Winter nail design photo

  • 1 Fashionable nail design 2016( new items)
    • 1.1 Beautiful nail polish for short nails for the cold season
    • 1.2 New-year nail design - gel lacquer
    • 1.3 Lunar manicure 2016 - shellac
    • 1.4 Winter jacket - photos of the new year 2016
    • 1.5 Winter drawings and patterns on the nail extension
  • 2 Stylish manicure at home
    • 2.1 Video tutorials how to quickly make a beautiful winter manicure at home on short nails
    • 2.2 Winter design for an exaggerated nail at home( video)

Winter is a wonderful time for holidays, gifts and fun. In this period I want to bring beauty, because there are many interesting meetings with friends and relatives ahead. So it's worth to arm yourself with knowledge about all trends of the season and learn all the modern ideas offered by masters of manicure art.

Classic winter manicure - it's cold colors, sparkles, snowflakes and drawings with a New Year theme. Fashion manicure "winter 2016" - a stylish ja

cket with shellac, an unusual lunar with the effect of gel varnish and very steep volumetric drawings, as well as red, green, blue shades.

Fashionable nail design 2016( novelties)

If you want to be the most fashionable, pay attention to such novelties of the season: different variations of the lunar manicure, very unusual stylish bubbles, nail design with drawings, actual design for short nails.

Beautiful nail polish for short nails for the cold season

Short nails are the most practical and look much neater than the long ones, and in 2016 they are particularly relevant, as in fashion, natural beauty. Masters in turn offer hundreds of variations in the design of short nails.

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New Year's nail design - gel varnish

New Year is the most favorite holiday for adults and children. All of us carefully prepare for it. Especially women who think through every detail of their wardrobe, not forgetting about the manicure. But speaking about the New Year's design, the masters always suggest using the unique invention of the 21st century, a gel with a varnish that is incredibly resistant and creates a beautiful glossy effect. The key word is stable, because during the holidays all the days are painted by the clock and there is no possibility to spend time on a campaign to a master of nail art.

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Lunar manicure 2016 - shellac

The most relevant and sought-after type of design is the moon manicure and its various variations. Fashion designers around the world loved this very neat and delicate design when the nail polish was painted over. Classic lunar - pink nails( you can make French) with a white painted hole. But if you play with flowers and give freedom of imagination, you get a very unusual, but stylish manicure from which literally everyone is crazy. But if you want him to stay very long and you are among the opponents of thick nails( what happens after applying a large number of layers of gel), give preference to shellac. It is applied as an ordinary lacquer, but it is not inferior to gel in stability.

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Winter jacket - photos of the new year 2016

French has always been the most popular and popular, both among ordinary women and among world-class stars. It gives hands a beautiful well-groomed appearance, and if we talk about classical French, it fits absolutely for any outfit. Not for nothing, by the way, brides always choose this particular type of design for the most important event in their life.

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Winter drawings and patterns on exfoliated nails

It is not possible not to mention extruded nails, which this year will be very relevant. Again in fashion, the long sharp marigolds, which Lana Del Rei, Rihanna, Beyonce and other eminent stars love so much. In winter, you can put thematic patterns and drawings: snowflakes, Christmas toys, gifts, patterns knitted sweaters, Christmas trees, snowmen, candy, etc.

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Stylish manicure at home

A modern woman should be able to do a manicure at home that will not yield to a professional. How to do it yourself, help video lessons with a step-by-step description and detailed instructions.

Video lessons how to quickly make a beautiful winter manicure at home on short nails

A large selection of educational videos, for those who want to learn this art, indulging themselves and their girlfriends with fresh winter ideas.

New Year's snowflakes

Lunar manicure "Transparent heart"

With velvety convex figure

Lunar asd

Delicate pink

Silvery specular

Winter frosty

Winter design for exotic house nails( video)

Long claws must be in perfect condition. And how to make beautiful patterns and drawings, we will now teach you.

Gradient with lace

"Fir trees in blue"

"Christmas tree ball"

"Santa Claus hat"

Snowflakes snowflakes