Unidox soluteab - indications and instructions for use, side effects and contraindications, analogues

Infectious diseases, especially in severe form, require a serious approach to treatment. Frequently prescribed medication is the antibiotic Unidox Solutab, the instruction for its use stipulates indications for use. At what diagnoses the preparation is especially effective, how correctly to use it, whether there are contraindications - answers to all questions in the annotation.

What is Unidox soluteab

The Drug Register( RLS) identifies Unidox solutab as an antibiotic of the tetracycline group. The drug has a bacteriostatic effect - it suppresses protein synthesis in microorganism cells. The international name is Doxycycline Solutab. The agent refers to strong broad-spectrum antibiotics. The drug prevents microorganisms:

  • mycoplasmas;
  • chlamydia;
  • spirochetes;
  • to leptospira;
  • meningococci;
  • to staphylococci;
  • enterococci;
  • pneumococcal;
  • rickettsia;
  • to Borrelia;
  • to the Moraxels.

Composition and form of the preparation

According to the instructions for use, Unidox

consists of the active substance doxycycline monohydrate and auxiliary components. For convenience of use Sorlutab is available in the form of soluble tablets, which are used for oral administration. Children are diluted with water and given a drink in the form of a suspension. Antibiotic tablets:

  • are packed in plastic blisters - in each of 10 pieces;
  • have a biconvex form;
  • color - shades of yellow;
  • pleasant aroma and taste;
  • on one side of the notch, on the other - mark 173.

Active ingredient

The main active substance of Unidox is doxycycline, which belongs to tetracyclines of a wide range of influences. Thanks to the use of Solutaba, a pharmacological action is carried out on pathogenic microorganisms. The concentration of doxycycline in one tablet is 100 mg. As a result of the application:

  • doxycycline reduces the activity of pathogenic bacteria;
  • affects ribosomal cell membranes;
  • stops the synthesis of RNA microorganisms.


For the ease of use, the preservation of the tablet form, the convenience of dissolution, additives are added to the antibiotic formulation. They give Solutaba a pleasant taste and smell. The auxiliary ingredients include:

  • magnesium stearate;
  • Hypromellose;
  • lactose monohydrate;
  • colloidal anhydrous silicon dioxide;
  • saccharin;
  • low-substituted giprolose;
  • crystalline microcellulose.

Antibiotic Yunidox soluteab - indications for use

The drug is prescribed to combat diseases caused by bacteria that are sensitive to doxycycline. Positive results are observed in the treatment and prevention of infections of the skin, gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary system. The drug is effective for diagnoses:

  • severe cold;
  • sinusitis;
  • tonsillitis;
  • otitis media;
  • tracheitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • chronic bronchitis;
  • endometritis;
  • gardenelosis;
  • urethritis;
  • pyelonephritis;
  • lung abscess;
  • chlamydia;
  • gonorrhea;
  • syphilis;
  • cholecystitis;
  • cholera;
  • osteomyelitis;
  • plague;
  • gastroenterocolitis;
  • trachoma.

What helps

The drug Solutab is superior to others in the spectrum of antibacterial action. With it, you can cope with a large number of infections. The drug is effective on occasion:

  • thrush;
  • postoperative suppuration;
  • of malaria;
  • sepsis;
  • anthrax;
  • brucellosis;
  • whooping cough;
  • bronchopneumonia;
  • of bacterial prostatitis;
  • of venereal lymphogranuloma;
  • amoebic dysentery;
  • of urethrocystitis;
  • Community-acquired pneumonia;
  • inguinal granuloma;
  • acute bronchitis;
  • pleural empyema;
  • endocervicitis;
  • cholecystitis;
  • of iersiniosis;
  • cholera;
  • Leptospirosis.

Mechanism of action

Doxycycline, the active substance of a tetracycline antibiotic, disrupts the process of protein synthesis in bacterial cells. This stops their growth, reproduction, stops the infection. Doxycycline is absorbed into the digestive tract, distributed along the tissues of the body, except the spinal cord. It is in the form of inactive forms through the intestine. The antibiotic is initiated against:

  • Gram-positive bacteria - Staphylococcus epidermidis, Streptococcus haemolyticus;
  • of Gram-negative microorganisms - Enterobacter spp., Salmonella spp., Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Neisseria meningitidis.

