Diet 1000 calories per day: an approximate menu for a week and for every day for weight loss. The correct diet and simple recipes for 1000 calories for weight loss. How much you can lose weight per month on a diet of 1000 calories a day: reviews and results of those who have lost weight

Dietary menu, in which a day you consume no more than 1000 calories.


  • Plan fractional food for a balanced diet to 1000 calories a day
  • set of low-calorie foods for a diet 1000 calories a day: list
  • What foods can not be eaten on a diet of 1000 calories a day: list
  • Proper diet and a rough menu for the week and onevery day to lose weight on a diet of 1000 calories a day
  • What can you eat 1,000 calories a day: a list of dishes
  • Simple recipes for 1000 calories for weight loss
  • How to burn 1000 calories a day?
  • How much can you lose 1000 calories per day on a diet?
  • Diet 1000 calories a day: reviews and results lost weight
  • Video: We carry a food diary, watching the calories

What a girl does not want to look good? And this will help in this wonderful diet, which is designed for 1000 calories a day. About it and will be discussed in the article.

A fractional diet plan for a balanced diet per 1000 calories per day

The energy value of foods,

that is, their caloric value, is measured in calories. This means the amount of energy received by the body from food, with its full assimilation.

There is a basic daily minimum of the number of calories that a person should receive to ensure normal mental and physical activity. Each person's need for energy is different and depends on age, sex, lifestyle, physiological characteristics.

Often with food, we get a lot more calories than our body requires, and this entails a set of extra kilograms. Limiting the amount of calories consumed is the basis of any diet to reduce weight.

Lately, especially popular was the express - diet 1000 calories, whose main requirements are:

  • total number of calories the whole of the daily diet should not be more than 1000
  • calorie vegetable food consumed daily( vegetables, herbs, fruits)
  • mandatory inclusion of protein foodsOf animal origin
  • diet nutrition is fairly balanced and includes fats, carbohydrates, proteins, mineral and vitamin components

It is very important to take into account not only the volume and caloric contentThe type of food consumed, but also the manner in which it is used. Familiar to us three meals a day is not the best option at this diet as:

  • longer intervals between meals, the lower the level of blood glucose, and cortisol( the stress hormone) - above. And it, in turn, changes the metabolic processes in the body.
  • with three meals a day our body has time to learn all the energy from the food received, and a new portion is not expected soon. This leads to the fact that the body begins to postpone the substances "in reserve" in the form of fat deposits.
  • the stronger the hunger, the stronger our desire to eat a large amount of food.

For fractional food, food is delivered at regular intervals. Therefore, there is no postponement of fat "for a rainy day."In addition, small portions are quickly digested, which facilitates the absorption of nutrients in full.

Share the calories correctly Separate calories correctly

Fractional meals with a diet to 1000 calories assumes such meals:

  • breakfast first - "slow carbs"( cereal, porridge, bread) and low-fat protein( cheese, eggs).These products are digested long enough to provide energy for the whole day. Therefore, you will not feel hungry for a long time.
  • breakfast the second( lunch) - fruit or juice, nuts.
  • dinner - soups( vegetable, on a weak fish or chicken broth), stewed vegetables, lean meat.
  • snack - nuts, fruit, dairy products.
  • dinner - vegetables, allowed a small piece of fish, meat, seafood.
  • evening snack - sour-milk products( with a strong desire for something sweet - dried fruit or a spoonful of honey).

The distribution of calories for a given diet is recommended as follows:

  • breakfast with lunch - 300 kcal each
  • intermediate meals - 50-100 kcal
  • dinner - 200-250 kcal

The basic rules of this type of diet food:

  • intermediate meals should be less than basic meals in 2 times.
  • breakfast is better to make the most energetically nutritious reception.
  • a break between meals - not exceeding 3.5 hours.
  • the last undershot - no later than 1.5 hours before bedtime.
  • dinner should not be the main meal.
  • daily water rate - not less than 1,5-2 liters.
  • drink water no later than 30 minutes before meals and not earlier than an hour after it.
  • you need to eat strictly according to the order.
  • if one of the meals is missed, you can not add this portion to the next reception.
  • eat slowly, chewing the food carefully - the products are then better absorbed, and the brain receives a signal about saturation faster.
  • does not need to count calories in drunk tea or coffee, count the amount of milk and sugar added to drinks.
  • avoid excessive physical exertion, prefer yoga or pilates.
  • use small-sized dishes - reducing portions will not catch your eye.
  • purchase electronic kitchen scales to weigh a portion of food and count how many calories it contains.
Calorie Calculation Calculation of calories

We draw your attention to the fact that the amount of 1000 calories is much less than the average adult needs per day. Therefore, you can switch to food with consumption of less than 1200 calories only after consulting a doctor.

