Beautiful, original and unusual bouquets and compositions of fresh flowers

Live flowers are an integral part of any celebration. Beautiful bouquets and original floral compositions can become, both an independent gift, and a wonderful decoration of any festive interior. Roses, lilies, peonies, tulips, orchids - they are all beautiful in their own, inimitable and unique, and with the right combination of them you can create amazing beauty of the works of floral art. Further, the article presents variants of beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers.

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Roses are considered to be the queen among the flowers, therefore roses are most often chosen for the creation of holiday and wedding bouquets. These flowers are so universal that they blen

d absolutely with any plants and are suitable for both women and men. From them you can create compositions of any size and format.

Bouquet of roses

Bouquet of roses 5 photos

Bouquet of roses 4 photos

Bouquet of roses 8 photos

Bouquet of roses 9 photos

Bouquet of roses in a basket photo

An independent bouquet of 100 red roses will conquer the heart of any woman.

Bouquet of 100 roses photo

Bouquet of red roses

Wedding options will be interesting to future brides.

Wedding bouquet of roses

Wedding bouquet of roses 2 photos

Wedding bouquet of roses 3 photos

Wedding bouquet of roses 4 photos

Winter wedding bouquet of roses photo

Of lilies

Lilies occupy the second most popular place after roses. Quite often they are chosen as the basis for a wedding bouquet, as white lilies are a symbol of purity and purity. However, modern fashion dictates its own rules and more often brides choose pink, yellow, red and even blue shades of these beautiful colors.

Bouquet of lilies in basket

Bouquet of roses and lilies

Wedding bouquet of lilies photo

Bouquet of lilies 2 photos

From Orchids

Orchids are eternal rivals of lilies for a place in the basis of a wedding bouquet. These unique flowers symbolize refinement, tenderness, natural beauty and luxury. Bouquet of white orchids will tell the wisdom and purity of their owner, pink flowers will tell about the tenderness and mischievous nature, red will become a symbol of passionate love, and blue - underlined the loyalty and generosity.

Bouquet from orchids photo

Bouquet of green orchids photo

Bouquet of red orchids photo

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Bouquet of roses and orchids photo

Bouquet of pink orchids photo

Bouquet of phalaenopsis pictures

From freesias

Freesia are flowers of spring that have a huge number of shades. You can find white, yellow, orange, red, blue, purple and violet items. Bouquets of freesia considered a symbol of complete trust and serious intentions, so these floral compositions usually give an engagement or wedding.

Bouquet of freesias 6 photos

Bouquet of freesias and roses photo

Wedding bouquet of freesias

Bouquet of freesias 3 photos

Bouquet of freesias 4 photos

From the call of

There is a legend that if on the eve of the wedding the groom gives his lover a bouquet of callas, then their marriage will be happy and prosperous, and the flowers will become a kind of amulet.

Callas are so beautiful and stylish flowers that when creating a bouquet absolutely do not need additional decorations and accessories. It is enough to tie them up with a satin ribbon and a luxurious bouquet is ready.

Bouquet from call pictures

Bouquet from call 2 photos

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Bouquet from call 4 photos

Bouquet from callus 8 photos

Bouquet of roses and calla pictures

Wedding Bouquet from Call Photo

Wedding bouquet from call 2 photos

Wedding bouquet from call 6 photos

Wedding bouquet from call 7 photos

Wedding bouquet from call 8 photos

Of the gerberas

These bright sunny flowers are among the five most popular when creating bouquets. They look great in any combination and fit absolutely to any celebration. Especially in the cut form they store freshness for more than a week.

Bouquet of gerberas

Bouquet of gerberas 2 photos

Bouquet of gerberas 3 photos

From peonies

In the period from May to July you can pamper your loved ones with amazing and delicate mini-bouquets of their fluffy peonies. These wonderful flowers, both individually and in combination with other colors, can be a wonderful addition to the image of the bride. They look very original, they keep freshness for a long time, but they are inexpensive.

Bouquet of peonies photo

Bouquet of peonies 2 photos

Bouquet of peonies 3 photos

Bouquet of peonies 5 photos

Bouquet of peonies 7 photos

Bouquet of peonies 8 photos

Bouquet of peonies 9 photos

Of tulips

Beautiful spring flowers that tell us about the arrival of heat and give a sunny mood. Tulips are an indispensable option for March 8, as well as an excellent choice for both a romantic date and a spring wedding, and for an official event.

