How to get into special forces without special training?

Spetsnaz is a profession for real men and exceptional women: strong, courageous, strong-willed.

service in special units of the army, the Federal Security Service, the SBU, the Prosecutor's Office or the police - the prestigious and highly paid job, which, however, can not be called easy.

How to get into the spetsnaz? How to join the elite? How to get an opportunity to work for the benefit of your country?

It's not easy. You'll have to go through a thorough screening and prove that you will not find a better candidate than you.

But is it difficult to stop someone on the way to a dream?

What is special forces and how to get there?

If you dream of getting into the special forces, you must first understand what it is and who they take there.

It is possible that you simply do not meet all the requirements of a special unit fighter.

1) Who are special forces and what are their distinguishing features?

Behind the steep word "special forces" there is a decoding: a special purpose unit.

That is, it is a group of people prepared by a special program( most often men, but maybe both), which is part of the army, gendarmerie, police, internal troops, etc.

It's not for nothing that they say that one special force is worth a dozen ordinary people. Spetsnaz is an elite that has a variety of useful skills for performing special operations.

Similar skills except them own only the same commandos from other countries, and even then - not always.

That's why getting into the special forces is so difficult.

There are 5 hallmarks of a fighter of special units:

  1. highest readiness level.

    itself that commando must have excellent physical form, but his psychological, ideological and moral training, as well as the level of motivation, too, should be high.

  2. Ability to perform complex tasks, including extreme conditions.

    Spetsnaz is needed in situations that the regular army or ordinary policemen can not handle.

    The special mission officer must be able to perform complex tasks, risk his life and work in extreme situations.

  3. Possession of a variety of weapons.

    Depending on what tasks the special task force is to perform, his equipment, transport support and armament are formed.

    As riot police often work or on the battlefield, or in conditions close to the fighting, and risking more, their equipment and weapons are different from those that have the soldiers of other units.

  4. Professional status.

    Almost all special-purpose units recruit fighters under a contract, which consists for several years at once.

    This is explained by the high level of danger of the profession( a person must understand that he is risking his life and go for it voluntarily), and the big expenses that the state bears by training special forces.

  5. A special regulatory and legal status within each individual agency.

    Since the majority of the special units have a narrow profile, sharpened by the performance of specific tasks, they need special equipment and weapons, and their activity is regulated by separate legal acts.

2) get into special forces - which means to engage in difficult and dangerous work

Work commando is very difficult and dangerous, requiring a huge physical effort, good preparation, high motivation, strict self-discipline and emotional stability.

If you want to get into the special forces, then note that you have to:

  • engaged in sabotage and counter-sabotage activities;
  • conduct reconnaissance operations;
  • to release hostages;
  • to eliminate criminal groups, terrorist organizations and other dangerous elements;
  • to disperse mass demonstrations, the participants of which got out of control;
  • ensure order at the state border;
  • to protect representatives of the ruling elite;
  • to protect important state facilities;
  • to take prisoners and convoy particularly dangerous criminals;
  • perform other complex tasks that differ from those of ordinary military or police officers.

A special racer is not only a mountain of muscles that is incapable of thinking, but only fulfills orders, which does not care who to kill.

Spetsnaz is an elite of any kind of troops and law enforcement agencies. And to join the elite, it is necessary to work long and hard on yourself.

Requirements for candidates who want to be in special forces

A person who does not meet all the requirements can not enter the special forces. And the requirements for candidates for special forces are really serious.

12 general requirements for candidates who want to get into the special forces

The first candidates for special forces are eliminated at an early stage, because their physiological parameters, health status, age and other indicators are not suitable for service in the special forces.

  1. Be at least 28 years old.
  2. Have a height of at least 175 cm.
  3. Weigh not less than 75 kg and do not suffer from excess weight.
  4. Do not have baggage in the form of bad habits.
  5. To be completely healthy person( any chronic diseases can lead to the fact that you will be refused admission to special forces).
  6. To have an officer's post or an officer's position.
  7. To pass service in the army.

To get into the special forces, it is desirable( but not necessary) to have:

  • diploma of the military school or university / institute of internal affairs;
  • recommendation from the staff of the Center for Strategic Research, Alfa, Vympel and other special units;
  • combat experience;
  • sporting title, for example, master of sports in judo;
  • special education, for example, the special forces department is in Novosibirsk, Moscow and other military schools.

Often the girls are interested in whether it is possible to get into the special forces if you meet all the requirements.

Actually, you can get, but not in any special unit and not every girl.

Do not rush to shout about harassment of rights. The loads in special forces are so colossal that it is hard for women to cope with them.

If you still have excellent physical training, good health, strong character and superhuman endurance, you can get into one of the special units.

