How do I change my phone number to Wildberry?

The article has detailed information on how to change the phone numbe

r in the customer's personal account.


Online Shop Wildberriess occupies the highest position in the popularity among other online stores with customers in Russia. It attracts customers with a variety of clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics, household products.

  • Also it is known for that on the portal every day they give discounts, hold promotions. The network of its representations is in all major cities of Russia. Buyers at these points of issue can receive and measure the purchased goods.
  • In addition, this platform easy to use interface, if you have computer skills, you can create your personal account will not be difficult, and change their old phone number to a new succeed without problems. Further about this in detail.
Online store Wildberries. How to change the phone number on the portal?

IMPORTANT : To carry out orders of goods in this online store, beginners should register on the portal. How to do this, you can find here in the article: Registration in Russia on the Wildberries portal. If you have any questions, please contact the support service for your convenience, which works around the clock.

How do I change my phone number to Wildberry in my Dashboard?

In order to receive goods from the online store when registering, please provide only true information about yourself, including your phone number. It is on him will come SMS about the confirmation of registration, the delivery of the shipment. And the couriers with you will agree on the time for you to deliver the goods to the house. In case of phone loss or other problems, you will need to replace the number in your office with Wildberries.

Change instruction Phone number in the personal cabinet of the online store Wildberries

To change the phone number, do the following:

  1. Go to the Wildberries portal
  2. Find the tab at the top
  3. Enter your login,
  4. left to find line My Account
  5. to change the phone number on the line where the old written, enter a new number
  6. Press Send SMS
  7. come to the former code number mPhone
  8. Enter it in a special line
  9. Click on the button Confirm
  10. You will automatically receive the code for the new
  11. It should also be entered
  12. Save all the changed data.

SMS to confirm the change

SMS with confirmation code for changing the phone number to wildberries SMS with a verification code to change the phone number on Wildberries

Unfortunately, due to system failure, periodically SMS code does not reach the recipient. And it happens that the buyer accidentally deletes the SMS code. As a result, changing the number becomes problematic. By the way, the code sent to the phone is valid for seven days.

In such cases, you should write a written request to the forum. Polite operators solve your issue in the mode of correspondence.

IMPORTANT : If you lose your phone, you will not have access to the old SIM card, respectively, the code to get to it will not work. With this question again, please contact the Wildberries forum. There you can learn about new developments of portal functionality.

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