Where better to leave for permanent residence for a better life?

Conversations about patriotism and white-birch birches, "who understand everything" make you skeptically raise your left eyebrow? How we understand you!

It's hard to burn with love for the Motherland, when the free wind is walking in your pockets, you are tired of spending vacations with the hoe in the garden in the "ziu" position, and yesterday in the store you had to choose between a new T-shirt for your son and a pair of tights for yourself.

Willy-nilly you start to wonder, where to leave for permanent residence .We will tell you about the best options for moving.

10 factors that must be considered before leaving for permanent residence or an uninvited guest is worse than a Tatar

Do not rush to choose your new homeland for the warm climate, the color of the flag and historical sights. Determining where it is better to leave for permanent residence, be sure to consider:

  • do you know the official language.

    Agree, it's hard to feel "cheerful" if buying bread in the supermarket turns for yo

    u into the game "Crocodile", in which you have to explain without words;

  • will you be able to find work in a new country where you left for permanent residence?

    And, please, do not count on the "sky in diamonds" in the form of the position of the manager of the oil company.

    If you are in a new place to do something more interesting than waving a broom or washing dishes in the diner, then our respect to you;

  • deciding where to go for permanent residence better, think about whether you can adapt without special "straining" to the religious customs and national traditions of another people.

    Fervent song from the "Diamond Arm" about the three sultan's wives - not the fiction of the director, but the cruel reality of the Arab world;

  • An important factor for choosing a country for permanent residence is the climate.

    The author of the article personally knows the girl who had to quit her job in Israel:

    "Roasting in Tel Aviv was simply incredible. I lay under the air conditioner for days on end. Headache. In the end, I had to turn from the idea of ​​moving to Israel for permanent residence "," complains Svetlana from Zaporozhye;

  • find out if immigrants are happy in the country you want to "make happy" with your permanent residence.

    For example, in North Korea, outsiders do not favor, and why do you need this communist "bright future"?

  • form for yourself and for the consulate the clear purpose of your move to permanent residence.

    Immediately warn: the options "I'm tired of everything, I want to change everything in my life," "I dream of leaving where legalized drugs and prostitution are legalized," "I've always dreamed of trying a baked dog in Korea" - weak arguments for a visa officer, I want to develop as a professional "," I want to reunite with my family "and" I am sure that I will open a successful business in your country "- much, much better;

  • is there any prejudice against people who came to permanent residence from Russia.

    It is unlikely that the Carpathian Hutsuls will be pleased with the appearance in the village of "Moskal" if you are a kind-hearted person;

  • are there any special programs for the adaptation of immigrants who have arrived for permanent residence.

    For example, Germany is ready to teach you free language of Goethe and Schiller;

  • can you, having remained in your right mind and bright memory, go through all the "ordeals" on obtaining a residence permit( residence permit), permanent residence( permanent residence) and citizenship;

  • do you have in the country that you have chosen for permanent residence, relatives, friends.

    At first they are your personal "waistcoat" for tears and snot, recruitment agency and tour guide in a new place.

We are looking for a warmer place: 5 ideal countries to leave to live for permanent residence

In our top 5 states where it is better to leave for permanent residence included those that are:

  • have a high standard of living.

    Citizens here do not shuffle feverishly on the second hand in the hope of saving on clothes and calmly pass by the inscription "Action" with stale chicken. And this is the main argument "to blame" for permanent residence in foreign lands;

  • have effective programs for the adaptation of immigrants who have arrived for permanent residence and the indigenous population has a similar mentality.

    "The sky in diamonds" for those who arrived for permanent residence here, of course, do not promise, but they will do everything( within reason) so that you do not feel like a sirotinushka;

  • all these countries( except perhaps hot Israel, and then - not deadly) will be pleased with a good climate.

    No Siberian frosts, rainy seasons and infernal stuffiness.

How to move to another city?

Option number 1.Spain

Oh, all these bullfighting, flamenco, "love carrots", as well as an amazing warm sea, incredible landscapes and friendly Spaniards - leave and do not look back!

Before you leave for permanent residence in Spain, you should know:

  • is practically the only condition that the Spanish authorities set for those who want to come for permanent residence - the availability of a sufficient amount of money not to beg for a new motherland;
  • if you managed to buy here some real estate( though a small apartment on the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​even a luxurious villa on the sea coast), then, most likely, to leave for permanent residence in Spain will not be difficult;

  • should not even dream of sunny Spain, if you have an "anamnesis" - a conviction for a serious crime.

    For permanent residence you will not be allowed, even if you swim in money, like the cartoon Scrooge McDuck.

Option # 2.Sweden

That's where you can definitely enjoy European respectability, stability and excellent environmental conditions, so it's in Sweden, if you come here for permanent residence.

