Manicure turquoise - manicure with turquoise dress

  • 1 Manicure of turquoise color photo ideas
    • 1.1 Beautiful manicure with turquoise varnish on short and long nails - examples of the best works
    • 1.2 Turquoise French and lunar manicure
    • 1.3 Manicure in turquoise tones with pattern
    • 1.4 Beautiful wedding design - ideas with crystals
    • 1.5 A combination of turquoise with white, yellow, pink, black, beige gel varnish

The bright female wardrobe obliges to match it in everything, including the tint of marigolds. Today we propose to discuss variations of manicure under a turquoise dress. Consider the photo and watch the video on the topic, discuss what design is better to choose, so that the image turned out beautiful and harmonious.

Manicure of turquoise color photo ideas

In matters of manicure the main thing is not to distract attention from the image as a whole. If you chose a turquoise dress, the manicure should include a similar shade. It is not at all necessary to choose a varnish in the

tone of the dress and apply a one-color color to the marigold, it is enough to include some detail, for example, a strip or abstraction with connection to the overall design of the desired shade. In this case, the shade itself can be as lighter as a tone or a few tones, and it is lighter with respect to the dress itself. The main thing is that the overall pattern should be suitable for the chosen version of the outfit.

Beautiful manicure with turquoise varnish on short and long nails - examples of the best work of

When choosing a nail design, it is important to pay attention to the length of the nails:

• any pattern can be applied to long nails: large, small, with rhinestones, etc.;

• short nails do not tolerate excesses, the pattern should be gentle and not intrusive, here out of place are the dimensional shapes.

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On the presented photos you can see harmonious variants for both long and short nails. Pay attention - this color exhibits even small defects, so before applying it it is recommended to carefully polish the nail plates and give them the correct shape.

Turquoise French and lunar manicure

Turquoise manicure 2016 photos clearly demonstrate the variety of shapes and colors. The classic French jacket assumes the preliminary preparation of nails:

• remove the old varnish;
• Degrease the nails;
• make the right shape;
• polish the surface of the nail plate;
• apply two types of varnish.

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Looks fine and in combination with turquoise, pink and white. In the festive variations it is appropriate to separate it from white / pink / cream and other shades with small crystals. This will make the overall image more vivid and festive. It will be more appropriate if the accessories and / or dress are similar. In this case, the turquoise color does not have to be applied to the main part of the nail - its location can be chosen at its own discretion( the masters say that it looks good and at the top of the nail).This option makes the image feminine and stylish.

Manicure in turquoise tones with a pattern

Today, a fashionable and stylish way combines the introduction of drawings in manicure. Usually they are given one or several marigolds, but drawing of various shapes and all nails is also quite appropriate. It can be an abstraction or a flower, a strip or a cage, a dots or butterflies - it all depends on personal preferences.

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It is acceptable to apply different shapes on one hand. As additional shades, you can use any color: black, pink, white, yellow, etc.

It's important to choose the design to make sure it fits the overall image and clothes. In the presented photos you can see how gently and harmoniously it can look.

Beautiful wedding design - ideas with crystals

Manicure to the turquoise bride's dress requires careful selection of accessories and elements that emphasize the tenderness of the image. It is important to take into account the outfit itself, the festive atmosphere, the accessories and the season.

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Do not be too zealous with drawings and rhinestones - everything should be in moderation. It will look great on the bride's nails turquoise color in combination with a white or pink tint decorated with rhinestones. The manicure of the bride must be approached not only to her dress and accessories, but also to the groom's side and the overall color palette of the wedding. In the photo you can see what a variety of colors, shapes and patterns you can pick up the bride, so that her holiday will be unforgettable. These same variations can also be used for manicure on a graduation party or another holiday.

Combination of turquoise with white, yellow, pink, black, beige gel varnish

Manicure turquoise allows you to diversify the color palette and return the summer mood in the cold season. It perfectly matches almost all other colors and shades: with white, beige, pink, black, dark brown, mint, sea, lilac, red, gold and silver, etc.

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It can be plain, matt or multicolored, simple or withPattern, with the effect of broken glass or with crystals / stones, etc. When choosing a design, remember the main rule - the shade should be suitable for the overall style of clothes, complement it, and not be distracted and demand special attention. The photo shows the entire palette and the variability of the combinations.

If you use shellac or a standard gel lacquer at home, you can create a stunning voluminous and persistent manicure( how to properly perform the technique can be seen on the video).