How to cut a cat independently at home and how to calm before a hairstyle

Any pet needs careful care, and especially for cats of longhaired breeds. For example, some pets need to cut, but do so with extreme caution. This is not an easy task for the breeder, since it is important not to injure a quadruped friend. To facilitate the task, you will need a machine for cutting cats.

Is it possible to shear cats

If it is a question of short-haired breeds, for example, about sphinxes, then the question of how to trim a cat is irrelevant. But to the representatives of fluffy Scottish, Persian or British breeds, on the contrary, the haircut does not hurt - with the goal of hygiene. The fact is that when licking, part of the wool penetrates into the digestive organs, forms lumps. Such a foreign body can lead to serious violations of the digestive tract, provoke a fatal outcome of a pet, so it is sometimes necessary to trim a cat at home. Other indications:

  • prophylaxis of different parasites;
  • prevention of inflammatory and infectious processes of the skin;
  • prophylaxis of sweating
    and formation of coats of wool;
  • haircut makes it easier for long-haired cats for the summer;
  • reduction in the number of mandatory hygienic procedures for the pet.

How to shear cats

Before deciding on such an experiment, you must choose one of two options: a haircut in a specialized salon or self-cut pet at home. In the latter case, it is better not to use a dangerous razor, especially since special tools and machines are prevalent in free sale for such cases. If you stock up in time, leave to the salon is not required. The main secrets of the home procedure are described below:

  1. Grooming can change the color and structure of the cat's fur, for example, the hair turns dark, it becomes rough to the touch.
  2. It is important to know that this session takes an extended period of time, and when an inexperienced groom lasts 2-3 hours.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to cut the hair on the head of the animal and the pads of the paws, in the ears, to trim the mustache. Otherwise, the cat loses the acuteness of the organs of touch.
  4. In order for a cat not to injure a hairdresser, it is recommended that he trim his claws in advance, give a sedative before the start of the session.
  5. It is possible to dry the new haircut of the animal with a hair dryer, but for this purpose a warm, rather than warm, air flow is used.

Interested in whether it is possible to cut cats, it is necessary to find out what kind of haircuts this can be, which cats are more suitable, how much will the owner cost in a special salon? The following cat's hair styles are offered:

  1. Lev. According to this model, you can cut Persian, Scottish, Siamese cats. The body is cut out, and the wool remains only on the head and tail tip like a real lion.
  2. Cougar. The hairstyle is similar to the "Lion", but differs in the remainder of the coat on the breast. By this principle, cut Persian, Siberian, Scottish cats.
  3. Dragon. A distinctive feature of this image is the Iroquois on the back, which starts from the withers and ends at the tip of the tail.

How to cut a cat in the cabin

Often, craftsmen ask about how much it costs to cut a cat, what is the cost and duration of such a session? This is a wrong approach. The first step is to familiarize yourself with the preparatory activities for the procedure. For example, the master will begin the process after receiving a sedative medication, and aggressive animals will require a hypnotic. In the course of cutting, not only scissors and a machine are used, but also a trimmer capable of qualitatively processing the most inaccessible places on the pet's body.

Self-hairstyle cat at home

If the basic requirement is to perform an inexpensive cat haircut, you can always shave it at home. To do this, it is better to buy and use special tools, rather than the usual mechanical razor from your own arsenal. In order for the wool to continue to grow properly, it is advisable to begin the process with the advice of a specialist. In other respects the sequence of actions of the breeder is as follows:

  1. The first thing to do is to immobilize the pet, holding it by the front and back legs, laying on its side. Only this way you can cut the cat, otherwise it will not be given into the hands. Aggressive longhaired breeds are recommended to wear a special collar for the cutting period.
  2. It is advisable to carefully cut out large coils with scissors, after giving the cat a sedative. The owner should act accurately, because for a pet such actions in any case provoke stress. Before you cut the cat, you need to sharpen the scissors.
  3. After the scissors, you need to use a razor, remove the coat from the sides, back, and then partially from the feet. It is important to avoid intimate zones, nipples, otherwise their trauma can cause a serious disease of the animal. The tail can be cut last if the hairdresser wants, but you can not experiment.
  4. Cut hairs adhering to the body, it is recommended to remove a damp cloth, but the hair dryer is allowed to use only in case of emergency. Such a device, more accurately produced by him the flow of hot air, causes the animal a strong stress.

How to cut an aggressive cat

  1. To inject an animal with an anesthetic before a haircut is not helpful, with increased aggression it is better to take the permitted hypnotic drug.
  2. So that the cat does not scratch the owner, he needs to cut off his claws. Do not worry, because they can grow back in a week.
  3. At home with increased aggression of a four-legged friend it is desirable to use a special collar, otherwise the cat can bite a "hairdresser".

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