Detox cleaning program at home: benefits, recipes. Menu detox diet for 3, 7, 10, 21 day and for a month

In the article - about the features of the detox diet, its rules, as well as advice on making up the menu and recipes for dishes.


  • benefits of a detox diet and rules
  • What should be the menu on a detox diet?
  • detox menu for 3 days
  • detox menu for 7 days
  • detox menu for 10 days
  • detox menu for 21 days. Detox menu for the month
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  • Detox diet, cocktails, smoothies, juices, tea, soups and detox dishes
  • Detox diet: reviews
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  • More and more people today tend to adhere to the correct way of life, eat healthy and engage in sports
  • They also understand that the natural function of the body's self-cleaning does not work against a contaminated environment, and to cleanse itself of toxins, it is necessary to take specialMeasures
  • The word "detoxification" is widely heard. It invited to consider in detail how to implement it through diet

benefits of a detox diet and rules

detox diet means eating such foods that will help no

t only lose weight, but first of all, cleanse the body of accumulated therein toxins andMetabolic products, which for various reasons were not withdrawn from it and remained in the form of fat deposits, or accumulation on the walls of the intestine and so on.

Detox diet is aimed at improving the function of self-cleaning the body. The detox diet is aimed at improving the function of self-cleaning the body.

Detox diet will help:

  • clean the body
  • improve metabolism
  • improve the excretory system

IMPORTANT: By detoxification it is possible to get rid of allergies, as is known, often the cause of allergy is slagging of the body and disruption of the bowel.

As a result of the detox diet, you can expect an improvement in the work of the entire body and its systems, improving the condition of internal organs and appearance, for example, skin, hair, nails.

An important result is a positive result in terms of weight loss: for 7 to 10 days detox diet can get rid of 5 - 7 kg.

The detox diet allows not only to purify the body of toxins, but also to lose weight. The detox diet allows not only to purify the body of toxins, but also to lose excess weight.

All the positive results of a detox diet can be expected only if all of its rules are observed. Otherwise, the body can work unexpectedly because of the restrictions that the diet prescribes.

Together with toxins, we can lose the essential building materials necessary for the body, violating its work. As the ancients used to say, the main thing in experiments on the body is not to harm.

So, the basic rules of detox diets are as follows:

  1. should not use often To this diet, referring to it twice a year, not more
  2. diet consists of several periods: preparation, proper diet and exit time of it. All three periods can not be ignored, it is important to follow the rules during each of them. You can not begin to limit yourself to eating the ills of not having to adjust your body to it. Also, after a diet can not immediately return to the normal diet
  3. During all periods of the diet will have to limit themselves in active physical activity, but quiet outdoor walks are recommended
  4. In addition to cleaning the body from the inside( digestive, excretory system), cleaning is mandatoryOrganism from the outside. Showing bath, shower, spa treatments, because our skin also has an excretory function
  5. for such a diet more suitable quiet time, such as when you're on vacation and you can devote yourself time, do not hurry anywhere and no fuss and nervous
  6. necessaryWill drink a lot - water, freshly squeezed juices, herbal teas and infusions.
Cleaning the body without enough water on a detox diet is impossible. Cleansing the body without enough water on a detox diet is impossible.

What should be the menu on a detox diet?

The menu on the detox diet should be composed mainly of plant foods, foods rich in fiber and vitamins. Proteins and fats are not completely excluded from the menu, but are limited.
During the preparatory period, the period of the diet itself and the release from it, the food will consist of:

  • water and beverages from fruits and vegetables
  • of the fruit and vegetables
  • porridge
  • lactic acid products
  • vegetable soups and puree
  • nutsand greenery
  • lean poultry and fish
  • legumes
  • honey and extracts of medicinal herbs
  • wholemeal bread
The menu of detox diet is based on vegetables and fruits. The menu-based detox diet - fruits and vegetables.


  • all fried, fatty, smoked and sharp
  • flour and confectionery
  • alcohol and cigarettes
  • eating before bedtime

Restricted, especially during the preparation period:

  • meat and other animal proteins.(During this period it is better to eat vegetable food in raw, cooked or baked form, unsweetened tea or fresh)
  • lactic acid foods with high fat content

IMPORTANT: Although detox diet is mainly composed of familiar and affordable products, you will still needSuch products that we eat every time, for example, ginger, sprouted wheat germ or Jerusalem artichoke

Detox menu for 3 days

  • The classic for detox diet is a period of 4 weeks, of which, The period lasts 14 days, the period of the diet itself is 7 days, and the exit period is another 7 days.
  • However, a so-called express period is possible, when the diet itself will last only 3 days, but preparation and withdrawal from it will beAccordingly 6 - 7 days
  • During the preparatory period it is necessary to drink on an empty stomach the so-called detox-cocktail. A detox cocktail needs to start eating in the morning and in subsequent periods of the diet. It is useful for accelerating the metabolism, cleansing and improving bowel function.
Ingredients for detox cocktail - lemon and ginger. Ingredients for detox cocktail - lemon and ginger.

RECIPE: Preparation of detox cocktail:

  • 0, 5 lemon squeezed into a glass of warm water
  • to fry a small piece of ginger in the same place
  • stir and drink in small sips

After that you can go to breakfast.
For breakfast, it is recommended during the preparatory period approximately the following menu:

  • oatmeal without oil and salt
  • fresh or rustic beetroot
  • cooked beetroot with prunes and nuts
  • vegetable juice
  • herbal tea


  • soupWater based on beans or lentils and vegetables
  • small piece of bread from cereals
  • cabbage and broccoli salad dressed with lemon juice
  • herbal tea from echinacea, mint, oregano, etc.


