What is laser lipolysis? Laser widolysis of the widow's hump, face: before and after photos

Recently, the procedure for getting rid of excess fat using the laser is gaining increasing popularity. Lipolysis is a painless effect of radiation on subcutaneous deposits.


  • How is the procedure of laser lipolysis?
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  • Can I remove the widow's hump with laser lipolysis?
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  • Contraindications for laser lipolysis
  • Who needs laser lipolysis: advice and feedback
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How does laser lipolysis work?

Laser lipolysis is a kind of intervention aimed at correcting the plasticity of the body. This is one of the most effective ways to quickly lose weight.

Simply put, this is laser liposuction. Under the action of the laser, the fat cells are destroyed and removed. Like any intervention, laser lipolysis has both advantages and disadvantages.

Effect of laser on fat deposits influence of laser fat

course is an effective tool that can get rid of excess fat, and a number of diseases. It is able to penetrate even those parts of the body where no physical load and diet will not help get rid of excess weight. Laser lipolysis is successfully used on all parts of the body: arms, legs, stomach, sides and even chin.

This intervention is different in that it does not require a period of long recovery after the procedure.

This intervention is performed using a special medical device. It is placed on the skin where it emits a minimal glow. Under this influence, fat cells lose their structure and form. Fat is absorbed into the bloodstream and then filtered through the liver.

Hardware laser equipment for lipolysis hardware laser lipolysis equipment

Laser lipolysis is considered one of the safest to remove fat deposits procedures. The laser does not damage blood vessels and important nerve fibers, after removal of the apparatus on the skin there are no traces.

The procedure for laser lipolysis is considered to be a stimulator for skin production of collagen - a substance that preserves its youth and elasticity.

Video: "Laser lipolysis, description of the procedure»

What is a cold laser lipolysis?

The biggest advantage of this procedure is that it acts as delicately as possible on the skin.

The effect of the laser does not leave any effects and is suitable for all skin types. The advantage of this method is that it can be used everywhere, even in the most delicate parts of the body:

  • in the axillary basins
  • on the neck
  • on the chin
  • on the cheeks and face
  • in the intimate areas
  • under the chest
  • In the region of elbows and knees
Laser lipolysis can be practiced on all parts of the body laser lipolysis can be practiced on all parts of the body

This procedure is different in that it leaves absolutely no traces on the skin after it: no bruises, no bruises, no incisions, no scars,and injections, no redness.

"Laser liposuction" is completely safe for use in any areas. The area of ​​its action is purely local, so it does not affect other parts of the body.

Cold laser lipolysis does not require any additional laundry, as is normally required after standard liposuction.

Laser Liposuction Procedure performing the laser liposuction procedure

The effect of the "fat dissolution" procedure can be seen after the first procedure. You can boldly prepare for the fact that for the first trip to the doctor lose up to four centimeters of volume.

Video: "Cold laser lipolysis"

What are the devices for laser lipolysis?

Cold laser lipolysis is the only way to get rid of excess weight without any surgical intervention and get the desired result.

This is absolutely not a traumatic tool that is popular among women and men. To conduct two types of laser treatments can be used:

  • diode
  • neodymium

Exerting influence on the membrane of the fat cell and the laser destroys its own fat excreted from the body.

Лазерный аппарат для проведения косметологических процедур "лазест" laser device for beauty treatments "Lazest»
  • Apparatus "Lazest" - one of the most popular in cosmetology. It is successfully used for lipolysis on different parts of the body
  • Practice shows that 80% already have the right to go to work after a cold liposuction. Apparatus affects power laser wave does not destroy blood vessels and leaves no hematomas
  • fat cells decomposition products excreted independently
  • Laser apparatus «Bodeless» able to locally act on the various zones and remove any fat: sides, folds on the abdomen, armpitssecond chin
  • Acting on the skin, the device improves skin metabolism and gives elasticity
  • powerful laser wave stimulates the production of collagen in a sufficient amount to for rejuvenationand and giving it a healthy, smart kind
Лазерный аппарат "bodeless" laser apparatus «Bodeless»

Laser lipolysis person, photo before and after

Laser lipolysis allows a person to make a detailed qualitative liposuction on her face. This procedure will not leave any hematomas, and therefore immediately after it you can live the same life. Laser lipolysis can reduce the amount of cheeks and permanently remove the second chin.