Bouquet of tulips

Bouquet of tulips 2 photos

Bouquet of tulips and daffodils

Bouquet of tulips and irises


Chrysanthemums are considered the most common flowers on the Eurasian continent. There are about 10,000 species alone. Therefore, florists skillfully combine these bright flowers in bouquets with roses, gerberas, alstroemeria and other plants. Chrysanthemums are very appropriate when creating compositions for decorating the interior, as they preserve their freshness for a long time.

Bouquet of chrysanthemums

Bouquet of chrysanthemums 2 photos

Bouquet of chrysanthemums 3 photos

Bouquet of chrysanthemums 4 photos


Alstromeria are magnificent flowers that have a huge number of shades and almost no odor. White flowers indicate the originality of their recipient, but yellow, pink, orange and purple alstroemerias usually give as a sign of strong friendship.

With proper care, a bouquet of these flowers can last about two weeks.

Bouquet of alstroemeria 2 photos

Bouquet of alstroemeria pictures

Bouquet of alstroemeria and roses

Bouquet of alstroemerias and gerberas

Of iris

Noble irises are one of the few colors that are appropriate for men. These violet handsome men are a symbol of courage and a harbinger of good news. And even in combination with other flowers, they will never be left without attention.

Bouquet of iris pictures

Bouquet of irises 4 photos

Bouquet of irises 5 photos

Bouquet of irises 6 photos

Bouquet of irises 3 photos

From chamomile

Since ancient times, chamomile has been considered a symbol of love, because it was on them that girls wondered whether they liked narrowed or not. Today, these romantic flowers as a symbol of loyalty and family happiness, decided to give to parents and loved ones, and sometimes teachers, but in the daisy will not do business associates as a gift.

Wedding bunch of chamomiles

Bouquet of daisies photo

Bouquet of daisies 2 photos

From sunflowers

These bright yellow flowers, like small copies of the sun, give warmth and are charged with positive energy. Usually, sunflowers are used when serving the table, decorating the interior, and also as festive and wedding bouquets.

Bouquet of sunflowers

Bouquet of sunflowers 3 photos

Bouquet of sunflowers 4 photos

Bouquet of sunflowers 5 photos

Bouquet of sunflowers 2 photos

From anthuriums

These amazing flowers often act as accents in prefabricated compositions, but sometimes they can form the basis of a bouquet. Anthurium often give men, especially politicians and businessmen, because they portend success in business and prosperity in the family. Also anthurium is also fond of modern brides, as this flower looks great on the contrast of a snow-white dress.

Bouquet with anthuriums of a photo

Bouquet with anthuriums 2 photos

Bouquet with anthuriums 4 photos

Bouquet with anthuriums 5 photos

Bouquet with anthuriums 7 photos

From the gladiolus

With its luxurious look, gladioli already say what they are meant for. These flowers will be an ornament of any event, they will perfectly fit into the interior and will be a good gift for both men and women of all ages.

Bouquet of gladiolus pictures

Bouquet of gladiolus 2 photos

Wedding Bouquet of Gladiolus Photo

Composition with gladiolus pictures

Of field flowers

Such bouquets are the most touching, they bribe with their simplicity, naturalness and elegance. Bouquets of wild flowers are more suitable for young girls and elderly women.

Bouquet of wild flowers photo

Bouquet of wild flowers 2 photos

Bouquet of wild flowers 4 photos

Bouquet of wild flowers 5 photos

Creative compositions

Similar compositions do not fit into the standard concept of "floral bouquet", they look like works of art.

Chrysanthemum cake Photo

Toy of flowers photo

Chrysanthemum shoe pictures

Bouquet of roses 6 photos

Creative composition of fresh flowers photo

Creative composition of fresh flowers 2 photos

Umbrella of fresh flowers photo

Dress from flowers photo

Trophies from fresh flowers photo

Funeral bouquets

Alas, life is filled not only with joyful events and in case of loss of a loved one you can express your condolences not only with words, but also with the help of a mourning bouquet. As a basis of such compositions, depending on the situation, red or white roses, lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums, which are supplemented by branches of evergreens and mourning tapes, are often taken. By tradition, the bouquet should have an even number of elements.

Funeral bouquet 4 photos

Mourning bouquet 3 photos

Funeral bouquet 2 photos

Funeral bouquet 5 photos

Funeral bouquet 1 photos