Sweet home pudding. The recipe for cooking curd, semolina, rice, banana, chocolate, milk and vanilla pudding

Pudding - a delicate dessert originally from England. The traditional recipe includes a set of simple ingredients, but the result is a delicious result. Cooking pudding is very simple at home when using multivarkers.


  • Can I make pudding in a multivariate?
  • How to prepare a cheese pudding in a multivariate?
  • How to cook a pudding from a manga in a multivark?
  • How to cook rice pudding in a multivariate?
  • How to cook a pudding for children in a multivariate?
  • How to cook a cold chocolate pudding? How to cook cold vanilla pudding?
  • How to cook a banana pudding in a multivariate?
  • How to prepare milk pudding in a multivariate?
  • How to cook a real English pudding?
  • What is Yorkshire pudding and how is it prepared?
  • How to prepare a diet pudding?
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Can I make pudding in a multivariate?

Pudding - not very popular in our country dish, but in demand and loved in Europe. Its gentle airy texture captivates with its delicate

taste, softness and refinement. Pudding is the easiest dessert, which becomes a favorite from the first spoon. Even a long time ago, this dessert was invented by the British and since then it is a traditional English dish.

Prepare pudding at home is not difficult, especially if you have a multivark available. In it the dessert is prepared without much difficulty, it turns out with the right air texture, it smells delicious and melts in the mouth.

You can cook pudding milk, rice, fruit, caramel, chocolate. It all depends on your preferences and wishes. In our time pudding is considered an exquisite dessert, but very few people know that initially it was low-class food because it was prepared from the leftovers in the fridge. In the course went everything: cereals, manga, rice, cottage cheese, sour cream, fruit.

pudding made from cottage cheese - the traditional recipe

Interesting is the fact that in some cases hundreds of years ago it took a very long time to prepare the pudding. It's not about hours and even days, certain recipes required ripening of the dish for up to two weeks.

In our life, having a multivark and modern kitchen accessories, as well as equipment, pudding can be cooked very quickly, in just a couple of hours. Some of the recipes are more suitable for breakfast, for example curd cheese puddings, others for dinner - rice, others - only for dessert - chocolate and fruit.

To prepare a tasty and correct pudding, you must follow several rules and accordingly change the modes in your multi-cook oven: cooking, baking.

pudding from multivarka

Try to cook pudding once for your family and you will be surprised at how quickly this dish will become your favorite, and most importantly - your household's in-demand. Children are happy to eat puddings at any meal. It is a useful and very tasty modern dish.

How to prepare a cheese pudding in a multivariate?

Curd pudding is very similar to the usual cottage cheese casserole, which we remember from the kindergarten. The difference is that it has a softer and more uniform texture, which gently melts in the mouth. A properly cooked pudding keeps the shape and is a wonderful dish of every day.

In order to prepare a cottage cheese pudding with the help of a multivark, use not complicated recommendations. Pudding requires a set of ingredients:

  • Cottage - half a kilo( it is desirable to give preference to the natural cream cheese, which is sold on the market by manufacturers This cheese is fatter but has a pleasant creamy taste and is useful in the reluctance depending on your needs, choose suitable for you the percentage of fat..)
  • sour - half a glass( in this case, so it is worth giving preference to natural home products, sour cream if you get in the store - choose the highest percentage of fat content)
  • egg - 4 pieces( of course with the best taste qualities have homemade eggs, but for that dish will suit any)
  • Starch - two large spoons( starch acts in a dish binder and gives it a strong texture, not givingopportunities dish disintegrate and crumble)
  • Sugar - one cup( the sweetness of each of their dishes, you are free to regulate their own, so if you have a lot of cups - reduce the amount)
  • butter - optionallywidely regarded as one only only to lubricate the walls of the bowl in multivarka and avoid harassment dishes
  • Additives taste: in this case it comes to confectionery additives, which are used to taste( vanilla, vanilla sugar, cinnamon, poppy)
simple cheesecake recipe

