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earrings - expensive jewelry, which is part of the created image. According to modern dream books, taking into account the knowledge associated with the work of the brain, the earrings dreamed of in their dreams are an associative symbol.

It's through the ears that the person receives information. Communication, receiving news, transferring them to the authorities, including gossips, flirting - these are just some of the interpretations that somehow relate to the earrings seen in a dream.

An important element in this will be not only the appearance of the decoration. Sleeping dreams a certain alignment, the better the dreamer will remember all the details seen in a dream, the more accurately it will be possible to decipher it.

Dream earrings in a dream that means

The value of sleep for men and women will not be the same. In addition, when the earrings are made, every detail needs to be taken into account.

  • the pregnant dreamer presented with a dream earrings informs about daughter's birth and well-being in general;
  • man dreams dream acquaintance;
  • a woman is likely to become a member of someone else's secrets;
  • in a pair of decoration dreams of mutual love;
  • see decorations on other people - be invited to visit;
  • dream of losing jewelry can become a harbinger of waking losses.

What dreams earring gold

  • If the dreamer dreams of gold earrings, the reality is likely to take on certain responsibilities, it may be necessary to take care of a loved one.
  • Keep such earrings in your hands - to success in business, profit or any benefits, improve the financial situation in general.
  • If gold earrings were heavy, the dreamer in reality it will be difficult to handle in bulk cargo unsolvable problems.
  • And here, when the gold earrings are dreaming with stones, then for the full decoding it is necessary to take into account also the properties of these stones.
  • It is not too good if pearls are dreamed of as a jewel - in reality such a dream can mean tears.
  • At the same time, if this precious stone is a dream for representatives of the water element, then the dream will be favorable.
  • Diamond-studded gold earrings portend to the dreamer all-round success, winnings, major income, promotion.
  • For a girl such a dream would mean the appearance of a rich groom and a secure life in marriage.
  • Several stand out from the general series of explanations of Freud. Psychologists say that earrings real diamonds weigh the one who strives for diversity in sex and fake stones are warning that the dreamer regret upcoming intimate connection.

What dream silver earrings

  • For those who dreamed of silver earrings, dream book promises creative potential.
  • For married people this dream portends a quiet family life and protection from turmoil.
    Silver can mean the patronage of high-ranking officials, besides double, because the earrings are a pair of jewelry.

if the dream of earrings where it

If earrings are already on the dreamer, it is quite likely that in reality, whoever their owner will receive important information. It may be someone else's secret.

Interesting interpretation of Pythagoras about fitting the earrings in front of the mirror:

  1. the same - foreshadow the execution of a woman's desire for two weeks;
  2. are different - you will have to wait a little more, two months;
  3. if one earring is immediately lost, then the woman will have to wait about 50 days for the dream to come true;
  4. a man like a dream foreshadows the rapid disintegration of the family;
  5. students dream of a successful session.

Find earrings in a dream which means

  • Find in a dream an ornament - to the appearance of a new friend on the horizon. But the loss of jewelry for the ears promises not the most joyful events. A dreamer should prepare for a period of fears and doubts. Also, a dream can indicate a fear of change on the part of the dreamer.
  • In general, finding earrings in a dream is a good sign, foreshadowing the emergence of new opportunities. If the dreamer first found, then lost them, that is, the probability of omission of opportunities.
  • Find lost earrings - to strengthen relationships.

If you dreamed broken to what it is

  • The broken earrings do not just happen. Dreaming is a sign of possible trouble in the team. An unpleasant conversation with management is not ruled out.
  • Break the diamond earrings - to treason.
  • In addition, broken ornaments may mean false rumors, loose on a dreamer or relating to a loved one. It should not be particularly trusted during this period, not only heard, but even seen, because it is easy to misinterpret any event.

Any dream requires an integrated approach. Attention to detail and detail and an inner sensation will give the dreamer full information about what he has seen.