best to sort out the nuances of your body certified psychologist and nutritionist, who can remove the installation blocking weight loss, such as the habit to eat up every last crumb, and not to throw bread even when fully saturated. And examining the totality of your physical characteristics( age, amount of excess weight, lifestyle, comorbidities), explain why not help this or that diet, and what a way to choose the power to achieve the best results on the body with minimal stress.

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Giving yourself indulgences

If occasionally, not more than once a weekto allow yourself to eat a small piece of your favorite cake or a couple of chocolates, nothing terrible will happen, and dumped kgs will not return due to the 100 grams of harmful and high-calorie, but a delicious food. But this will save from a breakdown from proper nutrition and delaying weight loss for a long time because of frustration in yourself and your willpower. The main thing is to observe reasonable boundaries. One small cake is possible, but packing is no longer possible. Because of the arguments that will disappear, and money is paid, too, it is impossible.

Visualizing the desires of

Effective methods include the constant presence of the ideal body before the eyes of the ideal body you are looking for - for this purpose you can paste pictures of beautiful girls with a good figure of your type near the mirror to compare and remember that there is still something to move. But do not be too zealous and want an unattainable body, molded with the help of plastic surgery or the body of top models. Great risk, without waiting for such a result, to break from proper nutrition and to find psychological problems associated with underestimation of self-esteem.

Well, the reverse method also helps - hang on the refrigerator a photo of a woman with a body, which theoretically can become yours, if there is no measure. Huge legs, hanging belly, triple chin, cellulite-covered sides and arms perfectly repel the desire to eat more.

Control weight

Helps you stay on track ahead of time knowing how much has been done and what will happen if you stop observing food restrictions. To do this, you need to put the floor scales near the entrance to the kitchen and weigh each time before you go there. It is useful to record your weight to control your results. It is also useful to keep records of your food, compile a list of eaten items in detail and burn the equivalent of calories, so as not to break out of the norm of calories for a day. For slimming, such a norm with proper nutrition should vary within 1500-2000 calories per day.

Limit the circle of communication

If your friends are wonderful housewives preparing delicious pies and cakes or sweeties for tea, which always have a variety of sweets and biscuits in the vase, then you can hardly refuse refreshments by coming to visit. After all, the mistress of the house does not want to offend, and it is customary to drink tea with something. But unplanned desserts can deal a serious blow to weight loss, so it's worthwhile to reduce such gatherings, or switch to people leading a healthy lifestyle. An environment of 50 percent determines success.

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Do not seek excuses

Often I want to find an excuse for my extra kilograms and live peacefully without making efforts to destroy them. The most common ways to deceive yourself is to say that you:

  • a child was born recently, or there are already several children;
  • poor metabolism;
  • heredity - all relatives complete;
  • wide or heavy bones;
  • no time or money for proper nutrition;
  • suits me.
In fact, nothing, except for serious health problems, can not, if desired, prevent you from losing weight.

Do not listen to the surrounding

Perhaps you are discouraged from putting yourself in order or you come across this with a negative coming from close people. Do not take someone's words for truth, if you decide to lose weight - go to the end. After all, everyone primarily worries about themselves, so a friend can resist your goal because it was convenient for her to look beautiful and slim against the background of a plump partner. And the family wants to continue to eat steaks, pies and homemade pancakes, which, in case of proper nutrition, will replace porridges and boiled vegetables.

Find delicious and healthy products

In order to limit yourself for a long time in caloric content and volume of consumed food, you need it to be tasty. Make a diet is necessary, based on their taste preferences. If you like buckwheat with chicken, and cottage cheese does not climb even with a strong sense of hunger, then do not force the body and include in the diet of cottage cheese.

Make the basis of your food, properly prepared cereals, low-fat fish, low-fat dairy products, chicken, lean meat and vegetables. And for dessert you can eat a fruit - pineapple or grapefruit.
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Reduce portions

If you do not want to stop consuming harmful products, then the output will significantly reduce their servings. The easiest way to do this is to change the dishes - to impose your own food not in a standard plate, but in a saucer. To enhance the effect, you can take a dessert or a teaspoon - she will have to eat for a long time, appetite and hunger will dull faster.

Nutritionists advise eating slowly, as our brains, with a delay of 20 minutes, take the urge from the stomach that it is already full. In the end, you can be full, but not yet feel it. The measured intake of food promotes proper digestion and protects against overeating.

Drinking fluid

If you drink a glass of water before eating for 15-20 minutes, then it will slightly muffle the feeling of hunger, water will fill the stomach, therefore, you will eat less.

If you regularly drink water during the day, it will lead to cleansing and improving the body. The norm of water for everyone is different, but nutritionists advise drinking 1 to 3 liters of pure still water. Take it by the rules: in the morning on an empty stomach 1-2 cups, before meals for 15-20 minutes and after eating 40-60 minutes, and before going to bed an hour before bedtime.

Teas and natural juices during the day will help to hold on without snacks between main meals, deceiving the stomach with a false sense of fullness.

Do sport

Daily sports help to strengthen motivation, the development of useful hormones, including the hormone of happiness. It is necessary to choose the kind of exercise that will suit your temperament, tastes, strength training. Universal are yoga, dancing, fitness, fast walking. Training should be alternated, as the body quickly gets used to the stresses, but you can practice yoga without interruption and every day.