Cooking cheesecake:

  • Curd is necessary to rub through a sieve, it will allow the dish to find a soft and uniform texture. Of course, you can do the usual rubbing with a fork, but the more you make the effort, the better and tastier get dish
  • pureed cottage cheese mixed with the required amount of sour cream and thoroughly mixed in a separate bowl
  • yolks should be separated with a mixer or blender thoroughly whiskBefore the formation of foam. After whipping, the yolks are added to the cottage cheese mass and mixed
  • Egg whites are removed in the refrigerator for cooling.
  • . The required quantity of sugar and starch is poured into the mass. At this stage it is possible to pour the required confectionery additives: cinnamon, vanillin
  • proteins need to whip with a pinch of salt until a stable foam and then in this state to add to the total weight
  • Chashcha carefully lubricated with oil and it gently poured carefully blended mass
  • depending on how powerful you multivarka, baking the pudding in the "baking" mode or "baking" lasts from one hour to one hour and thirty minutes
  • Once the pudding is ready, not withHurry to get out of the multivark - let it stand for another hour with the lid open. This is to ensure that it has not lost its splendor and properly cooled
  • Serve this pudding can of fruit, berries and caramel sauce

How to cook semolina pudding in multivarka?

Mannege casseroles, like cottage cheese, are very familiar to us from childhood. They were often prepared by cooks in schools and gardens, as well as caring mothers who wanted to diversify and embellish our menu in every way. Pudding from manga is obtained rather dense, but tender in taste. It can be successfully combined with fresh fruits, jams and gravies.

To prepare mannogo pudding required set is not complicated ingredients:

  • Milk - in the amount of three cups( about half a liter, you can use a little more, as semolina very well "knit" and makes a dense structure)
  • semolina - eight full tablespoons( over time you will be able to try different amounts of semolina, from 6 to 10 and choose the most suitable to you)
  • eggs - two eggs( preferably choose a home that has got saturated with puddingflavor and beautiful color pale yellow tint)
  • Sugar - this recipe gives you the ability to select any amount of sugar that meets your preferences. The optimum option is the floor of the glass
maned pudding, prepared in the multivariate


  • Pour into a bowl the required amount of milk and turn the "cooking" mode
  • Without waiting time until the milk starts to boil, add the semolina
  • Munk should be cooked in milk for about fifteen to twenty minutes
  • Cook need to until the porridgewill not be a good texture( it should not be to spread and liquid)
  • The porridge can add a spoonful of vanilla sugar or pure vanilla
  • porridge is removed from the bowl and shifted into a separate bowl
  • bowl washed and oiled( cl)
  • In a separate bowl, the porridge is mixed with the yolks
  • The cooled proteins are beaten to the foam with a pinch of salt and only then mixed with the other ingredients
  • Add sugar as desired
  • The mass is poured into the baking bowl and baking is preparedThe whole hour
  • After cooking the pudding, the multivarker is turned off, but the pudding can not be removed until it is completely cooled
  • The cooled pudding is cut in portions, decorated with mint, berries and served at the table

How to cook rice pudding in a multivariate?

Rice pudding is quite an unusual dish for our table, but nevertheless, it is an excellent addition to the basic or individual breakfast. Prepare it simply if you strictly follow all the recommendations and requirements.

