Masks for dry hair at home for damaged split ends

Due to frequent staining, daily use of styling tools, hair becomes dull and dry. Negative effect on them also have an external environment and bad habits. In addition to properly selected basic care, the hair should be moistened and nourished with the necessary substances. With this mission, the masks perform fine.

How to cure dry hair with masks

With the help of hair masks, it is possible to restore the health of the hair, returning them to their former beauty. Moreover, special therapeutic cosmetics have a beneficial effect not only on the hair, but also on the skin of the head. So, through moisturizing masks, you can get rid of dandruff, because it usually appears due to excessive dryness of the skin. When caring for hair, adhere to a number of rules:

  • cut off the dry ends every 1-1.5 months;
  • use predominantly natural styling products;
  • as rarely as possible use appliances for styling( tongs, hair dryers, ironing);
  • for hair coloring it is better to choose a sparing paint without ammonia, and th
    e procedure should be performed no more than once every 1.5-2.5 months;
  • very dry hair is recommended to wash infrequently: it is optimal to do it once a week;
  • care for dry hair should include the use of special cosmetics and folk remedies( masks, balms to restore, nourish, moisturize hair).

Treatment masks for dry hair should be done regularly( every 1-2 weeks).It is advisable to carry out treatment on the same day as washing your head. To quickly restore the dry ends of hair, you need to use masks with the contents of burdock, olive, castor, linseed, other oils. Apply these tools by the rules:

  1. Prewash the head with a shampoo that is suitable for the type of your hair.
  2. To make the mask effective, it's worth making it warm. Preheat the mass on the burner or in the microwave so that it has a body temperature( about 36-37 ° C).This will increase the penetration of nutrients into the hairs.
  3. After applying the mask, wrap your head first with polyethylene, and then with a towel.
  4. To wash away the mixture, do not turn on hot water: it will spoil the result and dry the already dry ends. Ideal for the procedure is room temperature water.
  5. Do not wipe your hair with a towel after washing. Easily blot strands, let them dry themselves.


Mask for dry and brittle hair should feed them, saturating with useful substances. Such a means prevents brittleness, loss, delamination of the hairs. Masks with eggs and honey have proved very effective. No less effectively nourishes the hair crushed fruit of kiwi, and the fruit does not even need to be mixed with any other components. De-colored, depleted strands can be restored with masks from dry mustard or yeast - these components accelerate the process of hair growth while feeding them.


One of the key ingredients for the care of dry hair is humidification. Ideal option for drained or waved hair is masks with a content of fermented milk products( kefir, with yoghurt, sour milk).The substances available in such products penetrate into the dry hairs and moisturize them, imparting shine, elasticity.

Restoring lifeless hair regular masks with cottage cheese and cucumber, which you can very easily do with your own at home. They are able to save thin dry hairs from loss, giving strength and effectively moisturizing. In addition, masks based on various vegetable oils( olive, peach, burdock) proved to be very good. They are absorbed deep into the structure of the hairs, nourish with useful substances, eliminate brittleness, so that the tips stop cutting.

Professional remedies for dry hair

  1. "Selective" mask from Ammino Keratin. Contains provitamin B5, which effectively protects the hairs from the damaging effect of the external environment, nourishes them, returning the natural shine, strength. In addition, the mask includes a complex of amino acids based on keratin: the substances easily penetrate into the hair, filling the voids that formed as a result of staining, discoloration and other mechanical, chemical procedures. The approximate cost of "Selective" is 900 rubles.
  2. "Schwarzkopf Bona Cure Moisture Kick".The series includes a spray-balm, shampoo and mask for dry hair. The funds have an ultralight texture, very simply applied to the head. Cosmetics have an instant effect, making the hair smooth, docile, elastic. The Schwarzkopf mask contains silicones that envelop each hair with an inconspicuous film, due to which moisture is retained in their structure. The cost of production is approximately 500-600 rubles.
  3. "Londa Deep Moisture Intensive Mask".The product helps to fight with brittle hair, abundantly nourishing and moisturizing them. Mask, in addition, greatly facilitates the process of creating a hairstyle, making the hairs smooth, obedient. The cost is about 700 r.
  4. "Wella Professional Brilliance".Ideal for caring for colored hair. The products of this line help to preserve color for a long time, give shines a shine, strength, nourish, restore their structure, protecting from harmful external factors. The price of the medicinal product is about 650 r.

Recipes for home hair masks

To give strength to dry, damaged hair, moisturizing and nourishing them with the necessary substances, it is necessary to add folk remedies to basic hygiene procedures. Made from natural products or herbs, masks are absolutely safe and hypoallergenic. In addition, such recipes give an amazing result, but there are real pennies. The most effective home remedies are described below.

