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When alcoholism arrives in a family, calmness and peace come to an end. Many women know how it is to live with a husband an alcoholic who does not want or can not fight his dependence.

There are frequent conflicts in the house, problems begin to arise at work, this is often supplemented by assault. Suffer not only adults, but also the smallest members of the family who have to live in constant fear.

How to defeat the alcoholism of a husband, what to do in order for a person to get rid of his addiction once and for all? This article will help you understand this.

How to live with a husband an alcoholic and not go insane

How to deal with alcohol dep

endence of a husband - to give an answer to this question will help the advice of a psychologist. As you know, when such a disaster comes to the house, the family life can drastically change. If a man regularly goes into drinking bouts, he has to constantly get money for booze.

After a while, relatives begin to notice that things are disappearing from the house, they call from work and declare absenteeism, neighbors complain.

Many women, regretting their husband-drunkard, try to solve all his problems on their own-they justify themselves before the superiors of the faithful, give them debts, compensate their neighbors.

Such sacrificial behavior is not able to somehow touch a drunkard, or to awaken in him a sense of shame and remorse. You can not seek excuses for his actions and put up with them. We must act as soon as possible. What if the husband is an alcoholic?

What if the husband is an alcoholic that the advice of a psychologist to help a woman take the situation under control. The very first thing a woman should do is to understand that her husband's dependence on alcohol is not caused by any external causes.

Moreover, do not blame the problem itself or find a drunkard other excuses. The problem is that the alcoholic drinks only because he is an alcoholic. This means that it must be treated.

This question is very serious, because this disease destroys the life not only of the drunkard, but of all people close to him. The worst part is for family members.

How to live with an alcoholic in one apartment advice of a psychologist

Regardless of the stage of the disease, living with a drunkard husband is extremely difficult and morally, and physically. Just turn around and go away is not every woman.

Especially if the child has a child and go nowhere else. How not to go insane, living with such a person in a water apartment?

• To begin with, just admit that you have a chronic alcoholic in your home, the illness of which does not disappear by itself.

• Try to protect the rest of the family from the possible aggression of the spouse. If there is such an opportunity, send the children to relatives for a while.

• Do not try to justify drinking bouts with a problem or a hard life and do not solve for him all the problems that have arisen due to his drunkenness, do not help him come to his senses after another binge and during a hangover.

• When the spouse is drunk, do not swear with him and do not make a scandal - to prove to him you still can not do anything.

• Do not contact different folk healers and healers, only a professional narcologist can help you.

• Get the support of outsiders who care about your husband's fate.

Living with an alcoholic consequences

If your spouse drinks for a year or even a few years, chances are you are thinking about whether it's worth living with an alcoholic, or easier to give up on everything and try to start everything from the beginning, only alreadywithout him.

Just think, did you really do everything that was in your power to help this person? If this is so, if there is no more strength to endure, then to live with a drunkard longer does not make sense. These husbands are thrown to find coveted calm.

Consequences of life with her husband an alcoholic are unattractive - this is a constant lack of money, scandals and reproaches, spoiled nerves and ruined childhood of your kids.

If you have not stopped loving your spouse and you have the hope of bringing him back to normal life - fight, otherwise leave him for good.

Alcohol Dependence - How to Fight

If you do not know how to deal with alcohol dependence advice from a psychologist will be very handy. Not every woman is able to live long with her husband an alcoholic and how to cure it, too, not everyone knows.

Many wives in such situations try to cure their husband of alcoholism without his knowledge - they seek help from fortunetellers, psychics and folk healers, buy from them questionable drugs and mix them in the husband's food.

This is the worst thing you can do in a similar situation. You not only will not achieve the expected result, but also miss the time, which is necessary to have time to render real help to the spouse. To defeat the disease without his knowledge will not work.

Female alcoholism - how many alcoholics women live

Women are susceptible to such a disease as alcoholism, no less than men. This ailment threatens them not only with cirrhosis, hepatitis, loose skin, early wrinkles and all sorts of pathologies, but premature death.

According to research of scientists, women suffering from this disease live on average not longer than 60 years, and very often do not live to this age.

To avoid such a terrible fate, you should lead a healthy lifestyle and give up your addictions.

How many years do alcoholics live in a man

Drunkards rarely think about how many alcoholics men live if they drink every day - and completely in vain, because the statistics are very disappointing.

Representatives of the strong half of humanity, regularly abusing alcohol, reduce their own lifespan to 48-55 years.

The fourth part of chronic alcoholics does not even reach this age. These figures are a serious reason to think and decide not to drink alcohol anymore. It's never too late to get better.