Unidox - instructions for use

Annotation to a medicinal product is a set of information useful for the attending physician. Unidox, as a potent antibiotic, requires not only compliance with dosage and course. To successfully cope with and infection, the physician should study the instruction and find out:

  • composition;
  • mechanism of action of the drug;
  • indications for use;
  • specificity of treatment of diseases;
  • contraindications and side effects;
  • recommended doses;
  • features of the interaction of Unidox with other drugs;
  • ways of using.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Physicians have proven the effect of tetracycline-group drugs to combat sexual infections. An important point is a correctly diagnosed diagnosis, on which depends the technique of antibiotic treatment. For positive results, it is recommended:


Daily dosage, mg

Application features

Bacterial prostatitis


after 12 hours, 4 weeks


development warning


3 times, 14 days

fresh form

3 times, 25 days



Every 12 hours,

dose per course - 1000 mg

Venereal lymphogranuloma


after 12 hours, 3 weeks

With chlamydia

Specialists in gynecology, urology, venereology note the effectiveness of treatment prepAratus of Unidox is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections - chlamydia. The duration of the course is determined by the doctor, at the initial stage is 10 days, complex, severe cases - up to three weeks. Doses of the drug Solutab, according to the instructions, are:

  • 1 tablet( 100 mg) per day, for 2 admission;
  • in severe cases - the first dose of 200 mg, then, according to the scheme.

Instruction for use with ureaplasma

Infectious disease occurs equally in men and women, which requires the treatment of ureaplasma mandatory therapy for sexual partners. The pathology of the genitourinary system causes the ingestion of bacteria of the class Ureaplasma urealyticum. Appointments of physicians should have such schemes for the application of Unidox:

Dosage, mg

Admission characteristics

First day


2 times per day,

course 14 days

Subsequent days


For complications


To sexual partner


Unidox soluteab with angina

According to doctors, the use of tabletsUnidox in angina is effective in adults and children. The medicine is given to the child in the form of a suspension. It is important that the doctor determines the daily dose and duration of treatment in accordance with the severity of the disease. The average rate is 7 days. Solyutab is prescribed to children with age. Instruction recommends:

Disease form

Daily dosage, g

Application features


Light, medium


for 2 admission

severe, chronic


3 times


from 1Year to 3 years


from 3 to 6 years


With cystitis

Since cystitis does not always have infectious causes, the patient should first undergo a full examination - women - a gynecologist, men - a urologist. Instructions for use recommends Unidox Solutab for cystitis use as follows:

  • medication once a day;
  • course duration - 5 days;
  • for severe infections - up to two weeks;
  • during treatment drink plenty of fluids;
  • after 7 days to check blood levels of white blood cells, platelets.

For treatment of rosacea

Dermatologists prescribe antibiotic Doxycycline for the treatment of acne and severe acne. High effectiveness is noted in cases of rosacea. Antibiotic is used for moderate and severe infections, when other methods have proved ineffective, especially in case of complication - the formation of scars. The results after passing the course can be seen in the photo. Instructions Solutab offers a regimen for the treatment of rosacea:

  • course is 12 days;
  • daily dosage of 100-200 mg, determined by the doctor;
  • is adopted for 2 times.

Bacterial zoonotic infections

When a person becomes infected with zoonotic infections, the cause is the consumption of infected milk, meat, eggs from sick animals. Such diseases include tularemia, foot and mouth disease, plague, listeriosis, tuberculosis, anthrax. In this case, the antibiotic is prescribed for patients to take 100 mg every 12 hours. There are differences in the duration of treatment in days:

  • plague - 10;
  • tularemia - 14;
  • anthrax - up to 60.

Intestinal infectious diseases

There are special features of treating intestinal infections with antibacterial drugs. It is important that the doctor prescribes an antibiotic only in the case of a severe condition of the patient, accompanied by high fever, mucus, blood in the stool. Why can Unidox be dangerous for intestinal infections and its use is justified in every fifth case? There are several reasons for this:

  • antibiotic actively destroys the intestinal microflora, which worsens the condition with diarrhea;
  • mild form of the disease can be delayed;
  • pathogenic microorganisms quickly become resistant to the drug.

How to take Unidox solutab

The duration of the antibiotic course depends on the disease and the severity of the process. The average duration is 5-14 days. It is inadmissible to engage in self-medication. Elderly people are being adjusted for the amount of the drug. The instruction stipulates the maximum daily dose for use:

  • for adults, children over 12 years of age - 300 mg;
  • in severe gonococcal infection - 600 mg;
  • for children weighing up to 50 kg - 4 mg / kg body weight;
  • over 50 kg - 200 mg / kg of weight.

