How to make money?

Here recently asked an interesting question: how to make money ?

Decided to think a little bit about this topic. ..

Most people imagine some kind of spatial picture without a clear goal. We all want to get as much money as possible for free!

We do not want to work, we do not want to think, but only envy such rich people as Zuckerberg, Trump, Branson and others.

But they were not born millionaires.

If we talk about Western rich people, they all made their fortune through hard work.

Day after day, they went to their goal, overcoming in their path any obstacles.

However, if you turn to our people, then nothing else will be heard except for complaints about life.

Note how many people seek to get 2-3-4 higher education, after which they work as secretaries or managers for the average salary.

And how many people are afraid of losing a stable job for 8 thousand rubles, so they continue to endure and live in poverty, having also issued a credit card.

How to make money on the Internet on lohah?

Interested in the question: how do money , I climbed the Internet and found out that most sites earn on naive fools, breeding them for money.



Almost every website broadcast about a magical purse, putting a certain amount of money on it, in return you can get 2 times more.

Agree, nonsense is complete!

But there are people who actually put money on such a purse.

In addition to wallets on the expanses of runet you can find boxes with a price of 1-2 $ for viewing the site.

What is cheating?

It's simple!

You are viewing 10-20 advertising sites for which you are promised to pay $ 10-20.

As a result, you have looked at the sites, but have not received any money in return.

But the advertisers paid the site money to attract visitors.

Ultimately, the boxes have deceived you and took all the money for advertising yourself.

ALL about earnings on the Internet

There are quite a few similar schemes of deception on the Internet.

Moreover, fraudulent schemes are constantly being modernized, new ones are invented and old ones are recalled. And all because people do not want to work, but want to quickly cut down more dough.

Believe me, it's simply impossible to cut the loot quickly.

. .. Well, maybe the exception is a bank robbery, which only a few can do.

How to make money through intermediation?

The simplest option is honestly making money is mediation.

However, many people for some reason are ashamed to take money for such services.

I'll give you an example: a friend of mine works in a sanitary ware shop.

There is no installer in the store, so my friend calls his friend and he installs the plumber for a fee.

In this situation, a friend just shy to ask a friend for the percentage of the client.

But tell me - is this right?

As they say: "Friendship is friendship, but money is apart."

In such cases, do not be shy.

It is better to immediately negotiate all the terms of cooperation.

How to make money from the air?

This way of earning money will suit only the smartest and most enterprising people.

In this case, you have to come up with and create some unique product or service and integrate it into the masses.

If everything goes as it should, then in 5 years you will swim in the pool from the money.

An example of one such unique idea can serve as Facebook, which was invented by Mark Zuckerberg.

If you think Zuckerberg's idea is an unattainable dream, I'll give you some more examples of how makes money out of the air .

Moscow and St. Petersburg businessmen came up with the idea of ​​selling canned air to foreign tourists at a price of 300 rubles per jar.

I think you should not say that in practice it's just empty banks.

But tourists buy up canned air, and even thank entrepreneurs! Sneakers. .. πŸ™‚

In some countries, enterprising people specifically buy land in especially beautiful places, build a house on it, and then take money from tourists to enter their picturesque territory.

How to make money out of money?

In addition to mediation, deceiving trusting fellow citizens and generating brilliant ideas, you can make money out of money.

Having accumulated a certain amount of money, you can invest in stocks, business, money in gold, etc.

But this is very difficult, - you will say and you will be right.

However, I did not tell you that it would be easy.

Robbing banks is also a difficult task and requires preparation, which can last for a year.

So it's up to you to decide whether it's worth taking risks and getting rich or being a whiny whiner!

I want to recommend you to watch a small video,

which describes a simple way how to make money πŸ™‚


Why will you never start making money?

No matter how much you want to get rich, in 99% of cases you will remain an ordinary person dreaming of money.

For money, you have to work, move wisps, get up early, watch stock quotes, etc.

And it's easier for you to lie on the couch and cry in the vest of a friend with a bottle of beer!

That's life, damn it!πŸ™‚

In the article: How to attract good luck, I have already given an example of my girlfriend, who was looking for work for several years in a row and refused all offers under different excuses.

So, in terms of earning money, most people are like my girlfriend.

Many people know how to make money , they know where to start their small business, but they always find some excuses why it should be dealt with on Monday, in a year or when the cancer on the mountain will sift.

But in fact, you can start right now, most importantly - desire.