The most demanded and promising professions of the future

The situation on the labor market is changing rapidly. Professions, most in demand several years ago, give way to new specialties. The question of which are the most promising professions in the world for the next ten years, excites not only the entrants. His study deals with large organizations and public services, focusing on such criteria for prospective professions, such as guaranteed employment, career growth and high income.

  • Agronomist and farmer
  • Business Analyst
  • Biotechnologist
  • Web Designer
  • doctor
  • Designer augmented reality territories
  • Igropedagog
  • Software Engineer
  • landscape architect
  • Logist
  • Marketer
  • Manager of space tourism
  • CNC machine operator
  • Life cycle designer of space structures
  • Designer for intermodal transport
  • Intelligent Tourist Systems Engineer
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Security Specialist
  • Pest Control Specialist
  • Medical Equipment Specialist
  • Urban Specialist
  • Sports Manager
  • Mind Fitness Trainer
  • Financial Consultant
  • Ecologist
  • Environmental Analyst in Extractive Industries

Experts predict the success of the following professions based on analysisand labor market changes and such important social factors as rapid technological development and demographic situation. Most likely, the above-listed specialists in the next decade are provided with interesting and highly paid work.

Agronomist and farmer

The government of our country is developing the agricultural industry, so we can say with certainty that the agricultural professions will again become promising in Russia. The farmer's and agronomist's professions will be in high demand for the next ten years, especially in agriculture using genetic technologies. Despite the forecasts of obtaining food from unusual sources, for example, from oil, natural food will remain in priority.

Business Analyst

This is a highly paid specialist to optimize operations and increase the profit of companies. The business analyst identifies the problems of the enterprise and offers solutions. The banking sector, trade, construction and the IT sector will be in dire need of such specialists in the next decade.


In the era of introducing innovative technologies, the biotechnology profession is gaining popularity. Areas of biotechnologist activities are diverse: genetic engineering, the invention of drugs, cloning. The choice of jobs, from pharmaceutical enterprises to the sphere of robotics, is also widened.

Web designer

It is the web designer that makes websites comfortable and aesthetic. In the era of the Internet, the demand for such specialists continues to grow. The web designer needs technical skills for interface design, basic artistic knowledge, understanding of the design principles of sites and user psychology.


The duration and quality of life of a modern person are increasing, and therefore the professions related to medicine always remain promising.
Doctors of any specialization are the backbone of the healthcare industry, which is steadily evolving by raising living standards against the backdrop of an aging society. The demand for medicine is growing, and with it the labor market demand in qualified specialists, respect for others and salary.

The designer of augmented reality of territories

The designer of the augmented reality of territories creates several virtual variants of one locality in order to visually show its historical and cultural value. The specialist needs the skills of a designer, a programmer and a good knowledge of history.


The sphere of intellectual and spiritual development is expected to flourish, therefore the activity of trainers and teachers will be more in demand. With the help of gaming techniques, both children and adults study with pleasure. In the current use of gambling in schools is limited by state regulations, but after a few years the teachers will create and implement educational programs along with ordinary teachers.

Software engineer

Rapid dissemination of information technologies leads to the fact that the professions associated with software maintenance are gaining popularity among employers. The creation of algorithms that ensure the operation of various electronic devices is a task for the programmer's engineer. In Russia and the world, the career of a programmer and IT specialist is one of the most promising and the initial income is quite high. To develop these professions, you need an analytical mind and a higher technical education.

Landscaping Architect

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The landscape architect is involved in environmental construction. The skills of this specialist will be in demand in national parks and in green areas of the city. He must understand the landscape architecture, know the features of the local ecosystem and own the basics of design.


It is difficult to overestimate the importance of transport in the world of the future. In the accelerating pace of life, specialists in the management of transport flows are becoming more and more popular every year. The logistics specialist provides quality delivery of the goods: selects transportation for the parameters of the cargo, develops a route, calculates the transportation time and financial costs. The logistics profession is very promising, as it serves actively developing trade and market relations.