A set of low-calorie foods for a diet of 1000 calories a day: a list of

In this diet, the main products are those that have a low glycemic index. This most vegetables( raw or stewed), fruits and berries( except grapes, melons and bananas).

In addition, it is necessary to eat lean meats in boiled or baked form without adding fat:

  • chicken
  • turkey
  • veal
  • rabbit

It is recommended to eat fish more often:

  • cod
  • perch
  • navaga
  • tuna
  • pollock
A set of low-calorie foods A set of low-calorie products

Be sure to include inRation of eggs in small quantities and low-fat dairy products:

  • kefir
  • curd
  • whey
  • yogurt

In addition, be sure to consume porridge:

  • oatmeal
  • gr
  • barley
  • corn
  • brown, wild rice

Season the food with spices that help accelerate the metabolism:

  • with hot red pepper
  • cum sauce
  • cinnamon
  • with dry ginger
Low calorie too tasty Low-calorie too tasty

In addition to purified water during the day, you can drink:

  • juiceDiluted)
  • tea( preferably green)
  • little coffee
  • cocoa in a small amount

What foods can not be eaten on a diet of 1000 calories a day: a list of

As with any diet aimed at reducing weightAnd, it is necessary to refuse high-calorie products:

  • of bakery products from premium flour( replace with rye, oatmeal and whole grain flour products)
    fried foods, as when frying, fat is used.
  • of mayonnaise sauces, ketchup( season with vegetable oil or fat-free yoghurt).
  • fatty meat, fish and dairy products. Jam and jam( use natural honey).
  • sweet carbonated drinks( replace with green tea or diluted juices).
  • sweets( it is better to replace them with a bit of bitter chocolate).
  • alcohol( a glass of wine or beer can contain half the daily calorie rate).
  • fast food.
  • smoked products, sausages( due to the high content of salt and fat).
Forbidden Products Forbidden products of

In addition, it is recommended to limit consumption:

  • unpolished cereals
  • of starchy vegetables( potatoes, Jerusalem artichoke, beets, pulses)
  • very sweet fruits( grapes, figs, dates, persimmons)
  • coffee( not more than 2 cups)
  • oilsbutter( no more than 20 grams)

proper diet and a rough menu for the week, and every day to lose weight on a diet of 1000 calories a day

diet based on 1000 calories daily, will benefit only with proper preparation of the menu - always Mr.noobraznogo and balanced. In addition, consider that the products are absorbed by the human body at different rates: meat with fish - longer, and vegetable food requires less time. Therefore in the afternoon your meal should be more easy.

should be noted that to calculate the exact number of calories contained in the products, it is very difficult, because their caloric may vary under the influence of various factors:

  • preparation
  • way
  • storage

growing therefore error in the calculations can be up to 200 kcal. For correct counting, use the calorie tables of the products. In addition, the packaging, as a rule, indicates the content of calories in 100 g of product.

Before starting a diet, consider your daily diet, calculate calories using the tables, and purchase the necessary products. We offer an approximate weekly menu designed in such a way that this diet does not cause deficiency of the microelements necessary for a person and does not harm your body.