For the preparation of such a pudding it is required:

  • Fig. - approximately one glass. Choose a rice is not steamed and preferably round-grained. This figure produces a kind of "glue" that is able to bind all the dish and make it not crumbly
  • Milk - in the amount of three cups( the approximate number of half a liter or a little more)
  • Sugar - amount of sugar in the dish you handle yourself, Focusing on their taste preferences. It can also not be added at all, adding sweetness to berries, fruits or honey to the prepared dish.
  • Lemon - The use of lemon in a dish is desirable, but not necessary. Focus on your taste preferences
  • Cinnamon and vanillin at will to add a special pleasant aroma to the dish
rice pudding in the fruit multi-barrel

Preparation of rice pudding is very simple and straightforward:

  • Preheat milk in a multi-Without waiting for it to boil, pour rice( pre-washed under running water)
  • In the "bake" mode, cook "rice porridge" for about 30 minutes, until it thickens
  • Add the necessary quantitiesin sugar and cinnamon( if desired you can add raisins, poppy seeds or candied)
  • zest of one lemon rub on a small grater, add
  • mass Stir dish
  • When ensure that grain of rice is completely become soft - switch off multivarku,close the lid and leave the mass to complete its cooling
  • Cooled pudding cut inside Multivarki wooden spatula portions
  • pudding Decorated with a slice of lemon peel, cinnamon and fresh berries
  • can use VariousBerry and fruit sauces as a supplement

How to cook pudding for children in a multivariate?

Sometimes it happens that it is simply impossible to force a child to eat milk. The output in such situations will be baby dairy puddings, which act as a beautiful dessert.

children pudding with milk can be from simple products:

  • milk( any fat percentage) - up to half a liter
  • sugar( about a half cup, but you can use a lot less)
  • egg( for kids is to choose domestic eggs, whichMore useful)
  • flour( a floor of a glass of wheaten premium grade)
  • butter( about 20 grams)
  • starch( best to use natural potato)
  • vanillin and cinnamon to taste
  • fresh fruit and berries
pudding for children - delicious and healthy treat

Preparation of the pudding will take some time:

  • In a glass of warm milk, carefully dissolve two tablespoons of starch
  • In a separate bowl, beat the yolk with the desired amount of sugar
  • In the dishes with yolk add milk in which the starch is dissolved
  • Mix the whole mass thoroughly
  • Remaining milk boil and dissolve in it vanillin
  • Boil the milk slightly cool and pour a thin trickle into the total mass of it thoroughly mixing it
  • Melt the butter in the mikovolnovke and slowly add it to the weight of the same stirring
  • In separate bowl with a small pinch of salt whisk protein to a stable foam state
  • beaten albumen add mass and mix thoroughly
  • resulting mass should be poured in a greased bowl and leave in the "cakes "on 30-40 minutes
  • spread pudding worth only after it cools
  • garnish with fruit, berries, grated chocolate and offer

child How to make coldTh chocolate pudding?

This dish will be a wonderful decoration of the festive table, but incredibly much it will please your family members on a weekday. It is not difficult to cook, but the result is excellent. To prepare pudding needed a simple set of ingredients:

  • half tiles natural dark chocolate
  • glass of milk of any fat content( it is better to choose the most fat)
  • tablespoon sugar( for those who do not like sweet, you can do without the addition of sugar)
  • starch( preferably potato) - five teaspoons( for bonding pudding)
chocolate pudding

Preparation chocolate dessert - pudding:

  • chocolate should melt, this mozhno use a microwave oven or steam bath
  • while the chocolate is melted, it should be mixed with sugar and milk( all highly soluble milk should be heated, but do not boil)
  • dissolve the starch in a small amount of clean boiled water
  • pourStarch in the chocolate mass with a very thin trickle, thoroughly mixing it
  • the finished mass should be kept very little on a small fire all the while carefully mixing
  • when you notice that the mass of the startand the congeal - pour it into small cups and send it in the fridge to pour
  • frozen cold pudding decorated with mint chocolate chip and cinnamon

How to make cold vanilla pudding?

Vanilla pudding - a traditional English dessert, which is prepared from a set of simple ingredients: milk, eggs and thickener( we are talking about flour or the most common starch).Vanilla pudding is decorated with fruits of ripe strawberries or poured strawberry sauce. Such a dessert is very easy and useful even for those who follow their figure.