  • unsweetened fruit


  • buckwheat without salt or butter
  • any salad

at night( for 2 hours before bedtime):

  • nonfat yogurt 150 g

BetweenExit from the diet - the same dishes, but with a gradual increase in calories.

Detox menu for 7 days

IMPORTANT: For the whole day of the seventh day of the detox diet( breakfast, lunch, dinner), one and a half kg of green apples baked with honey, cinnamon and lemon

should be distributed. Approximate breakfasts for 7 days:

  • oatmeal and smoothies from apple, beet and carrot, tea with lemon
  • rice boiled without salt and oil, celery and cucumber juice, herbal tea
  • boiled beans or puree of lentils, a slice of rye bread, celery juice
  • low-fat cottage cheese, a salad of apples and oranges, add a few nuts and tea with lemon
  • salad of boiled beet with prunes and germinated sprouts, slice of bread, vegetable-fruit mix of carrot and apple
  • buckwheat porridge without butter and salt, Cauliflower salad, gingertea
An example of a breakfast on a baby breakfast detkos example on diet - beet salad.

Approximate lunches:

  • green cream soup, slice of rye bread, fruit fresh
  • piece of baked or boiled fish, broccoli salad, fruit juice
  • juice from grapefruit, lemon and orange
  • 100 g of boiled chicken meatBoiled beetroot juice with lemon juice
  • soup with beans and a slice of wholemeal bread, sauerkraut seasoned with olive oil, fruit juice
  • lentil soup, cucumber, cabbage, carrot, herbal tea salad
  • Part ofolutora kilograms of baked apples( see Seventh-day breakfast.)
Sample lunch detox diet - soup puree from lentils. example dinner on a detox diet - soup of lentils.

Exemplary dinners:

  • curd or yogurt low-fat, herbal tea
  • boiled beans, broccoli and spinach, apple
  • piece of boiled fish, smoothies from celery, spinach and garlic clove juice
  • boiled rice, tomato salad withGreens, sprinkled with garlic juice, herbal tea
  • low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt, apple or orange
  • boiled fish, sauerkraut with cranberries and lemon juice, herbal tea
  • part of a daily portion of baked apples( see breakfast 7 days diet)
An example of a supper on a detox diet is a low-fat cottage cheese.

detox menu for 10 days

Toxins accumulate in the body over the years, the liver is not always able to cope with them. And hardly a week or 10 days is enough to carry out detoxification. But this time is enough to improve the body's functions and get rid of 2-3 extra pounds.

If it is decided to extend the detox diet to 10 days, after a 7-day program it is recommended to first repeat any two days out of it, and the third, final day to make it drinkable - to consume exclusively juices and mineral water.

Detox menu for 21 days. Detox menu month

Three or four weeks - is the best time for detoxification. These days you can make a menu of all the allowed products so that the diet is varied and balanced.

VIDEO: About the main thing: Detox-diet

Recipes for detox diet, cocktails, smoothies, juices, tea, soups and detox dishes

As you can see, the detox diet is based mainly on the use of fresh vegetablesAnd fruits, other low-calorie products, which accelerate metabolism and contribute to the purification of the body. Food
( cocktails, fresh juices, mixes, smoothies) prepared immediately before use, when they retain the largest number of nutrients. Carrot juice and beet juice( 2: 1 ratio), add a little puree from cauliflower, broccoli and 2 cloves of garlic, a little( 1/4 teaspoon of olive oil) to them. Mix all.

RECIPE: Fresh apples and carrots

Apple-carrot fresh
prepared in a juicer. The ratio of products is any. In fresh, add? A teaspoon of olive oil.

RECIPE: Fruit mix
You will need the same amount of juice of orange, grapefruit and lemon. You can add some honey.


Smoothies. Smoothies Smoothies.
  • is a thick juice from fruits, berries and other ingredients mixed in a blender or mixer, retaining all vitamins and food fibers of fruits and berries, their components can be made
  • smoothies, for example, blueberry or strawberry or raspberry, Adding a little milk, nuts and honey nuts

RECIPE: Juices for detox diet

Juices for detox diet. Juices for detox diet.

For such a diet, only natural juices are needed without adding sugar, or prepared immediately before consumption( orange, lemon, grapefruit), or those that you have closed in the summer or in the fall themselves. To sweeten the sour juice, take honey.

herbs can be purchased at the pharmacy, and you can make yourself and the tea from the leaves of currants, cherries, mint, licorice, etc.
Required tea with ginger and lemon( see preparation above)...

RECIPE: soup diet for detoxification

will take:
celery, onions, carrots, spinach, paprika, olive oil, garlic clove( tomato paste, salt, pepper - to taste).

  • Sliced ‚Äč‚Äčonions, carrots, celery, finely chopped garlic, saute in olive oil.
  • . Wait until the lentils are cooked and add the liquid as the boiling evaporates.
  • . After about an hour, when lentils are cooked, add the chopped red pepper, and 10 to 15 minutesbefore the end of cooking, add in broth spinach and roasted vegetables and spices to taste

Detox diet: reviews

Getting any diet, you should still consult a doctor. Even with all the advantages of popular diets, they can have very significant drawbacks - a negative effect on the digestive system and others.

The detox diet has a beneficial effect on health. The detkos diet has a beneficial effect on health.
  • In the process of cleansing the body during detox diets can manifest symptoms associated with the purification of the body - a rash on
  • skin Not to worry and not to worry about the possible manifestations again, consult with your doctor, and do not forget about the rules of the diet
  • In general, tune in to a positive result and it will happen, since the testimonies of those who used this diet not only testify to weight loss, lightness, well-being, but also to strengthening health and immunity in case ofThe absence of initial contraindications.

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