Basic rules of hypoallergenic diet for adults and children. Menu of hypoallergenic diet

The article reveals the basic principles of the hypoallergenic diet, contains a list of hypoallergenic products.


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Increasingly, there is a problem of food allergies. This ailment affects adults and children. Often it is very difficult to identify a food allergen, so you do not need to take self-medication, it's worth to see a doctor. It is the doctor who must determine the allergen and prescribe th

e treatment. Together with the treatment, the doctor will prescribe you a hypoallergenic diet.

Hypoallergenic diet for adults

To prevent the appearance of an allergic reaction to foods, a hypoallergenic diet is prescribed. The words "diet" should not be frightened.

The essence of this diet is to avoid eating allergenic foods, and if you know a particular product that is causing your allergy, if not - it will not be difficult.

The duration of the prescribed diet will depend on various circumstances, most often it is 2-3 weeks, but, for example, for nursing mothers - this is the period of breastfeeding.
For the best results, you need to follow certain rules of hypoallergenic diet:

  • the basic rule is not to overeat. You can eat often, but for a little bit
  • it is important to diversify your diet. Many people seeking to avoid allergies begin to have a very limited number of products, thereby impoverishing their diet and do not dopoluchaya necessary human minerals and vitamins

hypoallergenic diet for lactating mothers

When the child for young mothers who are breastfeeding, becomes relevant the question of diet. To date, there are two opposing points of view.

According to the first, you must adhere to a strict hypoallergenic diet. Only a limited list of products is allowed for use. In particular:

  • lean meat( rabbit, beef, chicken), but only steamed or boiled
  • buckwheat and oatmeal
  • rye bread
  • butter
  • vegetables( excluding orange and red vegetables)
  • little cheese( about 150g)
  • cheese( 30 grams)

This view is now losing ground. More and more doctors prescribe a strict hypoallergenic diet only in case the mother is allergic.

The second point of view is more loyal. Experts believe that if the mother is a healthy person, then adhere to strict limitations are not worth it. After all, by depleting your diet, both the mother and the child do not receive the necessary vitamins and trace elements, which are so necessary for the recovery of the mother and the development of the child.
most appropriate seems to adhere to the "golden meanĀ»:

  • in the first days of the child it is worth to restrict your diet
  • introduce new products should gradually and carefully observe the reaction
  • if all is well, then after 3 months, you can return to

usual food hypoallergenic dietFor children

Hypoallergenic diet for children has its own characteristics. Appointed such a diet doctor in accordance with the age of the child and identified allergen, for a period of not more than 7-10 days.

Then the products gradually begin to enter the diet back. A longer stay on the diet is not recommended, becauseFor children it is important to have a full and varied diet for full development.

hypoallergenic diet for children under one year

ideal food for infants under 6 months is considered to be the mother breast milk. After six months, supplementation is introduced. It should start with puree from low-allergenic vegetables( cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini).Supplement must be introduced in the morning, with one or two teaspoons. Gradually, the set of products and volume should be increased.

Children who are bottle-fed, recently more and more likely to suffer from allergies to cow's milk protein-piece. For such cases, hypoallergenic mixtures based on:

  • amino acids
  • hydrolyzed proteins bovine milk
  • isolate proteins soybean
  • goat milk
  • lure for such children is introduced already for 4 months of life.

Menu hypoallergenic diet for children Baby

  • hypoallergenic menu must necessarily contain vegetables, dairy products, meat and cereal dietary
  • most suitable vegetables are courgettes, cauliflower and cabbage, bright pumpkin, broccoli, potatoes. You can use yellow bell pepper, eggplant, cucumber, lettuce and greens. From meat it is best to choose a turkey, rabbit, beef. You need to cook porridge without milk and sugar
  • Fruits and berries should also be present in the diet. You can give your baby green apples, pears, plums, peaches, currants, blackberries and blueberries
  • Bread should be rye. Drying and croquet cookies also will not harm the child

Sample menu for the day:

  • breakfast: porridge, green apple, unsweetened tea
  • lunch: lean soup, meatballs with mashed potatoes, compote
  • dinner: baked turkey with vegetables, compote

Hypoallergenic diet for asthma

For people with asthma, along with the general rules hypoallergenic diet, should take into account some special features:

  • avoid products , rich oxalic acid , so how oxalic acid contributes excretion calcium from organism ( rutabaga , cocoa , spinach , sorrel )
  • not use acute and spicy dishes
  • not use alcohol
  • limit use salt ( not more 5 - 7 gram in day )
  • delete from use products with enhanced Antigenic activity ( nuts , eggs , crabs , fish , citrus )

Hypoallergenic diet for dermatitis

It is necessary to adhere to the following dietary rules for dermatitis:

  • if the allergen is known, it is necessary to completely eliminate it from the diet if you set
  • allergen is not possible, it is necessary for 2-3 weeks adhere to a strict hypoallergenic diet. After that you can gradually try to add new products to the menu. Over time, the patient develop an individual safe diet

hypoallergenic diet hives

peculiarity of hypoallergenic diet under the hive is:

  • limitation products, stimulating exemption histamine ( alcohol , strong tea , strong broths , crustaceans , nuts , strawberries , seasonings, tomatoes , chocolate , coffee , bananas )
  • limitation products , that in his composition contain histamine ( canned , wine, tomatoes , spinach , sour cabbage , sorrel, smoked )

products with a hypoallergenic diet

All products can be divided into several groups:

  • vysokoallergennye
  • sredneallergennye
  • hypoallergenic.