The face after this procedure is fresh, elastic and elastic. Moreover, the collagen produced by the skin smoothes mimic wrinkles and relieves of acne.

Лазерный липолиз лица, фото "до" и "после" laser lipolysis person photo "before" and "after»

Laser lipolysis chin, photo before and after

second chin - folds of fat that accumulates over the years. It is located in a remote place. It is almost impossible to remove it with exercise or while sitting on a diet. It is not uncommon that the second chin is a family feature.

Laser lipolysis is an excellent way to remove the second chin once and for all painlessly, quickly and simply for several sessions.

Второй подбородок после лазерного липолиза, фото "до" и "после" chin after laser lipolysis photos "before" and "after»

Laser lipolysis stomach, before and after photos

As is known, the most difficult to remove excess fat from the abdomen. This requires heavy physical effort and adherence to a strict diet with a minimum amount of calories.

Laser lipolysis makes it possible to remove excess fat accumulations where necessary. Thanks to the skin's production of collagen, the stomach becomes quite elastic and taut.

Лазерный липолиз живота ,фото "до" и "после" laser lipolysis of the abdomen, photos "before" and "after"

Is it possible to remove the widow hump with laser lipolysis?

  • The so-called "widow's hump" is a grease that appears on the neck from the back. He appears because of the monotonous lifestyle, monotonous work, which requires the same movements, for example, with secretaries, teachers or seamstresses.
  • This adipose grows approximately on the seventh cervical vertebra and it is very difficult to remove it naturally: it is worth doing regularExercise and completely change the habits of
  • Frequent intensive massages are also prohibited because a large artery passes under the zhirovik. And a strong massage can block the blood flow that comes to the brain. This leads to poor health. Laser lipolysis is a proven remedy for getting rid of a wen very effectively and permanently
Laser lipolysis laser lipolysis

Video: "Laser lipolysis in combating hump"

Laser neck lipolysis, photos before and after

Perhaps no one has ever heard that there is a diet that allows you to "lose weight" neck. It's true, only the person's predisposition to harmony and laser liposuction can make the neck delicate and elegant.

Moreover, this procedure can tighten sagging skin, make it supple and rejuvenate. Laser neck lipolysis is one of the most popular procedures. It requires only a few sessions and is completely painless, and leaves no trace.

Contra-indications for laser lipolysis

Laser lipolysis is the most modern way of eliminating fat deposits on the body. Laser waves and rays are able to heat the tissue and release lipids - fats.

Released lipids enter the bloodstream and are naturally disposed of through the body. The patient does not experience any unpleasant sensations during the procedure.

Step-by-step implementation of lipolysis at different sites of the body step-by-step implementation of lipolysis in different parts of the body

But like any intervention, this procedure has several contraindications. Laser lipolysis can not be performed:

  • for pregnant women
  • for women with lactation
  • for people who have blood diseases
  • for people with blood vessel disease
  • for people with heart disease
  • for people with a liver disease
  • for people with diseased kidneys

The liver and kidneys act in this procedure as a kind of "filter", which cleans the blood from excess lipids. Therefore, one should be especially careful and make sure of the health of the internal organs.

Who needs laser lipolysis: advice and feedback

This procedure is necessary for those who are struggling with imperfections of their body all their lives. Of course, you need to be active and not a lazy person, because the laser does not get rid of fats and does not make them disappear. It breaks their structure, and therefore gives a "push" to their rapid disposal.

Yes, and the blood after the laser is saturated with products of "decay".Therefore, physical exertion after the procedure is a prerequisite. With this recommendation, you can track the effectiveness of lipolysis and get rid of the hated sides, the second chin and the "wings" under the armpits.

Video: "Laser lipolysis"