Fractional diet for weight loss: benefits and reviews. Rules and a menu of fractional food for every day and for a week: table

In this article, you will learn what a fractional power system is. Also read the menu of fractional food and recipes for cooking children and adults.


  • What is a fractional power system?
  • Rules fractional power
  • benefits of fractional power
  • What should be the correct split meals for weight loss?
  • Fractional power, a daily menu for adults and children: table
  • Recipes for fractional meals for children
  • Recipes fractional power between men and women
  • Fractional power: weight loss results, photos before and after
  • What should be the correctFractional power: reviews
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To solve the problem of excess weight, fractional power is often used. This mode of eating is known for not only allows you to remove excess weight, but also has a great effect on the overall health of your health. After all, a person eats during the day evenly - without overeating five to six times a day.

Thanks to the fractional food, you will not feel unpleasant heaviness in the stomach. Al

so, the feeling of hunger will not prevent you from doing everyday things. In this mode of eating, you do not need to arrange quick snacks with light carbohydrates, fast foods, other street food, which makes fat and earn gastritis.

What is a fractional power system?

Fractional food is a special system of rational food intake, in which the daily ration is divided into small portions. If more specific, then you need to eat in three to four hours. Night sleep, of course, should not be interrupted.

What does it mean - fractional food? What does it mean - fractional power?

With such a system, can improve the metabolism of ( accelerate the absorption by the body of useful vitamins, minerals, acids).An important condition for fractional eating is the reduction of portions. Do not put food on the plate, as before, and do not eat immediately the first, second, third.

Divide these portions into several receptions. Because of this, the walls of the stomach will gradually contract, and you will lose weight, besides, the feeling of hunger will be unfamiliar to you. Try to make your menu in advance for the day, so that the food was healthy, there were no fatty, salty, fried, sweet dishes in the diet.

Fractional power. Use of fractional power Fractional power supply. The use of fractional power

The fractional power rules

If you switched to this power mode, then you should follow the following recommendations :

  • eat only useful products , reduce consumption animals fat ,use in food oils
  • drink plenty of fluids ( at least 1.8 liters per day)
  • eat often , but few
Principles of eating food on a fractional diet Principles for a meal at a fractional power

Types of fractional power :

  1. You can lose weight on different ways of rational nutrition. A very effective method is to eat a little, when you get hungry, do not look at the clock. Trust the sensations of your stomach and do not allow yourself anything extra. During this system of eating, you will eat almost all day. Well this mode is suitable only for those losing weight, who sit at home, because all the snacks should be useful( not sweet rolls or fried cakes bought at kiosks and fruit, cottage cheese, baked fish, meat, vegetables)
  2. for working longer will this systemPower supply. The basis of it is not snacks, but full-fledged meals five or six times a day. More precisely, you have to eat three times to complete a portion of some dishes, and other times to eat small amounts of food
  3. third method is premature prepare six servings a day, and then in the gradual use of them. In this case, nothing more can not eat
Rules of fractional nutrition Rules fractional power

benefits of fractional power

for systematic fractional power is obvious:

  • body is not experiencing stress, both on conventional diets, respectively will not occur stockpiling fat for future use due to lack of the amount of
  • digestion nutrients are better
  • confident consumption of wholesome food does not raise blood sugar
  • easier to respect theefficient power system than on diets
  • no lethargy, wasting feelings of sleepiness, as
  • diet improves the function of all body systems, normal sleep
The use of fractional nutrition Use of fractional food

What should be the correct fractional diet for weight loss?

For weight loss you will have to gradually reduce portions, there is only useful products. Switch to the correct fractional food should be phased. Often it is difficult to lose weight such regime and cut portions.

But in order to become beautiful, you need willpower. Based on the experience of people who have already lost weight on such a food system, it will be easier to switch to it if you follow the recommendations:

  • at first, within three to four days get used to the very mode of eating, eat a little, but six times a day(eating habits just do not change)
  • when you have become accustomed to a six-eating small portions, substitute diet( it is enough three or four days)
  • then start to cut portions( ideally at a time to eat 200 grams of food)
  • notForgetThose who drink water, not less than 1.5-2 liters per day
Fractional diet for weight loss Fractional food for losing weight

Fraction power mode :

  • Breakfast at 7 o'clock
  • The second breakfast should come at 10-00
  • Lunch- at one o'clock in the afternoon
  • Snack - at 16-17 o'clock
  • Dinner - at 19-20 hours

The meal time may vary depending on your daily routine.

Fractional food for those who want to lose weight Fractional power for those who wish to lose weight

Fractional power, a daily menu for adults and children: table

was to benefit from a balanced diet, to accustom your body to a certain regime. Just when you wake up, do not sit at the table, it should take at least half an hour and not more than two hours before the start of the meal.

Do not eat immediately before bedtime. Dinner should be held no later than two hours before bedtime. Next, study the diet for a week.