How to use

Unidox tablets dissolve in water, which is convenient for treating children. Annotation to Solutabus means a way of using. Recommended:

  • take medicine while eating;
  • tablet to wash down with water, you can chew or swallow whole;
  • it is advisable to take standing or sitting;
  • to dissolve the tablet in 20 ml of water.


Unidox is used only as directed by a physician after testing for an agent. Dosage depends on the diagnosis, the condition of the patient, the severity of the disease. Children are prescribed the amount in mg per kilogram of weight. Instruction recommends:

Disease form

Dosage, mg

Application features




on the first day by 2 times


in subsequent days




Children 8-12 years old,

weight up to 50 kg


0.04/ kg body weight on the first day

0,02 / kg on subsequent days


0,04 / kg body weight daily


The instructions stipulated the important points associated with use of antibiotics. The fulfillment of the prescriptions will accelerate the recovery. It is necessary to consider:

  • prolonged use of Solutaba provokes dysbacteriosis, hypovitaminosis;
  • use of tetracycline antibiotics in patients with impaired renal function requires medical supervision;
  • reception Unidox does not affect the ability to drive;
  • to exclude development photodermatitis during treatment can not be in the sun, enjoy the solarium.

JUnidoks soljutab

during pregnancy What is the danger of doxycycline for women? The substance penetrates into breast milk and through the utero-placental barrier. The use of solutab is contraindicated in the period of feeding a newborn. If necessary treatment, the baby is transferred to the mixture. The prohibition extends to the waiting period for the child. Unidox during pregnancy causes serious disturbances in the development of fetal bone tissue.

Side effects of tablets Unidox solutab

Long-term use of Solutab or dosing disorders does not exclude the occurrence of side effects. The situation calls for a doctor to adjust the treatment. In this case, there may be:

  • renal failure;
  • vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • allergy;
  • stomatitis;
  • dysbiosis;
  • hepatic impairment;
  • urticaria;
  • enterocolitis;
  • candidiasis;
  • pressure reduction;
  • tachycardia.

Interaction with other drugs

An important point is the simultaneous use of Unidox( Doxycycline) with other drugs. Doctors should consider drug interactions during treatment. Possible effects:

  • Doxycycline with Retinol increases intracranial pressure;
  • antacids should be taken with an interval of 3 hours from Solutaba;
  • suppression of intestinal microflora by Junidox requires correction of the dose of anticoagulants;
  • combination of Doxycycline with hormonal contraceptives reduces the effectiveness of contraceptives;
  • alcohol, barbiturates contribute to a decrease in the concentration of Unidox in blood plasma.


When prescribing Unidox, doctors should consider contraindications for use. This will help to avoid troubles in the treatment. The drug is contraindicated in the case of:

  • intolerance to the components of Solutab;
  • disorders of kidney function;
  • stomach diseases with vomiting, diarrhea;
  • leukemia;
  • mononucleosis;
  • allergies to this range of antibiotics;
  • changes in liver function;
  • pregnancy;
  • of lactation;
  • of the intestinal ulcer;
  • age to 8 years.

How much does Unidox solutab

Buy drug can be in pharmacies. On sale there is an analogue of Unidox soluteba with the same spectrum of effects on microorganisms. A popular remedy with the effect of tetracyclines is Doxycycline Solutab. It is easy to order and buy Unidox in online pharmacies, transport costs will be added to the cost. The breakdown of prices for the drug and its substitutes for residents of Moscow in rubles is:

Dosage, mg

Quantity, pieces

Price rundown, р.





Doxycycline SOLUTAB










Anna, 42 years old

Tortured unbearable headaches due to sinusitis. Afraid of antibiotics, long refused their appointment. ENT-doctor prescribed simultaneously Doxycycline Solutab and preparations to support intestinal microflora. After two weeks - the course of treatment - it became easier to breathe, the headaches stopped. The main thing was to avoid dysbiosis.

Elena, 26 years old

I can not imagine my panic when the whole face turned red the month before the wedding - the rosacea escalated. Until there were abscesses, ran ran to the dermatologist. The doctor prescribed cryotherapy and taking antibiotics with doxycycline. After 2 weeks the redness was gone, the skin of the face brightened. Need I say that at the wedding I was irresistible!

Valeria, 42 years old

I still do not know what the reason is, but I was bitten by my own dog. Not only that they stitched, so also the wound began to swim. Leg swollen, walking is problematic. Traumatologist recommended to drink a course of antibiotic Doxycycline. It's good that the dog is healthy, it was not necessary to put a shot from rabies.12 days were treated, the wound was prolonged.