Begin your way of a special commander from the army service or joining the police, show all your talents and abilities during the service, and then the path will lead you to the realization of the dream, unless, of course, you are suitable for this work.

Tests for prospective commandos

All the almost special forces who have passed the initial test, expects thorough testing, first of all, physical fitness and endurance.

General Physical Training Requirements for Special Forces:

Exercise Time during which the need to perform a task, or the number of repetitions of exercises
Running distance at 3 km
10,5 minutes
Running at a distance of 100 m( this test is carried out 5 minutes after running a three-kilometer distance)
12 seconds
Tightening on the crossbar
20 - 25 times
Exercises on the press
75 - 90 times
Integrated strength exercises( pull-ups, push-ups, torsions, resting squatting - rest position, etc.)
15 times each

to be well prepared for such tests, and to hit the special forces, can take place during the self-tests that are applied to the candidates in the special unit "Vympel»:

  1. Endurance.

    Run for 12 minutes. It is assessed not only whether you passed the test or not, but also the distance that you managed to pass during this time.


  2. Strength endurance.

    A number of different exercises are performed: reverse torsion of the trunk, sitting down lying - emphasis squat, push-ups and stuff.

    Power endurance


    push ups


  3. Force.

    Pulling on the bar or exercises on parallel bars.


  4. Speed.

    The indicated distance segment must be run for the specified time.

    For the best possible self-training, you can even take a few lessons from the trainer on the run.


  5. flexibility.

    Here, and practice twine( longitudinal, transverse), and the torso of the trunk to the floor from standing position and stuff.


  6. Dexterity.

    May ask for several exercises. For example:


  7. Courage.

    This quality is tested differently. Can offer boxing with a sparring partner or undergo some other test.

You may think your results are satisfactory, if at the end of the test you were able to score at least 295 points. People with fewer points can not get into special forces.

test results

Anyone who wants to get into special forces, must undergo a special inspection

But even if you managed to get pre-qualified candidate in a special unit and prove that you are a strong stayer with excellent physical preparation, do not hurry to rejoice.

This is not the end of your anguish. You are waiting for further tests before you can get into the special unit itself.

Special training for those who want to get into the special forces:

  1. Biographical review.

    Prepare yourself for what will be checked not only your biography for the presence of dark spots and compromising evidence, but also a biography of your close relatives.

  2. Psychological testing.

    Your emotional and mental preparation should be no worse than physical.

    Unstable personalities and personalities without a number of positive qualities in special forces are not the place.

  3. Check on the lie detector.

    Since you want to get into a special unit, in the army or law enforcement elite, you should not have any secrets from your homeland.

  4. Conversation with close relatives.

    This can be parents, husband / wife. They require written consent to your enrollment in a special unit, so it is better to settle this issue with relatives in advance.

    Such measures have been taken due to the fact that the service in the special forces associated with a serious risk to their lives and loved ones need to understand what you are going and then not make the state a claim if you perish, or maimed during the execution of a special mission.

If you successfully overcome the final stage of preparation, you can assume that you managed to get into the special forces.

The main thing now is to stay in it and prove that you were chosen among other candidates not by chance and you do not occupy someone else's place.

What are the criteria for selecting the special forces of the FSB?

See the details in the video below:

Even if you managed to get into special forces - it does not mean that you are there stay

often on forums on the issue of how to get into Special Forces, discussed the theme:

  • as possibleWhether to buy a certificate that is completely healthy;
  • how to deceive the lie detector;
  • Is it possible to become a special forces officer if the growth is lower than required;
  • Is special forces open for women;
  • who needs to be "smeared" to be enlisted in special forces, etc.

Let's say you managed to somehow get into the special forces, deceiving the doctors and withstanding the grief in half checking. But, if you are not suitable for this job, then no one will keep you in the ranks of the special forces. Sooner or later you will be expelled as unfit.

Another option is that you will leave yourself, unable to withstand enormous loads.

For example, at the forum site "" I read the story of a certain Alexander, who by hook or by crook enrolled in special forces because wanted to go there since childhood.

He really did a lot and worked hard to improve his physical performance, endurance, in order to begin to meet all the requirements of the army special forces. And three weeks later I was asked to go to another unit, because I could not stand such enormous loads.

Alexander said that he knew of grueling workouts and challenges of the profession, but do not even realize how hard it is, and that such work under the force actually elected.

Alexander advises everyone who, driven by romance, wants to get into the special forces, realistically assess their strength, and not try to jump higher than the head. Dreams are dreams, but no one has canceled professability.

If you are sure that this work is just for you, then the difficulties with how to get into the special forces , you will not arise. Kits in special units occur all the time. The main thing is to prove that you are the candidate that they need.