Day 1:

  • breakfast I - 100 grams of cottage cheese low fat, a slice of bread( rye or dietary), buttered
  • breakfast II - the fruit of your choice( apple, orange, peach, pear, apricot or plum( 2 pieces).)
  • lunch - a plate of vegetable soup, 120 g baked( cooked) poultry, 120 g of cabbage( leaf) lettuce
  • snack - 25g nuts
  • dinner - 2 sardines( in juice) 250 g of steamed any non-starchy vegetables
  • evening snack - a glass skimKefir

Day 2:

  • breakfast I - 120 g buckwheat porridge, egg, gYepfrut
  • breakfast II - 70 g fat-free yogurt
  • lunch - a portion of mushroom soup, 120 g of veal boiled or baked, 1 tomato
  • snack - 120 fresh berries( raspberries, blueberries, currants, cherries, strawberries)
  • dinner - Greek salad
  • evening snack- 50 g yoghurt lean
Separate foods for each meal Separate products for each reception

food Day 3:

  • B I - 130 g of oatmeal boiled in skim milk with a teaspoon of honey and fresh or frozen berries
  • breakfast II - boiled boiled egg, 1 carrots with a teaspoonOilvegetable
  • lunch - bean soup, 150 g of the broccoli or cauliflower 150 g of steam fish
  • snack - 100 g salad of different fruits
  • dinner - 100 g of brown rice, 70 g chicken boiled, 100 g of radish
  • evening snack - a glass nonfat yogurtDay 4:

    • breakfast I - omelet from 2 eggs, boiled green beans, diet cereal with thin layer of creamy butter
    • breakfast II - yogurt( with cereals), 1 fruit( any)
    • lunch - 100 grams of pasta with tomatoes, 150 g of baked sea fish100 g of cucumbers with a drop of olive oil
    • snack - baked apple cinnamon and honey
    • dinner - 220 g of cabbage meat, 150 g of pepper Bulgarian
    • evening snack - 50 g of curds skim

    Day 5:

    • B I - 130 g cheese quiches,120 g any fruit
    • breakfast II - a glass of carrotSoy sauce, 1 grain loaf
    • lunch - 250 grams of low-fat fish soup, 100 g of stewed turkey, 150 g of raw vegetables salad
    • a snack - grapefruit, 2 nuts
    • dinner - 120 grams of omelette protein, 1 sardine, 130 grams of arugula salad, Celery and green onions, seasoned with 1 tsp. Juice of lemon
    • evening snack - 1 cup of kefir

    Day 6:

    • breakfast I - 100 brown rice, 1 boiled egg, 100 cucumbers
    • breakfast II - a glass of banana milkshake
    • lunch - 200 g vegetable soup, 100 g boiled chicken, 100 gGreen peas
    • snack - 70 g yoghurt with berries
    • dinner - 100 grams of rabbit stewed with eggplant or zucchini, 1 tomato
    • evening snack - 1 slice of diet bread with 1 tbsp. Skim curd
    Eat more vegetables Eat more vegetables

    Day 7:

    • breakfast I - 200 g of fruit salad dressed with low fat yogurt and sprinkled with chopped almonds
    • breakfast II - rye bread with a slice of hard cheese
    • lunch - 120 g of baked potatoes, 100 grams of fish, 150G stewed vegetables
    • afternoon snack - 2 - 3 pcs.dried fruits( apricots, prunes, figs)
    • dinner - 150 g veal boiled, 200 grams of salad of raw vegetables
    • evening snack - 1 glass of nonfat yogurt

    You can adjust the suggested daily set of products, focusing on their taste preferences and routines: the most satisfyingTake meals from lunch to dinner or swap the first and second breakfasts, if in the morning they are not used to eating.

    What can you eat 1,000 calories a day: a list of dishes Diet

    capable of accepting 1,000 calories a day is good because there is no need to limit yourself too much in food and refuse from the usual and favorite foods. The main thing to know how many calories a portion of a dish contains.
    offer a list of dishes that you can incorporate into your daily diet:

    for breakfast( 250-300 kcal):

    • omelet from 2 eggs with vegetables
    • cottage cheese casserole( 120 g)
    • portion of mashed potatoes without butter
    • floor plates breast rice porridge
    • pancake with cottage cheese( 2 pcs.)
    • fruit salad of banana, persimmons, kiwi and the like with a spoon of yoghurt
    • oatmeal in water with dried apricots and prunes( 200 g)
    Light breakfast Light breakfast

    For lunch( 300 kcal):

    • smallA plate of meat salad
    • vegetable soup with pasta
    • hepaticSteti( 120 g)
    • baked fish cream sauce( 150 g)
    • meatballs( 2 pcs.)
    • chicken patties( 2 pcs.)
    • beef stew( 150 g)
    • pizza with seafood, olives and greens( 100 g)
    A hearty meal Hearty lunch