To prepare pudding required:

  • liters of high fat milk, make good use of cream and whole milk( wanting to limit the amount of calories should be chosen not fat milk)
  • half cups of sugar( the amount can be adjusted to your liking)
  • potato starch, Or corn starch - about five full tablespoons
  • two eggs( preferably prefer home eggs)
  • vanilla sugar or vanillin for flavoring
vanilla pudding


  • The total milk should be poured into a glass
  • The rest of the milk is boiled and cooled to a more or less hot state
  • The remaining glass of milk is slightly heated to dissolve the starch
  • in warm milk
  • In a separate bowl, beat eggs with sugar to a foam
  • AllIngredients are mixed and then add the milk with starch in a thin trickle, thoroughly mixing the mass, add vanillin
  • Pudding should be warmed in a pot on a small fire for about five minutes all this time, Shivaya mass
  • when he noticed that he gets a nice yellow color and thickens, remove from heat
  • Pour pudding cups and send it in the refrigerator to thicken

How to cook banana pudding in multivarka?

Banana pudding has special taste qualities. It is distinguished by the tenderness of texture, taste, color and even flavor. This fruit fills the dish with all the colors of the tropics, full of sweetness and pleasant associations. This dessert can be easily used both in its pure form, and complement it with all sorts of elements: chocolate, gravies, lemon, cinnamon.

Banana pudding will become your crowning dish any day: festive or casual.

For preparation it is necessary to prepare such products in advance:

  • apple - one large and sweet
  • banana - two large and sweet soft fruit
  • oat flakes "Hercules" - one full kitchen cup
  • sugar -But the sweetness of the dish you regulate yourself
  • milk - a glass of high-fat milk in order for the pudding to have a rich tasty flavor
  • eggs - four pieces( choose the eggs for home, they will make the dish more tasty)
  • lemon - for cooking you need a teaspoon of fruit juice only
  • butter for lubricating the edges of the mold
pudding made from bananas


  • Flakes of "Hercules" must be ground in a coffee grinder to a state of flour
  • fruit is peeled off from the skins( apples are also from seeds) and rubbed finely on a special fruit grater
  • , put the fruit mass in a separate bowl, sprinkle with cinnamon( optional), pour lemon juice and pepperShiem
  • to the fruit mass add flour obtained from flakes
  • with oil lubricated bowl multivarki
  • in the fruit mass add warmed milk
  • eggs should be separately beaten with sugar: first yolks, then - proteins until firm foam
  • all the ingredients are thoroughly mixedAnd are added to the bowl of the
  • multifunctional pudding baking in baking mode for about 60 minutes.

How to prepare milk pudding in a multivariate?

Milk pudding is an easy and pleasant dessert that will brighten up the table and become a favorite treat for all family members. It is not difficult to prepare it, but it is necessary to do it in accordance with clear recommendations and adhering to the prescription. Only then, as a result, you will get a perfectly cooked pudding.

For dairy pudding it is necessary to stock up with such a set of non-complex ingredients:

  • pure cream - about 700 milliliters( you can use milk, but cream will make the dish taste better)
  • eggs - 4 pieces( preferably used at home)
  • manga -Approximately 100 grams of cereal, which will thicken the pudding
  • sugar - the quantity for the sweetness of the dish you adjust yourself
  • cocoa - a tablespoon of powder for color and taste
  • honey - two spoons, but you can do withoutit
  • chocolate - floor tiles black
  • baking powder( need two bags or two small spoons)
  • butter - a quarter of the pack
  • fruit for decoration( any)
Delicate milk pudding


  • on fire heatable cream when equilibrated melt the therein oil and pour semolina
  • cook semolina simmer to a small thickened often stirring
  • we bring the cream to a boil, adding them cocoa and honey, sugar
  • mass should be cooled to
  • warm state in a separate bowl, beat egg yolks and sugar, add them to the cooled cream and thoroughly mixed
  • in a separate bowl whisk proteins with sugar to
  • stable foam mix all ingredients and poursof the bowl, a buttered
  • pudding baked in multivarka within an hour

How to cook a real English pudding?