The success of a product or service on the market largely depends on a competent promotion strategy. The marketing expert collects and analyzes the necessary information, forms demand for production. In the profession of a marketer, an analytical mindset, ingenuity, initiative is welcomed.

The manager of space tourism

Orbital complexes will sooner or later become available for excursions, and then an irreplaceable specialist will be a manager for space tourism, developing programs for visiting structures in space.
The sphere of tourism will continue to develop and within the Earth. The demand for specialists making tourism more individual and virtualized will increase.

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CNC machine operator

In the near future, promising working professions will be especially in demand. Heavy industry and machine building need professionals with secondary specialized education. Behind the operators of CNC machines is the future of manufacturing enterprises, since the efficiency of production is determined by the level of automation. The CNC operator serves the machine tool fleet, makes the program for the manufacture of parts and monitors the technological process.

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Life-cycle designer The future is impossible without space exploration and within the next decade cosmic professions will become prestigious. The development of near-earth space gradually fills it with stations and satellites. Creation, reconstruction and utilization of artificial near-Earth objects will require the involvement of qualified specialists - designers of the life cycle of space structures.

Designer of intermodal transport nodes

The designer of intermodal transport nodes develops transplant systems between modes of transport, assesses their throughput, wear resistance and predicts their development potential. The growing burden on transport infrastructure means a rapid increase in demand for such specialists.

The developer of intelligent tourist systems

Demand for simple and convenient systems of buying tickets, navigation, hotel room reservation online is growing. Experts are becoming popular in the creation of such automated systems. In addition, the popularization of the possibility of developing personal tourist routes.

Developer of mobile applications

The software for mobile devices is developed by the mobile application developer. Now there is an opportunity to work on the basis of ready-made platforms, so specialized education is not required from applicants for a position, it is enough to understand the mobile operating systems.

Security Specialist

Information transfer capabilities are expanding, most financial transactions are digitized, and the need to protect these processes is becoming more acute. The work of a specialist in security and crime prevention in the network will soon become one of the most popular.

Pest Control Specialist

Numerous pests seriously annoy agricultural enterprises, but professionals come to the rescue. Pests are destroyed with the help of special chemical, microbiological agents and entomophages from biological laboratories. You can work as a specialist in pest control without special education.

Medical equipment specialist

Under the responsibility of a medical technician, installation, adjustment, repair of electronic equipment for hospitals, as well as medical training for the use of devices. Medical equipment is improving and becoming more complex, and the need for the labor market in literate specialists in medical equipment is increasingly felt.

Urban Specialist

The rapid urbanization process leads to the emergence of new promising occupations in the construction industry. One of them is an expert in urban planning. He is responsible for the ergonomics of the urban environment, which is extremely important with an increasing number of residents. To plan and build comfortable megacities, to engage in complex development of territories is a responsible task of a specialist in town planning.

Sports Manager

Many people work for the high results of the sportsmen. One of the important specialties is a sports manager. Such an expert conducts financial and economic activities and frees athletes from organizational issues.

Mind Fitness Trainer

Memory, concentration and other cognitive skills are much easier to develop under the guidance of a specialist. The trainer for Mind Fitness will make an individual program with regard to specific tasks and the client's psychotype. The prevalence of this profession is still small, but is gaining popularity along with people's desire for self-development.

Financial advisor

A financial adviser helps manage the budget for individuals and large corporations. Can work in the staff of a bank or an investment company. From a specialist you need to know accounting and financial management, navigate the securities market, competently assess financial risks.


Environmental technologies need attention, therefore the professions of this field will gain special popularity in the next decade.
It is necessary to solve problems of waste disposal, environmental pollution, restoration of biosystems. The attention of states to nature protection is growing, and with it the income of environmental specialists.

About 80% of people in an environmental position are women, therefore specialty in the field of ecology can be recommended as a promising profession for girls.

Environmental Analyst in Extractive Industries

An environmental analyst prevents environmental threats that may arise as a result of uncontrolled nature management. Extractive industries are particularly in need of eco-analysts due to the need to restore the territories at the final stages of extraction of raw materials and energy.