    For dinner( 200-300 kcal):

    • cabbage rolls without sauce( 2 pieces)
    • vinaigrette
    • fish casserole with vegetables( 150 g)
    • eggplant caviar( 150 g)
    • chicken drumstick in lean sauce( 1 pc.)
    • Greek salad with skimmed curds
    • pumpkin soupg)
    • small plate of risotto with mushrooms
    • trout baked with tomatoes( 200 g)
    Dietary dinner Dietary dinner

    Simple recipes for 1000 calorie diet

    Dietary dishes can be not only useful but also delicious. Even if you consume no more than 1000 calories a day. Here are some simple recipes for this diet:

    with tuna salad( 200 g contains 150 kcal):

    • packaging mix salad mix with a can of canned tuna
    • add chopped tomato and 1 tbsp. L.sunflower seeds
    • tuck 2 tablespoonslemon juice

    Kasha( buckwheat, rice, barley, corn) with a mushroom sauce:

    • weld loose cereal
    • 200 g of fresh mushrooms coarsely cut onion cut into 1
    • semicircles fry onion with mushrooms 2 tspvegetable oil for about 10 minutes
    • pritrusite 1 tspFlour
    • add 200 ml skim milk
    • season with scented pepper and a little salt
    • cook until thick
    • pour 150 g ready porridge 100 g sauce( about 250 kcal)
    Porridge with mushroom sauce Porridge with mushroom sauce

    Baked apples with cottage cheese( 200 g equal to 300 kcal):

    • 250 g of cut apple core
    • 150 g low fat cottage cheese pound with 1 yolk and 1 tspHoney
    • add 15 grams of washed raisins
    • stuff the curd mixture with apples
    • sprinkle with cut nuts
    • put in heat-resistant form
    • pour a little water
    • bake at 180 degrees 15-20 minutes

    Beef Stroganoff liver( 200 g - about 220 kcal):

    • 130g liver( chicken or beef) cut into strips
    • pritrusite lightly with flour
    • fry spoon
    • vegetable oil, add chopped onion
    • season spices and salt
    • pour 250 g milk
    • simmer over a low heat for about 5 - 7(200 g - 300 kcal):

      • fry 200 g of chicken fillet cut into small pieces
      • cut diced carrots, celery stalk, onion and Bulgarian pepper
      • combine with
      • meat and salt pepper
      • after 7 minutes add the chopped tomato, A clove of garlic and 1 tbsp. Green parsley
      • cook for 15-20 minutes
      • boil 120 g pasta
      • combine with meat and vegetables
      Vegetable soup Vegetable soup

      vegetable soup( 300 ml equal to 70 kcal):

      • boil 2 l of water
      • add 1 crocked carrots and 1 celery root
      • throughMinutes 5 add cauliflower( 100 g) and zucchini( 100 g)
      • season with spices
      • toss the cut greens and crushed garlic
      • boiled egg cut into mugs and put into a bowl
      • pour soup with

      Omelet with vegetables( 150 g equal 200 kcal):

      • Proteins 2 eggs whisk with 2 tablespoons.milk
      • pripustit chopped vegetables( asparagus, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini)
      • pour egg mixture
      • cover foil
      • bake in oven for about 7 minutes

      schnitzel chicken( 150 g - 250 kcal):

      • chicken breast soak in kefir
      • roll in corn flour
      • fry in 1 tbsp. Vegetable oil
      Chicken Schnitzel Chicken schnitzel

      Sea fish casserole( 200 g contain about 200 kcal):

      • cauliflower disassemble on inflorescences
      • place in
      • form in the center place frozen fish fillet
      • season with spices
      • around place the sliced ​​tomato tomatoes
      • from above place onion rings
      • bake 20-30 min
      • sprinkle with greens

      How to burn 1000 calories per day?

      According to dieticians, 1000 calories is the equivalent of 111 grams of fat in our body. Is it possible to get rid of them in a day?

