What is a combined manicure and how to do it

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Female handles always attract attention, perhaps for this reason, the masters come up with so many different techniques for doing manicure and tryMake the pens more and more attractive. Today we offer to open the topic of combined manicure. We will tell you what it is, we will reveal the secrets of the technique of executing the combined version and give a step-by-step instruction( in photo and video format) for beginners.

Combined manicure

Today there may be dozens of good technician performing nail art, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages( in pure form), as each form is aimed at achieving the various objectives and selected depending on the sensitivity of the skin immediately around itselfnail, the nail plate and cuticle condition:

cut ( classic) - often traumatized skin

, but it still remains in demand;

Japanese - its feature is a curative effect, but it does not give a full-fledged care;

hardware - masters often have difficulties in selecting tools( milling cutters), but there are quite a few fans of this method among users;

European - the technique does not imply removal of the cuticle, so this version of nail art is not suitable for everyone;

Brazilian - implies the use of a special cream( or gel), but the owner of a hard skin may not have enough strength.

Of course, this is not all the ways, we listed and provided photos only basic. So what is the difference between these two methods? What is the advantage of the combined method and what is it generally?

Combined manicure - what is it?


A combined method is the combination of fundamentally different execution techniques in a single process. The main plus of the combined option is an individual approach to every woman / girl. This means that not one, but several methods of processing can be involved in the process. The standard uses hardware and classic edging. However, other variations are also relevant. It is important that this method gives a guarantee of an excellent result and can allow the selection of an individual method of care. The photo demonstrates the results clearly.

How to do a manicure combined - technique of

As we mentioned, there are several variations of the performance of the combined method. We will describe step by step the most common and provide photos and video of the results.

procedure combining hardware and classic cut:

1. adjusting each nail using the nail file.
2. Disinfection of the skin.
3. With a wide cutter with a thin edge, we lift the cuticle.
4. With the milling cutter we smooth the previous stage.
5. Treatment of the nail plate and cuticle with a caruncid milling cutter.
6. Removal( trimming) of burrs and hard cuticle pieces with scissors or tweezers.
7. Sphere cutter smooths the plate and the skin around the nail.
8. Choose a design for varnish or acrylic coating( the choice of composition depends only on your preferences).

The combined version with the European does not require so many tools. To the trimming procedure, you will need to add only an orange stick to remove the cuticles and a softening gel.

Combined option: Japanese hardware and classic cut:

1. Processing nail file.
2. Softening the skin with a water bath( you can add essential oils).
3. Removal of cuticles by edging.
4. The processing of the burrs with a milling cutter from the European manicure( caruncal cutter in the form of pumice stone).
5. Rubbing of the nutrient base( cream).
6. Polishing powder from the Japanese manicure.
7. Application of varnish.

For the selection of your variation, you need to try different methods of combining the combined nail art. In the photo, the result for each variation is clearly visible. Below is a video for beginners.

Combined manicure video training for beginners step by step

For beginners who doubt their abilities, we suggest to see how correctly the combined manicure technique of video is performed by the master of his craft( master class, photo pictures, video).If this is not enough, you can always enroll in courses where a combined manicure is taught. Such a variety is offered in all corners of the country( and not only ours), but the largest choice of offers in Moscow.

After training on the courses you will be able not only to independently do a combined manicure at home to yourself and your friends, and even to fill your client base.