How to properly feed cats, cats and kittens with food and other food

Choosing food for your cat - it's not easy and expensive. It is necessary to approach the feeding of pets responsibly: the health of pets depends on this. By the quality of wool, physical activity and adequate instincts of a cat, you can immediately determine how it feeds.

The Better to Feed a Cat

Many owners often do not know how to properly feed cats. The main thing that must be considered: you can not feed your pets with food from your table. If cats regularly eat such food, they will have problems with the intestines, liver, stomach, kidneys. The optimal diet of cats should consist of industrial high-quality fodder and natural food, which is based, as a rule, on sour-milk and meat products.

Dry food

A useful and balanced food is dry food for cats. Typically, this type of food is divided into 4 classes: super-premium, premium, economy, holistic. Feeding holistic your cat will be of special benefit. They are considered elite and the best( Arden, Berkley, Grange).To create professional super-prem

ium forages natural ingredients are used, there are almost no dyes and chemicals in them. With such food, the animal gets all the essentials.

Food of premium class( Royal Cane, Advance, Hills, Taurine, Shezira) will not cause harm, but it is not of much use. In such a feed, even real meat will be, although there are substitutes and soy. Economy class - the cheapest and often heavily advertised brands( Whiskas, Kitekat, Night hunter, Felix, Purina, Proplan), which can not be given to animals constantly, becauseSuch food provokes stomach diseases. There is no meat in this product, but there are chemical additives.

Cat Spiders

You can not feed domestic cats with dry food only. For a change, you can eat in their diet moist food. Metallized sachets, or spiders - are kind of canned food for cats that do not allow content to deteriorate ahead of time. Such food is a balanced full-value feed. It can be combined with dry food or used as a component of the pet's basic diet. A spider is a moist food, as close to natural as possible.

Cat's canned food

When choosing canned food, you should give preference to those that are made from lean meat. It is better to add vegetables, cereals, which are needed for nutrition. The price of canned food is large, so they are rarely fed. As a rule, such a product is only spoiled by a four-legged pet. There are several types of cat food:

  • Pate. It looks like pate for people.
  • Spiders. Modern balanced feed.
  • Mousse. All components in it are brought to a homogeneous consistency. Such food is ideal for kittens and old animals.
  • Chopped meat. To pieces of meat with vegetables, sauce or jelly is added.
  • Canned canned food. Also can be with vegetables and cereals. Such a product can even be prepared independently.

How to feed a kitten

Small kittens need a special feeding regime. After weaning the baby from the mother( in 2 months) it is necessary to feed it 5 times a day. In 5 months you should switch to 4 meals a day. From 7 months to eat 3 times a day, then you should accustom your pet to a two-time meal. The food must be varied. If, from childhood, you do not accustom a kitten to a certain product, then it is unlikely that at an adult age it will be possible to transfer the cat to him later. It is better to offer the cat different foods to ensure a full diet.

A small kitten can be offered a mixture of cottage cheese with yolk and milk. Sometimes you can spoil it with low-fat sour cream and cheese. To fully develop the animal, meat, cereals, fish and vegetables are still needed. You can always buy a special baby hypoallergenic food for kittens, for example, Advance. It is better to make a mixed diet for the baby: give breakfast for breakfast with meat, for lunch - canned food, for dinner - granules of dry food.

How to feed a castrated cat at home

Often, owners of domestic cats have to castrate them. As a rule, this procedure is necessary when the animal is allowed to walk outside. After the operation, the owners often think about how to properly feed such cats. To the pet not to get fat and not get sick with urolithiasis, you must follow a diet and adhere to the following rules:

  • An animal needs to purchase a special food. On sale there are canned food and dry granules, which are developed by veterinarians for castrated cats.
  • Do not overfeed a cat. Properly give food in accordance with the dosage, which is indicated on the pack.
  • The pet should be provided with access to water. Lack of moisture leads to obstruction of the urinary tract and to kidney failure.

Super premium cat food

If you are a caring owner and want your pet to be healthy, then you should choose the best food that provides the cat with a balanced vitamin composition. Such feeds are often called super-premium. For their production, only quality natural ingredients are used. In such food there are no chemicals and dyes, no cereals and soy. It is better to choose the feed of the following brands:

  • Acana;
  • 1st Choice;
  • Hill's;
  • ProNature Holistic;
  • Arden Grange;
  • Cimiao;
  • Nutr;
  • Profine Adult Cat.

Feeding cats

A few people know how to properly feed domestic cats. Often, inexperienced owners try to buy an advertised product, although it is a food of the economy class, which is not worth giving to the pet. In order to preserve the health of the cat, you also do not need to give food from your table. This will only lead to the emergence of various diseases. It is necessary to provide a balanced balanced diet to the pet, including natural products and high-quality feed for industrial production.

How many times a day to feed a cat

To feed a cat is better in the evening and in the morning( only 2 times).You can enter three meals a day. Always fresh drinking water should be freely available. It is better that she was in a large cup. To change water it is necessary 2 times for a day. The animal can not be overfeeded with dry food, so you should carefully study the recommendations on the pack with food and follow the specified standards.

Than to feed a pregnant cat

The average age of a cat lasts 9 weeks. During this period, the food of the pet should be balanced and varied. The ration of food intake in the first two weeks should be increased by 10%, from the third week - by 50%.For many breeds of cats, from the British to the representatives of the Scottish species, the rules of feeding during pregnancy coincide. Experts advise to give a ready forage premium, for example, with the name Bozit. The menu of the pregnant cat should contain proteins, vitamins, microelements. Recommended products:

  1. Vegetables. All vegetables are safe, except for cabbage.
  2. Proteins. Must account for more than 50% of the total cat diet per day. It is better to give lean meat.
  3. Kashi. Rice will strengthen the digestive tract, oatmeal( no more than 20 grams) stimulates the digestive tract.
  4. Fermented milk products. This yogurt, natural yogurt, milk, cottage cheese - products that help grow claws, add shine to the wool.

Feed for sterilized cats

Sterilize cats in order to save the animal from physiological pain. The process greatly changes the behavior of the pet. After sterilization, the animal has another need instead of interest in the opposite sex. The darling prefers to "eat" once more. Feed the sterilized cat can be special ready-made solutions. Popular food for such cats is:

  1. Feed Hills. Therapeutic composition: turkey, chicken, fish oil, vitamins. Such food can be given to animals that have been castrated.
  2. Purim Food. The product contains salmon or turkey.
  3. Food Proplan. Slows down aging, helps with urolithiasis.

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