Exfoliating pedicure socks, foot mask with Aliexpress: user manual, reviews. How to buy socks for pedicure exfoliating in China by Aliexpress: an overview, a catalog with a price

Article will tell you about what pedicure socks are, how to use them and where to order in Aliexpress?


  • Exfoliating pedicure socks, foot mask with Aliexpress: user manual
  • Socks for pedicure gel, from cracks on the heels of Sosu and Baby Foot in China on the Aliexpress: review, catalog with the price
  • How to keepSocks for a pedicure - masks for legs or foots, with Aliekspress?
  • Can pedicure socks be used for pregnant women with Aliexpress?
  • Pedicure acid peeling socks, foot mask with Aliexpress: reviews
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Exfoliating pedicure socks, foot mask with Aliexpress: instruction manual

Pedicure isNot only a good habit, but also a mandatory procedure for the beauty and health of the feet. Pedicure involves not only cutting the nails, but also removing the coarsened layer of skin from the feet, fingers and heels. Of course, this can all be done manually with a number of special tools, such as:

  • Electric saws
  • Grinders
  • Pumice and brushes
  • Finger spacers
  • Razor for heels

Special attention deserves such a device asPedicure socks. They are necessary in order to easily and effectively remove from the feet of coarse skin, nourish and moisturize the skin. There are several types of pedicure socks:

  • For removing coarse skin
  • Nourishing, softening and moisturizing foot masks
  • Foot peeling

The peculiarity of pedicure socks is that they are better than anything, they can exfoliate dead skin and dead skin withStop, making the legs incredibly smooth and gentle. The secret of the action of this remedy is simple - inside the socks is a special substance that deeply nourishes the skin and makes peeling. You do not even have to do anything and rub it hard with pumice stone! All that is required of you is to wear socks and stay in them for a while, and then wash and remove the remedy.

The substance allows each skin cell to be updated by regeneration. In the composition of the substance are acids( for example, lactic and salicylic), which are fighting for the beauty and health of the skin. After removing the entire old layer of skin( this occurs within two weeks), you have a "young", velvet and pink skin. Pedicure nosochki do it completely painlessly, "removing" all the burrs and calluses, cracks and plantar warts.

IMPORTANT: For the procedure to be effective for you, it is necessary to follow the instructions given on the packaging of each product. There is indicated the exact time of wearing socks and the procedure after the procedure, as well as the frequency of application per week.

  • Open the bag
  • Wear the socks( there are two types of socks: with the already soaked napkin insideOr with a bag, which should be squeezed into the socks).
  • Any socks with the effect of a moisturizing mask or peeling can be purchased on the pages of the store of Aliexpress .Here you will enjoy a wide range of assortments and pleasant prices. If you have never made a purchase in Aliexpress , read the special instruction and go through the simple registration here .You will also be helped by specially prepared information on the rules of the first order of and the bonus program of the store.

    Store Assortment Store assortment

    Socks for pedicure gel, from cracks on the heels of Sosu and Baby Foot in China to Alyekspress: a review, a catalog with the price

    On the website of the store you can also find such a subcategory of the product as gel socks fromCracks. They look very unusual, because they should only be worn on the heel area. Socks intensively moisturize the rough skin on the heels, relieving it of coarse pieces and thereby carrying out the prevention of deep and painful cracks.

    In Aliexpress, the socks of two manufacturers are very popular and popular: Sosu and Baby Foot. Each has established itself as an effective and effective tool that will help moisturize the skin of the feet and rid it of flaws. The principle of the action of the socks is one - they should be worn on cleaned legs and kept for a while, the procedure should be done several times with a temporary break( read the instructions on each pack carefully).Typically, the time for peeling takes about 2 weeks.

    In Aliekspress you can purchase:

    • Socks with exfoliating mask for feet
    • Socks with moisturizing cream for heels
    • Purifying Mask Peeling Foot
    • Socks, removing corns and calluses
    How do the socks for pedicure work? How do socksFor a pedicure?

    How to keep pedicure socks - foot masks, with Aliexpress?

    If you can not make out the instructions on the product package, you should use the general recommendations:

    • fully prepare the legs to
    • procedure Put pedicure socks, all carefully seal stickers that come in a set, the means could not climb out.
    • Over pedicure socks, wear ordinary socks
    • time holding socks on his feet - 2 hours
    • After that balances should be washed off
    • Full result( skin renewal), you will notice after 2 weeks.
    Alternative to peeling Alternative peeling

    Can I use a pedicure socks pregnant with Aliekspress?

    Socks are perfectly safe for women in position, because all components of the substance act externally, without soaking into soft tissues. Pregnant women can without any restrictions do peeling with pedicure socks at any time.

    Pedicure socks acid-peeling, mask for feet with Aliekspress: reviews

    Valeria: «I always do myself acid peeling using a sock. This is effective and useful for the legs. The main thing is not to overdo it. Personally, my limit is 3-4 times a year, more often - it is harmful to the skin. "

    Irina: "I have never tried such a peeling, but I really want to. I always managed with a bunch of brushes and saw blades, now I'm thinking of ordering for Aliexpress. I looked at the catalog - the prices are funny, for such pennies and such an effect! ".

    Arina: «I work for manicure and pedicure for over 6 years. After the pedicure socks appeared on the market, my work became not so complicated and unpleasant. Its customers always recommend doing it this way peeling »

    Video:" Socks for pedicure baby foot »