Photos of Catherine Varnava - before and after plastics

Ekaterina Barnabas, a well-known beauty and TV presenter in the CIS, has been hearing more and more often lately. Attention attracts noticeable changes in the appearance of the girl: Katya not only lost a lot of weight( now the actress weighs about 60 kg), transformed, but also made plastic.

Ekaterina Barnabas - before and after plastics

We all remember Catherine Barnabas before the operation and its transformations. Having a considerable height of 175 cm( according to some sources, 181 cm), the girl was also famous for her dense complexion, she did not differ thinness, and even in her youth, judging by the old photos, Catherine was large. Barnabas was recognized from afar with broad shoulders, steep hips and long legs, but in the exterior of the TV presenter one of the most notable features besides the eye-magnets was the nose. He Katya spoiled the whole picture a little, because he often received epithets in his address: long and massive.

And the thin lips of the actress. If the first lip enlargement( especially the difference in the

upper lip) the girl decided to do for a long time( in 2011, at the same time, a noticeable correction of the eyebrows was made), then the nose plasty and re-enlargement of the lips was transgressed relatively recently, namely after or during the weight loss period.

How Barnabas has changed photo

Barnabas in his youth and now photo

from various sources and the environment girls know that spodvig TV presenter to such drastic measures( rhinoplasty) is not so much her PR person, how much weight loss itself. After the superfluous and not superfluous kilograms have descended, and Katya has joined the Hollywood skinny standards, her features have strongly sharpened, having designated an unattractive detail of appearance even more strongly.

Changes after the plastics photo

If we compare the earliest photo of the actress with new, even blind skeptic celebrate plastics of nose shortened and gave him a more correct and noble form, with the result of the operation perfectly reflected in the general appearance of Catherine. Katya even began to compare with the Italian top model of Romanian origin Madalina Genea( a former girlfriend of Michael Fassbender and Gerard Butler).

Barnabas Pictures

How the lips of Ekaterina Varna have changed photos

As for rumors around the second drag lips presenter, here, as in the case of any other rumors related to her appearance, Ekaterina Varnava no comments does not. In favor of repeated cosmetic intervention, the latest photos of the girl are also spoken. Now the lips of the celebrity are close to recognizable Angelin's lips.

How thin the catherine photo before and after

result of weight loss and plastic actress gave her not subside hype, contracts, and a lot of new fans. The last one can only hope that Katya will not play with a scalpel any more, stopping at the temptation of other changes.