State immigrants from Russia and Ukraine pays solid money for the device in a new location.

To leave for permanent residence in Sweden is a very troublesome business, but as incomparable secretary Verochka from the "Service Novel" said: "Nothing is impossible for a person with intelligence":

  • you can get married / marry a Swede / Swede.

    And no fake marriages! Check you and your relationship will be from A to Z;

  • you can work on the refugee status, and then the permanent residence "will be drawn".

    But for this it is necessary to build a "orphan from Kazan" in the consulate.

    Refer to political instability, a threat to life and health, a poor economic situation.

10 tips on how to quickly learn the Italian

Option # 3.Italy

To leave for permanent residence to where it is beautifully scandalous, they endlessly drink coffee and chat:

  • matrimonial with a native / born in a sunny country.

    A real crazy Italian wedding is waiting for you!

  • where better to leave for permanent residence than to Italy, if here you have immediate relatives - parents, spouse, children?

    Enjoy great weather, colorful Italians and each other!

  • for permanent residence can be left here if you are ready not only to conquer the heights of the Italian business , having opened some chebure or another business in the homeland of pizza, but also ready to play by the rules of local legislation - no salary "in envelopes" and non-paymentTaxes;
  • by signing an employment contract with a private or state-owned company in Italy, you can safely go there for permanent residence - an entry visa is guaranteed.

Option # 4.Israel

The promised land is the country where many of our compatriots aspire to leave for permanent residence, but it is understandable - despite the military situation, there are good salaries, high level of medicine, a lot of attractions and a few seas to choose from.

If you think that you'd better leave for permanent residence in Israel, you need to know:

  • is the easiest way to do this, having Jewish roots that you can document.

    The issue of your citizenship will be considered by the authorities in the shortest possible time - and hello, the Wailing Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher!

  • you will have to take Judaism ( without fail) if you want to leave for permanent residence in Israel;
  • because our, the Russian people there are many, then sincere conversations for a bottle of "Stolichnaya" can be organized in two accounts.

Option number 5.USA

Who and the girls "originally from the USSR" did not sing the immortal hit "American boy, I'll leave with you. ..".

If you are also attracted by the spirit of freedom and unlimited possibilities( except for your hard work and perseverance), the better country than the United States, you can imagine:

  • most simple and legal way to see the Statue of Liberty with his own eyes, is to participate inThe annual lottery "Green card" ( https://www.dvlottery.state.gov).

    Its winners can not only live, but also work, receive social benefits and generally feel in America "in chocolate";


    "Yes, it's hard here, you have to fight for a place under the sun, work hard. But interestingly, I, like other immigrants, do not feel like a limit. Because if you honestly earn on bread( even if sorting garbage or cleaning apartments), you a priori deserve respect. It is better to go live for permanent residence in the United States, "plow" and earn well than "fight head against the wall" in Russia », - said Tatiana, who moved to New York on a green card 5 years ago.

  • to go to the US for permanent residence, you can create here a family( married \ marry) or reunite with relatives , but keep in mind that all these sentimental family story and love story, which brought you to the registrar doors are carefully checked by immigrationServices;
  • study, work in an American company, investment in the economy is also a great way to "grab" in the US and stay on permanent residence;
  • way to leave for permanent residence for the most "crazy": stay illegal and wait for an amnesty.

    Sometimes the US government makes such a luxurious gift to illegal immigrants, but will you be able to hold out to it - one Bozhenka knows. Maybe it's better not to take chances?

  • do not know if the lucky ticket is a lucky ticket or not, but to remain for permanent residence in the US, after observing all formalities, victims and witnesses in resonant cases can.

    Authorities are ready to close their eyes to the fact that you are in the country illegally if you hand over to them a local drug lord or help catch some other maniac.

Zodiac Geography: choose where best to go live on a permanent star

Astrologers do not wish to "nervously smoking in aside," while to decide where best to go for permanent residence, and give advice to each sign of the zodiac:

№ n \ n Zodiac Suitable for the country of residence
1 Aries Egypt, UAE
2 Taurus England, Japan
3 Gemini US
4 Cancer India, China, Vietnam, Thailand
5 Leo Italy, Spain, Madagascar
6 Virgo Greece
7 Libra Cuba, Bali, Dominican
8 Scorpio Australia
9 Sagittarius Peru, Chile
10 Capricorn Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic
11 Aquarius Canada
12 Fish Spain, Brazil

Want to go to another country for permanent residence?

Find out where is the best and how to get citizenship:

How would you not solve the issue "Where should I leave for permanent residence?" , we advise you to be patient, resolute and self-reliant to go through all the paper barriers, difficultiesAdaptation and, in the end, "to bend this world under him."