How to achieve the goal: 12 tips

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Some people say: "He can turn mountains!".

This means that a person, possessing the necessary set of qualities, knows how to achieve its goal !

Usually those who live on low-paid jobs and suffer an alcoholic husband beside him enviously sigh after them and say: "And lucky to be such a freak! Everything is easy for him! ".

At the same time, they do not even realize that it's not a matter of luck that people who have made an amazing career or achieved fame have worked immensely and made every effort to become what they are now!

How to achieve your goal in the work area?

My godmother's name is Lida.

She is my mom's best friend and so she used to be at home with us often( not only for my birthday).

She was unlucky with her first husband: he left her with his young son after two years of living together, appearing every few years for the name day of his child.

However, he paid small alimony, which still did not have enough for


The disintegration of the Union has painfully affected many, and not so much because it was so wonderful for the Communists to live, but because many were afraid of uncertainty and change.

But while some were aching and continued to cling to the remnants of a past life, vegetating in scientific institutes for "thank you", others boldly accepted the challenge.

A whole generation of engineers, researchers, candidates of science and other noble professions went to receive new specialties and master the spaces of private entrepreneurship!

My godmother in the troubled 1990s worked in accounting at one of the factories.

When the closing ax was hanging over it, unlike colleagues, she did not wait, fired her or not, she began to look for work intensively and then settled herself in a private office.

At first it was difficult: you had to master the changes in the legislation of the newly formed country, establish connections with the taxation department, the earlier the chief accountant of the plant was engaged in, and study the computer.

She did not fully understand the how to achieve the goal so as not to drown in the whirlpool of a new life.

It was incredibly difficult, sometimes she came to visit us and complained to my mom that she was getting incredibly tired, but at home she was waiting for the eight-year-old Sergei, who also needs to pay attention, to do with him lessons.

In addition, the chief was not the most polite person, did not shun the strong words or show his bad mood - in general, the usual bull in the 90's in a raspberry jacket.

12 tips on how to achieve the goal

I will not bore you with the details. ..

I will only say that the godmother overcame all difficulties at work.

A little later, she found an accountant in another firm with an intelligent boss, a candidate of economic sciences.

The office rapidly developed, and along with it the welfare of Aunt Lida also grew.

The need has disappeared from her life.

And the candidate of economic sciences expelled her from loneliness, becoming her second husband.

I asked the godparent to form a few tips that helped her achieve its goal of the .

That's what she said to me: 😎

  1. Never give up before difficulties.

    As soon as you are frightened of one obstacle, after him instantly grows a dozen more.

    Conversely, demonstrating a confident solution to one problem, will help make the future path clean.

  2. Believe in yourself.

    Every day I repeated like a mantra: "All this is not in vain! I'm gonna be happy! After the darkness the dawn will come! I will definitely get what I want and will achieve success! ".

    You can not for one minute doubt the correctness of the goal.

  3. Do not be afraid to take risks if you think this is right.

    No one has the right to decide for you and give their advice.

    When I was about to leave the factory, I heard a lot from well-wishers: "You do not think about the child!", "Where are you running to? !You just have to wait! "," Are you the cleverest? ", Etc.

    But I knew that this is my life and only I have to make decisions.

  4. Do not envy!

    It is necessary to get rid of such a feeling as envy, it destroys a person and takes up too much energy, which can be spent with profit.

    Someone does not get better!

    Someone just different than you!

  5. Act as a military strategist: evaluate the arsenal of your existing weapons and think about what you do not have enough to win.

    You can always finish some courses, get the necessary information from books, articles, etc.

  6. Remain a good person in any situation.

    Never go too high, do not rend your connection with people who have reached less than you, unless, of course, they really get into a close circle.

    You can not choose friends based on their salary.

    Do not scandal and do not gnub people around.

    Who knows, maybe the new courier will be your boss in 5 years and take revenge for neglect!

    Think about it!

  7. Do not sound!

    Only your mother, I could sometimes complain, knowing that she will not condemn and find words that will help me cheer up.

    No one else saw me weak, complaining, aching.

    To the question: "How are you?" I always answered: "Everything is good!".

  8. Constantly develop.

    You must be the best in the field you are working in, at least within the office.

    Even if you have reached the desired position or salary, do not relax. Continue grinding your skills, studying special literature, etc.

    Never lay off only indispensable employees!

  9. Do not look back.

    When something did not work out, I recollected memories of working at the plant with a strict schedule from 9.00 to 18.00, an hourly lunch break, guaranteed leave and a strict list of duties.

    I tried to get rid of them immediately.

    Life - a series of changes and freeze - then lose!

  10. Set your goals correctly.

    Do not be content with half measures.

    Even if you can not reach the destination, you will still get through most of the way.

  11. Visualize your goals!

    I often and in details represented myself: that behind the wheel of a nice silvery Nissan, then on a beach in Thailand, then in a mink coat.

    And I was so carried away that I could feel my foot pressing on the gas pedal, so soft sand under my feet and silky fur.

  12. Be grateful to the people and the higher forces that have helped you become what you are.

Be sure to check out a small( but such a useful video) about how

achieves its goal in a VERY short time. ..

Brian Tracy( famous financial advisor),

on his fingers shows and chews this question!

It's not so hard to understand how to achieve 's goal.

Just people used to blame their failures on someone else.

The responsibility for one's life can not be assumed by everyone.