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Today, the beauty industry is developing rapidly, in the field of nail care and manicure including.

Nail design slider is a completely new development that not only makes life easier for the manicurist, but also allows to make a completely new very unusual design.

In the conditions of a fast rhythm of a city woman's life, it is very important that the covering of the nails can be made quickly and easily. Therefore, thanks to the inventors for the design of the nail slider.

Nail design slider

Nail design slider is a great option for active women who do not have enough time for long visits to the handyman. Such decorative decoration of the nail plate can be done quickly enough, while it wi

ll look very original. You can even come up with your own pattern if you do not have what you want.

Design slider - what is it?

What is the design of the nail slider? This is a nail plate coating that can be easily glued onto the entire nail or on its part. The basis for the decorative pattern is the gellak. The slider is convenient because it does not need a long drying, it is easy to apply, the drawings are all clear and identical.

The slider looks like a small piece of thick paper, which must be moistened in water and attached to the nail, after fixing the transparent gel with varnish or top. Special composition for fixing patterns is not needed.

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Slider nail design how to use

It is not difficult to apply a sticker. But you need to comply with the technology, otherwise the manicure will not last long. There are several types of stickers that can be attached to a plate without a coating or to a plate with a colorless or monophonic light lacquer.

To properly use the picture, the image must be soaked and prepared for application. You can read the reviews on how to properly use the figure for nails. If you want, check out the photos to see the nuances of how to quickly and easily design a slider for nails.

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With the help of stickers you can create a very unusual nail art. Today, patterns with plant ornament are popular, as well as animals, individual figures, inscriptions, smileys. The main thing is that your image is combined with nails.

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It is possible to use the printer to print a drawing that you want. It is not necessary to buy special coatings for nails. It looks beautiful white French manicure with drawings, you can glue various figures of people or even whole small pictures, make compositions from several patterns.

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How to make a slider nail design for gel lacquer with your hands

If you want to make a slider design on a gel lacquer, first just apply gel lacquer as you normally do. After that, degrease the surface of the nail plate and, after measuring the shape of the sticker in advance and cutting it to size, glue it on the nail. Then follows one of the most important processes - apply a transparent layer of varnish on top and again dry it in a lamp or simply fix the gel and drawing with a usual varnish.

Instruction on application is not needed, just look at a couple of photos of master classes to use patterns correctly.

  1. Prepare the necessary materials and apply a layer of gel varnish.


2. Dry the gel varnish in the lamp and, and then apply a layer of clear gel varnish.


3. Dip the slider in water for 5 seconds, remove excess water. Gently push the slider from the substrate, attach to the nail and smooth all wrinkles.


4. Spread the slider with a wooden stick so that there is 1 mm space between the cuticle and the varnish. Apply the finishing coat slightly over the edges of the slider. Dry in an ultraviolet lamp.

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The photos of the works will help to understand at what stage and how to handle the nails, so that the patterns are attached qualitatively. Use the materials that are recommended by specialists to obtain an excellent result.

Slider nail design video tutorials

Video tutorials are the best way to learn how to make beautiful nail design yourself and use a slider at home. When viewing the video, pay attention to how to make the correct shape of the drawing, how to treat the surface of the plate so as not to slide over the nail, so that the label is laid flat and correctly.

Video how to use the slider design for nails

Slider design is a super offer for those women who lead an active lifestyle while at the same time running around the house. After all, with the help of this method of nail care, you can make not just a good quality, but also a beautiful manicure that will really last for a long time on the nails.

The nail design can complement any image, make a woman attractive. You can use kits with stickers to print pictures on your hands or print them yourself. In any case, you will be provided with a beautiful manicure quickly and efficiently.