Decline of forces: how to fight?6 important tips!

Do you know that feeling when does not feel like doing ?

Or, in your spare time, you wander aimlessly through the network, watch TV, just do nothing from the decline of power, and then blame yourself for it?

Do you have high ambitions, but do not have enough strength to fully satisfy them?

Welcome to the club of people who encountered the decline in the strength of the and lost vital energy.

Do not you want to do anything? We struggle with the decline of forces!

The decline in the strength of and the lack of motivation can strongly affect any person, even one who has always been able to enjoy life.

Let's call this state the general word "decline".

The strength of is temporary:

"I just did not want to do anything this month. .. I just did not want to do anything today. .. and tomorrow. .. and all week" and long-term: "If I could change myLife. .. If I could live fully. .. ".


Neither one nor the other should spoil our lives.

And in order to get out of this state there are sev

eral good ways.

  1. Method # 1: Try something new.

    Everyone says that things need to be completed.

    But sometimes it is possible to raise a sense of humor and vitality in small changes.

    For example, you right now can stop reading this article and start writing your first novel.

    Do not be afraid to try to do things that you never did.

    And what if this becomes the meaning of your life?

  2. Method No. 2: In order to overcome the breakdown - regularly make changes in your life.

    Some rituals that accompany our lives are already so familiar for us that we do not even notice how they prevent us from going beyond our "comfort" zone.

  3. Method No. 3: Do not you want to do anything? Then forbid yourself to kill time.

    It's normal to have some hobby or favorite pointless occupation, but sometimes we give it too much time.

    We kill time with the help of social networks, computer games( and then we develop the Internet addiction) and much more. Understand this and learn how to spend your day rationally.

  4. Method No. 4: Select any item and do it differently throughout the week.

    Instead of dining at your desk - eat in the nearest cafe, have lunch with colleagues or arrange a meeting at lunchtime with friends.

    Instead of going to workout after work, try to work out this week in the morning.

  5. Method # 5: Go back to your old friends or find new ones.

    People who surround us daily, can influence our emotions and our perception of life.

    Maybe in the past you had a man who constantly surprised with his spontaneity, which brought to your life many interesting adventures - remember about him.

    Try to return it.

    If your old friends are already completely inaccessible, find new ones that will give you similar emotions.

    These small changes will help you feel unaccustomed, spontaneously, which will revive you and push you to new and creative business ideas.

  6. Method No. 6: If you need professional help - admit it.

    There is a big difference between stress and depression.

    If you have any classical signs of depression, do not be afraid to seek help.

    The psychologist will be able to look at your problem more widely and give you more personalized advice than reading any books and articles.

    And when you can get rid of the power decline - share your experience with others.

And now let's raise our mood a little bit with this ridiculous movie!

Enjoy it!

I wish everyone to remain always cheerful, because we create our own lives - our own thoughts and perceptions!