How long does the cat bore kittens - the duration of pregnancy and birth in felines

Owners of furry beauties should know what the duration of bearing in cats, how it should flow, to monitor the condition of the future mother and baby. Some breeds have peculiarities in the birth of offspring: it is British, Fold, Scottish and others. How should the process occur?

Pregnancy period in cats

A normally occurring pregnancy has its own time limit. How long does a cat bore kittens? Births occur from 65 to 70 days of pregnancy, depending on the number of babies, the age of the future mother and the features of the course of pregnancy. Sexual maturation occurs at the age of 6-9 months, when the first heat is observed and the physiologically animal is ready to bear, give birth. At this age, the pet is still very small to endure normal offspring, so the owner needs to be sure that the unplanned pregnancy does not happen.

Early births are dangerous because offspring can be born infertile, weak. It is better if the owners are waiting for the second, third heat, when the body is already more adul

t and strong. If this process is regular, lasts about a week, then pet owners can be calm: the animal's health is good. The optimal time when the pet needs to give birth is at the age of 1.5-2 years. It is inappropriate to mate the python inappropriate, if the male did not like it, then the process is vain.

To be sure that the pet is ready for delivery, it is necessary to conduct a survey with a veterinarian. Try to do a maximum of tests and make sure that the animal is completely healthy to bear offspring. Make fur treatment from fleas( collar, special drops), conduct treatment or preventive measures against worms, various infections.

How to determine the duration of pregnancy in cats

How many a cat has kittens, have already found out - a little more than two months. But how to determine that the pet in an interesting position? Signs of the appearance of future offspring during how many cats the pregnant women walk at different stages:

  • habitual behavior begins to change, the animal can get nervous when it is picked up or ironed;
  • the first week of the character in that the activity of the animal is reduced, she likes to rest more, ceases to be playful;
  • toxemia in an animal is not a joke, in the mornings a future mother can vomit, vomiting occurs in the morning. This process lasts several days, then comes the time of increased nutrition and sleep with a long duration;
  • three weeks after conception, the change in volume begins, the color of the nipples is saturated pink;
  • clearly shows that your pet is in position at the end of the second month( 6th week);
  • at week 7, putting his hand to the tummy, you can feel the stirring of the cubs;
  • a day or two before the birth of a pythomist is very nervous, starts to fuss, to look for a place where she will give birth to kittens.

How long is the pregnancy in cats

Human pregnancy is divided into trimesters, where each period is characterized by its own developmental features of the baby. In these animals, the entire cycle is divided into 5 stages:

  1. The process lasts 25 days. The formation of embryos of kittens is only beginning, in size by the twentieth day they are not more than a small nutlet. Experienced veterinarian for 20 days can already confirm the interesting position of the pitoma. Mother herself becomes affectionate, tries to be close to a person all the time. Nipples begin to intensively grow pink and increase.
  2. Begins from the 30-31 days of knitting. The future mother eats more and rest, embryos develop intensively. The first two stages are very important, the diet should be full of vitamins and nutrients.
  3. Comes on the sixth week, when the position due to a sagging stomach is already noticeable. The fetus is already fully formed and the uterus descends. Pregnant becomes very calm.
  4. Very difficult period from 40 to 50 days. Toddlers overgrown with wool, the work of all internal systems is started. The cat is characterized by a decrease in appetite.
  5. The last stage, when already through the belly it is felt that the fluffy babies are moving, and the future mother becomes nervous, fussy, looking for a place where she will give birth.

Duration of pregnancy in cats of different breeds

Peculiarities of bearing can depend on the breed:

  1. Female breeds are breeding kittens for 65 days, this period is very calm.
  2. The birth of the Scottish pet comes on average from 58 to 71 days. The longer the coat of an animal of Scottish or British breed, the more an interesting situation continues( 70 days).Scottish Fold should be good, eat a lot. If the pet eats feed - choose an option for animals in the position or for babies.
  3. The Siamese breed is characterized by a large number of offspring, so you may need your help during childbirth and subsequent feeding to protect the life of mom and children. The females of this breed bore kittens from 55 to 65 days.
  4. Sphinxes are born weak, but intensive feeding of babies will correct a situation.

Pregnancy of a cat by the number of kittens

How many cats do kittens wear, depending on their number? If the baby is more than two, the birth occurs on 55-60 days. If you are planning the birth of 1 baby, then the nursing of the baby takes longer. Most of all it concerns the Siamese breed, because they are prolific and give at a time from 7 to 13 children. The load of such a number of offspring and affects the body of your pet.

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