In the period of acute allergy eat vysokoallergennye products is prohibited. These products include:

  • alcohol
  • chocolate
  • citrus
  • vegetables and fruit red color
  • nuts
  • marinades and pickles
  • coffee
  • smoked
  • eggs
  • products, in whose composition includes preservatives And dyes

Allergenic products should be consumed very carefully. You need to monitor the condition of the body, and if there is no negative reaction, you can gradually introduce them into your diet. These products include:

  • some cereals ( Figure , millet )
  • semolina
  • some vegetables( onions , garlic , beet , turnip )
  • dairy products
  • pasta product
  • all
  • bean bread of higher wheat varieties
  • some berries( cranberries , black and white currant , blackberry )

By hypoallergenic products that are recommended are the following:

  • cereals ( especially buckwheat and oatmeal )
  • meat ( turkey , rabbit , beef )
  • dairy products
  • vegetable fats( sunflower, linseed and olive oil )
  • Green, white and yellow vegetables
  • fruit and berries ( gooseberry , apples , plums , peaches )
  • rye bread

Hypoallergenic diet table

Hypallergenic diet menu for a week


  • breakfast : porridge corn , piece mild cheese , peach , tea
  • lunch : soup of color cabbage, meatballs steam of lean pork , brown rice boiled , compote
  • snack : biokefir , handful of almonds
  • dinner : salad cabbage, boiled meat turkey , tea


  • breakfast : oat porridge , sandwich cheese, green apple , tea
  • lunch : soup with noodles , stewed potatoes with beef , compote
  • snack : biokefir , bread , fruit
  • dinner : casserole of zucchini with sour cream and meat unsweetened tea


  • breakfast: millet porridge, butter and boiled meat sandwich, pear, tea
  • lunch: soup, vegetable ragout with meat, compote
  • snack: biscuit biscuit, natural yoghurt
  • dinner: mashed potatoes, beefGoulash, tea


  • breakfast: cottage cheese with a spoon of sour cream, pear, tea
  • dinner: pumpkin soup, boiled pork with vegetables, compote
  • afternoon snack: a handful of dried fruits, bifid ice cream
  • dinner: buckwheat porridge, baked turkey meat, saladFrom cabbage and cucumber, tea


  • Breakfast: brown rice porridge, cheese, apple, tea
  • dinner: broccoli soup, pasta with boiled beef
  • snack: pear, bread, kefir
  • dinner: ratatouille from zucchini with eggplant, tea


  • breakfast:Curd casserole, peach, tea
  • lunch: soup of vermicelli, stewed potatoes with meat, jelly
  • snack: kefir, apple
  • dinner: cauliflower salad with greens, boiled meat, banana, tea


  • breakfast: a sandwich with butter and cheese, oatmeal, apple, tea
  • lunch: vegetable broth, steamed pasta with pasta, compote
  • snack: a handful of dried fruits, kefir
  • dinner: risotto, tea

Disks hypoallergenic diet: recipes

Despite strictRestriction of products, if to show imagination, it is possible to prepare tasty and various dishes. Here are some examples:

soup with cauliflower

Cauliflower - 190 g oat flakes - 30 g cauliflower - 35g, carrots - 40 g butter - 15 g sour cream - 35 g, the beam dill or parsley, vegetablebroth - 700 ml, salt

in pan in a small amount of broth melt the butter, and then simmered until half finely chopped kohlrabi and carrot slices. The remaining broth to boil and pour into it oat flakes. After boiling, add cauliflower and half-finished slices of vegetables. Cook until the ingredients are ready. Sip it with a spoon of sour cream and chopped herbs.

meatballs with zucchini squash

1, 300 g of minced turkey meat or other authorization, 125 grams of rice, green beam 40 g of cheese salt. The zucchini finely chopped. Add minced meat, greens, lightly undercooked rice and salt. Form the meatballs and sprinkle with grated cheese. Bake for about half an hour.

strict hypoallergenic diet

With strict hypoallergenic diet is necessary to carry out the following recommendations:

Hypoallergenic dairy-free diet

In establishing allergy-piece milk protein, the basic rule is to exclude from the diet of milk and dairy products: cheese, yogurt, kefir, sour cream, sour milk, and others.

In most cases, the allergy occurs only in cow's milk. Goat's milk, as a rule, is hypoallergenic.

Hypoallergenic diet reviews of

Remember that your individual diet should be developed by a doctor. In addition, do not forget to lead an active lifestyle, drink enough water and in a couple of days you will feel a surge of strength and energy.

Maria, 26 years old:

doctor appointed me hypoallergenic diet after being diagnosed - asthma.2 weeks strictly followed the diet, after which gradually began to add products. I still do not eat spicy dishes, I do not drink alcohol. The diet helped to alleviate my condition, and I also taught them to eat the right food.

Oleg, 35 years old:

I'm allergic to milk and milk products, so these products I do not drink at all. For prevention 2 times a year I keep a hypoallergenic diet. I consider this a necessary and useful measure. Diet to me and my family helps to always stay toned.

Olga, 27 years old:

I am a nursing mother, so in order not to have problems with my child, I strictly adhere to a hypoallergenic diet. I think it's better I'll wait a little and do not eat anything tasty, than I'll be rocking the crying child all night long. And my efforts bear fruit: I have a healthy and calm son.

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