  • To prepare real English pudding, pour 100 grams of flour into a separate bowl
  • Add 100 grams of crushed white bread crumbs
  • Add a glass of sugar( add to your own taste)
  • in a separate bowl,foamy state
  • pack oil( 200 grams is used, cream)
  • 100 grams of alcohol: brandies cognac yl( alcohol needed dark color, can even rum)
  • 200 grams steamed raisins in boiling water
  • peel obtained from one lemon
  • nuts, preferably almonds( fried)
  • honey
pudding English, traditional dish


  • nut thoroughly crushed
  • steamed raisins poured alcohol
  • egg whisk withsugar in a separate vessel, after the solution of sugars, adding to the weight of melted butter
  • the resulting mass add flour and breadcrumbs, all thoroughly mixed
  • add to the weight of raisins, which presentIn the alcohol
  • the bowl of the multivark oiling
  • we send the mass to the multivark and bake it in baking mode for about an hour
  • after baking pudding is not removed and about two hours are left to cool
  • the finished pudding is honeyed and decorated with walnut

The dish can be stored in the refrigerator until completely hardened, in this condition it can be stored for a very long time.

What is Yorkshire pudding and how is it prepared?

Yorkshire pudding is significantly different from what we are used to represent. This is a kind of English baking, invented, as is clear from the name in Yorkshire. This pudding is a batter that is baked in a special batter. Traditional Yorkshire pudding should have a light soft texture, but differ crispy hard crust. The correct Yorkshire pudding should be light, airy, gentle inside and crispy on the outside.

  • one third of a glass of milk( any)
  • one third of a glass of flour( white)
  • egg
pudding Yorkshire, traditional English

Preparation of the test:

  • two eggs - beat into foam with additionsugar( one spoon, but you can do without it, or add less)
  • full glass of milk - a little warm up
  • cup flour - sifted through a sieve and add to the warm milk, stir thoroughly
  • oil for the lubrication of molds( mobut use any)
  • salt and pepper to taste( you can add your favorite spices)

Yorkshire puddings are small in size and they are baked in small ceramic molds. On taste such puddings are a bit brackish, they are traditionally served to meat and fish dishes.

Each mold is carefully lubricated with a small amount of oil. A small amount of dough is poured into each mold with a scoop. Puddings are baked at 220 degrees for about half an hour, until a golden crust appears on their bonnets. Traditionally they are eaten hot.

How to prepare a diet pudding?

Those who regularly adhere to proper nutrition or sit on all sorts of diets can also please themselves with a tasty pudding. A certain set of ingredients involves its preparation from not too high-calorie foods and the use of a minimum amount of sugar.

To prepare this pudding, you need:

  • curd with 0% fat content - half a kilogram( you can just use a low fat percentage)
  • sour cream - about 100 grams of the most nonfat sour cream
  • starch - potato orcorn in the amount of two tablespoons
  • eggs - 5 units( best used home, they benefit more)
  • sugar - the amount you handle yourself, you can abandon it altogether
  • fruit and berries for decoration, coconut chips
  • milk - a small amount for diluting starch
pudding dietary on a curd basis


  • curd should be wiped through a sieve, this will give it the opportunity to make a pudding pleasant, softand homogeneous structure
  • cottage cheese is mixed with sour cream and egg yolks
  • in a separate bowl egg whites whipped with a pinch of salt and sugar with a spoon until a stable foam
  • all ingredients are thoroughly mixed
  • in a small amount of warm milk( about 50 grams) was diluted with starch and pour it into
  • weight of all ingredients thoroughly mixed
  • cup is lubricated small amount of oil, and thereto is poured
  • weight pudding baked in the "baking" 60minutes and then cool down for two hours
  • cooled pudding decorated with fresh fruit and coconut

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