  • In the morning : boiled rice in plain water with a small slice of butter, green apple, coffee
  • Lunch : one boiled egg, cucumber
  • Lunch : lean baked fish, salad fromchinese cabbage with cucumbers
  • Snack : low-fat cottage cheese, tea with mint
  • Dinner : skinless chicken stew with braised vegetables
Dishes from chicken Food Chicken

Tuesday :

  • morning : Low-fat curd with greens, a slice of rye bread and tea with hard cheese
  • Second breakfast : cottage cheese with honey
  • Lunch : low-fat broth from chicken meat, vegetable salad( tomatoes, cucumbers, greens)
  • Snack: kiwi or orange, green tea
  • Dinner : chicken, two tomatoes
Fractional food - low-fat cottage cheese with raspberries Fractional power - low-fat cottage cheese with raspberry

Wednesday :

  • On breakfast eat oatmeal with honey, banana, Have a drinkdkogo green tea
  • Brunch : peeled walnuts, apple, coffee
  • Lunch : brown rice with vegetables
  • Three hours : Casserole with cheese, banana and semolina
  • Dinner : seafood withCucumbers, tomatoes, green peas
Seafood with vegetables Seafood with vegetables

Thursday :

  • Morning : oatmeal with milk and fruits
  • Lunch : low-fat yogurt, bread, coffee
  • Lunch : sauerkraut with hake cooked in the multivariate
  • Snack : salad with vegetables dressed with low-fat sour cream
  • Dinner : chicken, baked in the oven with cheese parmesan, cucumber
Oatmeal for breakfast Oatmeal for breakfast

Friday :

  • breakfast : mashed potatoes, with boiled egg and cucumber
  • Through three hours: two fruit kiwi, coffee
  • Lunch : soup with oyster mushrooms and rice, black bread with cheese
  • Snack : casserole with raisins
  • Dinner : pollack baked in foil and sea kale
Mushroom soup with oyster mushrooms mushroom soup with mushrooms

Saturday :

  • morning : omelet of two eggs, tomato, green tea
  • Lunch : kiwi and banana
  • Lunch : baked potatoes and cooked inMultivark champignons with chicken breast, stacken kefir
  • For three hours before dinner : apple
  • Dinner : cottage cheese with baked apple
Omelette for breakfast omelet for breakfast

Sunday :

  • Breakfast : porridge barley groats with a small pieceButter
  • For three hours before lunch : banana
  • Lunch : boiled chicken meat, vegetables
  • Snack : seafood, cup of tomato juice
  • Dinner : brown rice with fish cutlets andCup of volumeJuice
A fresh vegetable salad Fresh vegetable salad

Below, see one more example of a fractional food on the table for each day of the week. Table.

Table. Split meals for a week Table. Split meals for a week

Recipes for fractional meals for children

casserole cheese

Ingredients :

  • Low-fat cottage cheese - 250 grams
  • low-fat sour cream - two table spoons
  • Munk - one spoon
  • Egg - 1 piece
  • Honey 2 teaspoons
  • Raisin - tablespoon
  • Salt - small pinch
  • Vanilla, oil for greasing sheet

Preparation :

  • wash the raisins and pour boiled water
  • into a separate container, pour in the mango and add the sour cream( 1 spoonful), mix them, leave for 30 minutes
  • then mix the mass with the mango, grated cottage cheese, the rest of the ingredients, honey until you add
  • addsoaked raisins, form oil the
  • put the batter into the pan, brush with sour cream on top
  • bake for forty minutes in the oven

When the dough has cooled slightly and vypechetsya, smear it with honey, fruit garnish.

Cottage cheese casserole Curd casserole

Potato "pureeĀ»

Ingredients :

  • potatoes - 150 grams
  • Curd - 1 large spoon
  • milk - 1 large spoon
  • Salt

Preparation :

  • clean, wash and cook the
  • potatoes then place it in a blender with cottage cheese and milk, chop, beat
  • when it is pleasantly warm, serve for lunch
Mashed potatoes with cottage cheese for children Mashed potatoes with cottage cheesefor children fractional power

Recipes fractional power between men and women

Vegetable salad

Ingredients :

  • Green salad - one bunch, basil
  • Olives - 4 pieces
  • tomatoes "Cherry" - 200 grams
  • Vegetable oil from olives
  • Salt
  • Vinegar

Preparation :

  • Take a salad bowl onBottom, put basil leaves, cover,
  • then pour in oil, a little vinegar, stir well
  • then add salad( tear with his hands), chopped tomatoes, olives
  • again, stir the ingredients, serve with chicken or fish
Dietary salad for fractional food Dietary salad for a fractional power

curd soup with tomato

Ingredients :

  • Tomato juice - two cups
  • Low-fat cottage cheese - 160 grams
  • Oil lean
  • Lemon juice - 1 teaspoon
  • Parsley, dill
  • Salt, pepper
  • Sugar half a small spoon

Preparation of :

  • in a container mix the juice from tomatoes with cottage cheese
  • then chop the blender to make itRe
  • add the remaining ingredients, mix, serve, serve
Tomato soup Tomato soup

Fractional food: weight loss results, photos before and after

Below you can see the results of losing weight after a fractional diet:

Fractional power - results Fractional power- results
Weight loss result Weight loss result

What should be the correct fractional power: feedback

Based on the results of responses to fractional nutrition, it can be concluded that people who strictly observedAnd recommendations, kept their weight for many years on the same level or lost weight. And who allowed himself all sorts of deviations from the diet and the amount of food consumed, did not achieve the desired effect.

Improper diet of fractional food Incorrect fractional power supply

Video: fractional power