How do you get out of the depression yourself?

Our people are not used to talking to psychologists and psychotherapists in order to solve a problem or improve their mental state, unlike the same Americans who can not live without psychotherapy sessions.

On the one hand, this is not very good, because it negatively affects the mental health of the nation as a whole, on the other hand it's not so bad, because it shows our strength and strength.

Do not be afraid if you are interested, how to get out of the depression yourself without doctors and medicines.

The main thing is that you choose a really effective treatment for yourself and overcome the ailment.

I am ready to give you some effective advice that I tried on my own, but I ask you very much: if you are not helped, then your depression is more severe and you should not delay the visit to the doctor.

At what form of depression can you try to get out of it yourself?

Many scientists have studied the mental disorder, such as depression.

That's why the symptoms of depression, the course

of this disease, the causes of appearance, effective methods of treatment, are quite carefully described, and also the types of melancholy are named.

Most scientists distinguish such types of depression:

  • suicidal - the patient has an obsession to end his life;
  • bipolar ( maniacal) is one of the most dangerous species, because a sick person begins to suffer from overestimated self-esteem, obsessive thoughts, strong mood swings, performs dangerous for himself and for others actions;
  • hormonal , associated with hormonal failures( one of the most popular subspecies is postpartum depression);
  • is a dysphoric , the most striking symptom of which is a fit of anger, irritability, anger;
  • seasonal , for example, all known autumnal depression;
  • alarming , when the patient has a feeling that something terrible is about to happen;
  • is an ironic - a very dangerous type, because the merry fellow and joker is extremely difficult to suspect that he is suffering from melancholy, and therefore - to extend a helping hand to him;
  • Tearful - you start a tear for any reason;
  • adynamic : its main symptoms are reduced performance, fatigue, weakness, etc.;
  • anesthetic - the patient loses the ability to adequately respond emotionally to anything else and others.

In principle, depression rarely occurs in its pure form and is usually characterized by a number of symptoms characteristic of different types, so it is difficult to confuse it with some other mental disorder.

Another good news is that of any type of depression, except for the first two, you can go out yourself.

How to get out of the depression yourself - understand the causes of

Do not be frivolous about depression.

This is a disease that requires attention and treatment, otherwise it can go into a heavier form.

For example, if you do not cure a cold cough, it may well result in pneumonia.

It's the same with depression.

As this disease, you need to understand the reasons that it was called, otherwise, no matter how much you try to get out of the depression yourself, it will come back again, because the stimulus is not neutralized. The main causes of depression are:

  1. Frequent stressful situations.
  2. Accumulated fatigue and lack of sleep.
  3. Problems in personal and professional life.
  4. Prolonged bad weather.
  5. Prolonged disease.
  6. The sequence of the failures and problems that follow you.
  7. Experienced tragedy( albeit - and in childhood).
  8. Malnutrition and vitamin deficiency.
  9. Abuse of alcohol, drugs, psychotropic drugs.
  10. Sharp changes in life, for example, moving to a new country, the need to start everything from scratch, etc.

Clear your life from:

  • harmful write;
  • stressful situations;
  • people that spoil your mood and make you unhappy;
  • drugs, alcohol and other mucks;
  • wrong attitude to life's difficulties;
  • habits of whining, complaining and digging inside;
  • of untreated old diseases;
  • complexes;
  • unhealthy lifestyle

and you will be much easier to understand as yourself to get out of the depression .

Moreover, you will have much less chance to face this disease again.

You can get out of depression yourself if you get the meaning of life

To a person suffering from depression, his life seems gray, uninteresting, devoid of joy, meaning, bright colors, heat.

It seems to him that nobody loves him, does not understand, and every minor disorder turns for his sick imagination almost into a worldwide tragedy and once again shows how hard his life is, how he himself is worthless and unsuccessful.

If you know yourself, you need to immediately change the attitude towards yourself, life and others.

To self-emerge from depression, you must:

  1. Learn how to think positively even in the event of negative situations.
  2. Find what pleases you.
  3. To see in people only good.
  4. Avoid situations that can cause stress.
  5. Fall in love, only - mutually, otherwise unhappy love will only exacerbate the problem.
  6. Do what pleases you, find a hobby of your liking.
  7. Adopt a pet that was cared about.
  8. Travel( even if it's a trip to a neighboring city) at least twice a year.
  9. Meet with friends and have a good time with them.
  10. Watch comedies, read humorous stories, go to the circus - do things that can make you laugh.

5 tips for those who want to get out of the depression yourself

If you feel strong enough to get out of the depression yourself, use any chance to improve your mental state.

Better yet, avoid the appearance of depressive symptoms.

get out of depression and never meet her, you can, if:

  1. exercise regularly and lead an active lifestyle.
  2. Carefully monitor your appearance.
  3. Give an outlet to your emotions: cry sometimes, beat unnecessary dishes, play bowling or darts, laugh loudly, etc.
  4. To love and pamper yourself: hiking in a beauty salon, pleasant shopping, traveling, etc.
  5. Make your life bright, interesting and rich.

The video below contains a few effective tips

to combat depression:

5 errors of those who attempt to get out of depression

often difficult for people to get out of depression by yourself.

Or, somewhat improving their health, after a while they again have to be in captivity of a depressed state.

And the thing is that they admit the same mistakes as before their predecessors.

If you want to get out yourself from depression, do not:

  1. Pretend that everything is fine with you, if in fact it is not.
  2. Treat depression with the help of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, kilograms of chocolates.
  3. To itself to ascribe antidepressants - this can only be done by a doctor.
  4. Constantly go on about your bad mood and continuously regret yourself.
  5. Be afraid to go to a therapist, despite the fact that you can not solve the problem yourself.

It is especially important to pay attention to the last point: in no case do not hesitate to go to the doctor if you have tried different methods, but could not understand how to get out of depression yourself .