      Fitness trainers claim that it's almost impossible to spend 1000 calories per training session. The loss of 600 kcal is already a great success. The effectiveness of sport to lose weight depends on many factors:

      • fitness human
      • regular classes
      • individual characteristics of the organism
      • diet and diet emotional state

      According to experts of the usual morning exercises, performed in a very fast pace, helps burn more calories. We offer the following variant:

      I circle:

      • jumps with the raising of hands and feet to the sides - 100 times
      • squats - 100 times
      • curls - 75 times
      • pushups - 20 times
      • bappers - 10 times
      Practice physical exercises Practice physical exercises

      II circle:

      • jumpswith the breeding of the arms and legs to the sides - 50 times
      • twisting - 45 times
      • squats - 50 times
      • «strip» - 45

      most effective for the rapid loss of calories are the following types of training:

      • cycling - 600 kcal / h
      • climbing- 700 kcal / h
      • jumping rope - 650 kcal / h
      • combat sports - 700 kcal / h
      • jogging at a moderate pace - 600 kcal / h
      • Tennis - 800 kcal / h
      • swimming at a moderate pace - 600 kcal / h
      • hulahup - 400 kcal/ h
      • step aerobics, rhythmic dancing, belly dancing - 350 kcal / h
      Tennis contributes to the burning of calories Tennis helps burn calories

      Considering these indicators, it is possible to determine for themselves the necessary physical activity to burn 1000 calories per day:

      • start the day with a 30-Minute morning jogging
      • engage in intense physicsKimi training not less than 1.5 hours per day
      • if possible to get to work on foot in an intense pace( so you can burn 150 calories in half an hour)
      • evening while watching TV twist
      Drink tea with ginger hulahup Drink tea with ginger

      In addition, follow these simple guidelines:

      • every morning, drink an glass of warm water with a teaspoon of lemon juice on an empty stomach - this will help start the metabolic process
      • more laugh - it is proved that 15 minutes of laughter burn calories in an amount equal to that which is containedI tile
      • chocolate added to tea ginger root, food seasoned with cayenne pepper - it will speed up food digestion process
        often clean up the apartment - final cleaning for an hour burns about 300 calories
      • play with the kids - active walking will help burn up to 400 calories perHour
      • avoid unnecessary "wrapping" - in the cold the body spends more calories. That's why it is recommended to sleep naked

      How much can you lose 1000 calories per day on a diet for a month?

      If you follow a diet of 1000 calories, an average of about 0.5-2 kg per week is lost. In the early days of extra pounds go faster. Then this process slows down. Thus, for a month you can lose weight by 3-8 kg.

      However, as we have already mentioned, nutrition according to the principle of "1000 calories per day" is a method of "emergency" weight loss. Nutritionists insist that this diet can not be more than a week. The maximum time in extreme cases, when you need to lose excess weight quickly - 3 weeks.

      You can lose weight by 3-8 kg You can lose weight by 3-8 kg

      Exceeding the recommended period can lead to negative consequences:

      • slowing down the metabolic processes
      • depletion of the body
      • hair loss
      • digestive, nervous, cardiac systems

      In addition, do not forget that, as with anyAnother diet, you need to return to the usual diet gradually, adding to the diet an additional 100-150 kcal per day. Otherwise, after the end of the diet, you can very quickly recruit with such difficulty the last kilograms. It is recommended to continue to follow fractional food and to limit the consumption of high-calorie foods.

      Diet 1000 calories per day: reviews and results of the grown thin

      Olga, 27 years old:

      "I was on a diet for 2 weeks, I lost 4 kg. In general, the result I'm happy with. Hungry was not, enough food. Sometimes she could even indulge in candy, but in the evening she had to give up. The result has been holding for 4 months. "

      Elena, 21 years old:

      "The diet is excellent, I dropped 9 kg in 3 weeks. I know that you can not sit on it for more than a week, but you really want to lose weight by the summer. I do not know if the former volumes will return after the diet. I hope no. I'll try to limit myself further. "

      Galina, 40:

      "After a week of diet, she dropped only 500 g, which returned very quickly during the next 2 days of normal diet. I understand that you just need to eat right and exclude sweet and flour, but it's so difficult. .. ".

      Anna, 38 years old:

      "I was on a diet for 2 weeks. Lose weight was 4 kg, of which "returned" 2 kg. But there is still a positive result. In addition, during this period the body is used to consuming less, and satiety comes faster than before. I adhere to the rules of fractional nutrition now. "

      Video: We keep a diary of a food, we follow calories