Dry and brittle

  1. Egg mask. Thoroughly stir in one container 1 egg, 1.5 teaspoons. Glycerin and vinegar( preferably apple), 2.5 tbsp. L.Castor oil. Apply this tool, evenly missed the entire length of the hair, from above, put on a cellophane cap. After an hour, wash the head in the usual way. Repeat this procedure 1-2 times per 10 days.
  2. Honey with milk. Connect 100 ml of milk with 2 tbsp. L.Of natural honey. Cover the head with a mixture, hold for half an hour and rinse with warm water. Regularly conduct this procedure, but not more than twice a week.
  3. Gelatin Home Mask. In addition to combating the dryness of hairs, this tool helps to solve the problem of lack of volume. Soak in a third of a glass of warm water 2 tbsp. L.Gelatin. When the powder swells, hold the container in a water bath until gelatin dissolves completely in the liquid. Stir in the egg yolk, mix, cover the hairs and scalp. After a couple of hours, rinse the product. Gelatin mask for dry hair can be done once in 6-9 days.


  1. An onion and garlic mask. Squeeze the juice of the vegetables. Mix 1 tbsp. L.Of the obtained liquids, add in the same quantities fresh lemon juice and vegetable( olive or linseed) oil. Keep the product on your hair for 40 minutes, then rinse your head under running water, and the final step will be rinsing the hair with water and vinegar( 5: 1).Repeat procedure is weekly.
  2. Honey with cognac. If you have damaged the hair, this homemade mask will return the shine and elasticity to the hairs. Take the yolk, 1 tsp. Honey and cognac, carefully mix the ingredients. Cover the hair with the resulting mass, wrap it with cellophane and a towel. After 2-3 hours, wash off the mask. Use this medication can be 1-2 times a week.
  3. Yeast mask. Mix dry yeast with sugar( 1: 2), warmed milk / cream( 3 tablespoons).The product should be infused for half an hour, after it is applied to the hair, previously adding 5 drops of any vegetable oil and 1 egg. Apply homogeneous mass along the entire length of the hairs on the scalp, and on top put on a cellophane bag or a bathing cap. Leave on for 40-60 minutes, then rinse. Do the procedure weekly.

Fatty at the roots and dry on the tips

  1. Herbal remedy. Mix in the same amount of dry nettle leaves, althea roots, flax seeds, pour the ingredients 200 ml of boiling water. When the broth is infused for an hour under the lid, dilute a couple of spoons of colorless henna in a liquid. The resulting mass cover the damaged strands, after 45-80 minutes, wash off the mask. It can be used twice a week.
  2. Kefir-creamy. On the roots and the middle part of the hairs, apply kefir, and cover the tips with thick cream. After half an hour, wash the head thoroughly, rinsing with balm. Such a mask can be done before every second wash of the head.
  3. Comprehensive tool. Connect the st. Kefir, raw egg, 1 tbsp. L.olive oil. Lubricate the resulting product with hair, leaving for a couple of hours. Then, using shampoo, wash the head. Apply this folk remedy no more often a couple of times in 10 days.


  1. Egg-grass. Brew in boiling water chamomile flowers( 3 tablespoons per 300 ml).When the broth is infused for no longer than 2-3 hours, add whipped protein to it, then cover the scalp with hair. When the agent has set( dry), wash the head with warm water. Optimum - do the procedure every 7-8 days. Radish against dry hair.
  2. .Rub the fruit on the grater, squeeze the juice. Apply liquid to the hairs, leaving for 40 minutes. After rinse the head with water, rinse with balm. You can repeat the procedure every other day.
  3. Mask with vegetable oil. Natural honey( 1 tsp) and sunflower oil( 1 tbsp.) Combine with 2 eggs. The resulting product is applied evenly along the entire length of the damaged strands. Leave it for an hour, then wash your head. Use the remedy 1-2 times weekly.

For dry tips

  1. Oil mask. Olive or burdock oil combine with lemon juice in proportions of 5: 1.Cover this liquid with a hair covering, wrapping the head with food film and bath towel, leave the product overnight. In the morning, wash your head in the usual way. Do the treatment every 8-10 days.
  2. Castor-yolk. Whisk a couple of egg yolks, mix them with art. Castor oil and a couple drops of shampoo. The resulting mixture is evenly spread over the hairs, and after an hour, rinse with cool water. This recipe can be used a couple of times a week.
  3. Aloe vs. dry tips. In the same proportions, combine burdock oil, lemon juice, aloe, cognac. Whisk and add the egg yolk. The mixture should be kept on the head for no longer than 1-1.5 hours, and the procedure should be done every 3-4 days.

Video masks

Regular styling with forceps, hairdryers, stylers, frequent washing, improper nutrition, stresses - all this negatively affects the appearance of the hair, leading to disruption of the sebaceous glands localized under the scalp. As a result, the strands look dull, and the tips dry and split. Masks are considered to be the most effective treatment for overdried hair. Having looked at the video below, you will find out which components are better for using with excessive dryness of the hairline.

With olive oil

Fast and effective against dryness of hair

With aloe juice for lifeless hair

Multi-component mask on kefir