Yarrow - useful properties and contraindications, how to brew grass, dosage

Long since the funds given to man by nature, they help to cope with various diseases. Many plants have useful properties that have been studied for centuries by herbalists and physicians. One of these concerns the yarrow, which is now widely used to treat many diseases. This herb can have both beneficial and negative effects on the body. Therefore, before use, it is important to study yarrow useful properties and contraindications. For more information about this plant, see below.

What is the benefit of yarrow for the body

Many species of this herb( more than a hundred) are growing on the planet. For therapy, the common yarrow, ptarmik, noble is used. The first concentration is necessary for the recovery of substances. Yarrow, useful properties and contraindications are due to its composition, which is rich in healing components for the body and toxic components. What the grass contains:

  • Tannins. They have a bactericidal effect, stop the inflammatory process.
  • Carotene. Getting into the blood, thi
    s element contributes to the production of vitamin A, which positively affects the eyesight, improves growth. Beneficially affects the skin, hair and nails, strengthening them, helps the regeneration of internal tissues and epithelium.
  • Alkaloids. They are an indispensable tool for the therapy of people with poor blood clotting.
  • Vitamin K. It helps the blood to coagulate better, strengthens the walls of the vessels. Thanks to this vitamin, the herb is extremely effective with external or internal bleeding.
  • Resins. Provide a strong smell, which has grass. Resins help the body cope with microbes.
  • Silicon. Helps yarrow work as an antiseptic, healing tissue for various injuries( cuts, wounds, burns) and contributes to its recovery. Removes the inflammatory process.
  • Ascorbic acid. Increases the body's immune defense, helping it to fight many diseases on its own.

Useful properties of yarrow

Yarrow is widely used in modern medicine, having an effective effect in many diseases. His useful properties are valued both by the adherents of the people's treatment, and by the doctors of traditional views. With what pathological processes helps to cure yarrow:

  • Internal, external capillary or vascular bleeding. Useful plant substances contribute to accelerated blood clotting, strengthening of blood vessels, capillaries. Grass is valuable in that, by exerting such an effect, does not cause the formation of thrombi, this is especially true for people with thrombophlebitis.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: peptic ulcer, gastritis, duodenal pathology, colitis. Yarrow helps to normalize the acidity of the stomach, the activation of metabolism. Increases appetite and improves digestion.
  • Diseases of the liver. A useful choleretic property of the plant makes it effective in pathologies. Substances in the composition - clean the bile ducts, speeding the withdrawal of bile.
  • Diseases of the respiratory system. Yarrow is effective against tuberculosis, flu, colds. Helps cope with a cough, improves breathing, helps to sputum.
  • Pathology of the urinary system. Herbal infusion helps against urinary incontinence.
  • Skin disorders: abscesses, boils, ulcers. Ingredients in the composition heal wounds, strengthening the upper layer of the epithelium.
  • Female diseases: inflammatory processes, thrush. Yarrow normalizes the microflora, kills germs, normalizes the hormonal background. It is used in lactation to strengthen the production of milk. During menstruation, the herb helps anesthetize.

Instructions for use in medicine

Yarrow is only to be taken after consultation with a doctor, because this herb has both beneficial properties and many contraindications. The doctor will individually select the treatment using this plant. In pharmacies, you can find oil, tablets, yarrow infusions, which are used for bleeding, respiratory diseases, hemorrhoids, to improve blood coagulability, relieve inflammation, against fungus and various skin lesions. It is important to strictly follow the dosage, otherwise there may be dizziness, nausea, rash.

Yarrow treatment: folk recipes

The use of the natural component occurs in different forms. You can prepare such folk remedies from yarrow, like a decoction, infusion, tea, make ointment or juice. Each type of medicinal potion has its own characteristics, which are suitable for the therapy of certain diseases. Below, see several proven folk recipes with photos that will help you prepare these remedies and apply them correctly.

Recipe for making juice

To make this folk remedy, take the flowers of the plant, grind and squeeze the juice through the gauze. Take every day from two to four teaspoons, depending on the severity of the disease. Juice helps to cope with cholelithiasis, lactation, internal bleeding. Can be used as a remedy for external injuries.

Preparation of the decoction

Throw a teaspoon of yarrow into a small saucepan, refill with freshly boiled water. Make a small fire, cook the folk remedy about ten minutes. After this time, remove from the plate. Let it brew for at least twenty minutes. Strain the broth. Take half a glass three times a day to treat various diseases, such as bronchial asthma, colds and skin diseases, severe headaches.

Herb infusion

To make the tincture, measure out two teaspoons of the dried plant. Pour them a glass of steep boiling water. National means insist for at least an hour. Divide the resulting liquid, after having filtered it, into several steps. It is advisable to drink the infusion before eating. This option especially helps women suffering from uterine bleeding.

Tea from flowers

Yarrow tea has a pleasant herbaceous taste. To cook, take a teaspoon of the plant, pour boiling water. Cook for one minute. Allow to brew for about ten minutes and cool down, then strain. Add 1 tea in a glass of tea. Honey for taste. It helps with allergies, infections, arthritis, is used to eliminate toxins, to improve appetite. Take 3 times a day, 15-20 minutes before meals.

Yarrow ointment

Ingredients for the preparation of folk remedy: lard, fresh plant leaves. Take the ingredients in a one-to-one ratio. Leaves well chop, suppress, mix with bacon( it is possible to use a meat grinder).Ointment is excellent for wounds, burns, purulent skin lesions, bruises. The agent improves metabolic processes in the lesions, contributing to the recovery of the epithelium.

Contraindications to use

The use of the plant during pregnancy is excluded. Substances contained in the composition can cause uterine contractions leading to miscarriage. Also, the level of estrogen hormones increases, a large number of which can provoke premature birth of a pregnant woman or start a pathological process in the development of the child. Who else is contraindicated with this herb:

  • to people with allergies to substances in the composition;
  • for patients with high blood coagulability who underwent infarction;
  • hypertensive patients, epileptics.

Video about medicinal properties of leaves and yarrow inflorescences

Long-term yarrow is a storehouse of medicinal substances that determine its useful properties. The detailed information about this plant will help you better understand how the grass affects the body. The host of the next video interestingly tells about how the herb promotes the treatment of diseases. In the same place you can find out what the yarrow looks like in a natural environment, about the smell and taste of a plant. The girl will provide information about when to harvest yarrow and how to take it. See the fascinating movie about the useful properties of the plant: