Beautiful Hairstyles 2017 at the prom

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  • The desire to stand out among the one-classprostrate at the graduation at the school or in the kindergarten - the normal desire of every little fashionista. To do this, many beauties resort to viewing photos and videos in YouTube, to try to repeat the various creations on their heads with their own hands.

    At home, you can always start with a step-by-step reproduction of simple hairstyles with weaving, beautiful styling with curly curls or ordinary loose hair, decorated with ribbons and flowers and other ornaments.

    The variety of female hairstyles for medium, long and short hair has no boundaries, so it is worth considering this great variety of beautiful creations. It does not matter how old you are, the main desire at any evening is to look well-groomed and beautiful. Fashionable weaving, the style of Ancien

    t Greece, retro hairpins with crystals, hairpins with flowers, glossy styling - this is the smallest thing that you can create with your own hands at home.

    How to make beautiful hairstyles 2017 on graduation

    Any haircut you see on a photo or video, you can create by yourself. Considering the length of the hair, the structure of the curls and the color of the hair, you can gradually make an air-styling in retro style, romantic, harder rocker, or high priborna with loose curls.

    Before making a choice and deciding something, be sure to refer to photo lessons in which the master reproduces step by step all the steps with a description on the way to recreating the evening laying. Or try downloading the ready-made instructions in pictures that will visually help you to braid complex spikes, make flowers from strands, lay nodules and bundles on the back of the head.

    Today, picking up a standing image for girls at a school party, young girls at the prom, little girls in the garden, it's easy. In free access there are a lot of photo examples with names and types of styling for long, short and medium hair. Air curls, vintage babette, high or low tail, styling with thorns, diadem, loose hair, retro style and Greek - all this you can repeat at home, carefully and step by step repeating everything as in the photo.

    Hairstyles for graduating on long hair with their own hands

    In this touching and solemn ball any girl wants to look better than everyone, therefore painstakingly and thoroughly thinks out her image, from which in the future will depend on the final styling, attire, make-up and shoes.

    Looking at the photo of the hairstyles made by yourself, you realize that you can really do it yourself, the main thing is to do everything step by step, as in the photo.

    Ease, simplicity and naturalness is the motto of the fashion industry over the past few years, so deliberate and special negligence, which with the finest accuracy created by hairdressers, it is always possible to create yourself.

    Naches with a high bunch and curled curls curls - perfect combination with any evening gown and this option is suitable for girls at a ball in the garden and for school graduation. The child's face is beautifully decorated with various braids braided on the crown, around the whole head, a fish tail decorated with colorful ribbons, crowns and diadems on loose hair.

    Photo examples for inspiration:

    hairstyle on long hair for prom - lessons with step by step photos:

    Simply and quickly

    Low beam

    Idea with rubber bands


    For graduating hairstyles for medium hair

    For an average length, a highlight and a unique detail can be asymmetry, barrettes with stones or beads, flowers or ribbons. In this case, it is worth trying to create swirling flagella around the head with a oblique bangs. Laying curls on the side, gradually twist them, fixing the studs. Strands on temples wind a curtain rod. Fix the strands on the right, turning them from face to neck. All connect and properly secure.

    For hairstyles with a diadem you will need to make a tail, divide the curls into strands and comb. Before doing this, lightly twist them and secure them around the elastic with hair clips. You can put on a diadem and sprinkle with varnish.

    An elementary high or low nodule also begins with a high tail, the ends of which need to be twisted, then take the platen and fix it all with invisible ones. You can let loose large strands on the sides. If you are not sure of your abilities, just look at the case with a precise description of how to perform a particular hairstyle in order to choose the appropriate method individually for you.

    hairstyles at a graduation in 2017 on medium hair:

    Hairstyles with their hands - a step by step photo:

    Simple and quick idea

    Two ideasmedium hair

    Hairstyle for 2 minutes( can be decorated with flowers and hairpins)

    Hairstyle at graduation with chesom


    Simple ideas for short hairHome conditions

    Looking at the latest photos of stars with a short haircut, you understand what a variety of ideas can be embodied with short curls. With the help of a hair wax you will emphasize the elegant contour of a short haircut, and to create curly locks you will be helped by mousse and foam. After all, the main thing is the competent decoration of disobedient short curls.

    A simple way out of the situation, if you do not have enough time - you can lay the pixie haircut in a simple way. To begin with, wash your hair and dry it in such a way that the tips stay moist. Apply gel or mousse and give them the direction that you want.

    Evening retro for short curls is done with the help of ordinary varnish, mousse or foam. Head divided into the parting of the side or in the middle, to comb the head of hear on the vertex and fix it with lacquer. Lateral curls scratch over the ears or smooth over the cheeks, fixing with varnish.

    Photos for inspiration:

    Simple hairstyles for short hair to the prom at home:

    Fashionable square

    original harness

    Careless locks with iron

    Hairstyles for a girl at the graduation kindergarten in the kindergarten

    You can always sponge long braids or crayons at the kindergartenE pigtails to the shoulders, which are already a full decoration of a small head. With the addition of a variety of ornaments, your daughter will be a real princess. If you do not know how to weave long curls, then you will go with a low-bunched version and a bobbed rear, which is decorated with a hoop with flowers across the head or an elegant bow. To do this, start with a fleece at the top, then gather the hair in a low tail and wrap it in a bun, reinforcing with hairpins. Gently put on a beautiful bezel and secure with a varnish. Another way to form a high nodule, for which you will need the ability to weave the reverse French braid. Scourge from the base of the neck and to the middle of the head, collect the remaining locks in the tail and twist around its axis. Side can decorate with a bow or a beautiful rubber band around the knot, or with a bright scarf.

    Photo of hairstyles at the graduation kindergarten:

    Step photo ideas for prom for girls:

    idea with ponytail

    Basket with flowers

    Videos how to makeOn the long hairstyle

    Before starting such a difficult process, get the instruments for curling: hair dryer, round hairbrush, heat-protective spray, hairpins and hairpins, comb with a sharp end, varnish.

    If you are the first to practice hair curling, then take a look at the detailed photos. Whichever hairstyle you choose to do, it requires clean and dried hair, then you can start to wind on the back of the head, gradually moving to the crown of the head. With ready-made large curls, you can do anything. Try to twist lateral strands in flagella, fixing a barrette with stones on the back of the head or the same flagella, only the tail is fastened to the crown. Volumetric tail, loose weaving, a gentle bundle - consider each of the options that will match your mood and image at the prom.

    A simple video lesson: