The best smoothies for weight loss and cleansing. Diet on smoothies. How to make smoothies?

In the 70s of the last century a drink appeared that literally exploded the world of everyone who watches over their health, youth and figure. It was smoothies. Cocktail of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and berries, which was not only of great benefit, but also very tasty.


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Smoothies: Benefits for the body

Originally smoothies appeared in the environment of vegetarians. But, very quickly began to gain popularity with everyone who follows their health. After all, these cocktails are prepared from products without heat treatment. And this means that all vitamins and other useful substances in such beverages are preserved in practically the original quantity.

In addition to vitamins and minerals in smoothies contains plant fiber. It improves the work of the stomach and cleanses the intestines from harmful deposits.

Detox smoothies

Avocado spinach The term "detox" refers to the removal of toxins and toxins from the body. Even keeping an active lifestyle, and eating healthy food, we are not immune from the accumulation of various harmful compounds. They can settle in the body due to poor ecology, metabolic failures and other causes. In order to prolong your life, you must periodically cleanse the body of such harmful compounds. You can do this in various ways. For example, eating detox smoothies.

The best cocktails with this effect are almost all "green" smoothies. For example, a mixture of the pulp of avocado, spinach and cabbage. Avocados and spinach will fill the drink with useful substances, and fiber from cabbage will clear the intestine from slags and other harmful deposits.

Dietary smoothies

Almost all smoothies have a dietary effect. If you want to enjoy them, then replace one of the meals with this cocktail.

Put the peeled mandarins( 3 pcs.), Blueberries( 1 cup) and yogurt( 200 ml) into the bowl of the blender. Such a drink not only helps to lose a few pounds, but will also be an excellent source of vitamin C for the body.

Unloading day on smoothies

Diet To ensure that fruit cocktails do not harm the body, unloading days with their use should not take longer than 1-3 days and not more than once a week.

During a fasting day it is necessary to replace this cocktail with one meal. It is desirable to prepare smoothies a little thicker than the usual consistency of such a dish. And use them with a small spoon.

Exemplary day-off menu for smoothies

  • Breakfast: Mix apple( 1 pc.), Orange pulp( 1 pc.) And fat-free yogurt( 200 g) or kifir
  • in the blender. Second breakfast: Mix the pineapple pulp in the blender( 1 pc.),banana( 1 pc.), avocado flesh( 1/2 fruit), grated ginger( 1 tsp.), parsley( 10 twigs) and lemon juice( 1 tbsp.)
  • Lunch: Mix carrots( 1 pc.), banana( 1 pc), carrot juice( 150 ml) and low-fat yogurt( 100 g), or yogurt
  • Lunch:. Mix pear( 2x), spinach( 2 cups chopped leaves) and water
  • . Dinner: Mix broccoli( . 0.5 units), apple( 1 pc.), Lemon juice( . 1 table spoon) and water

Cocktails smoothie slimming

Slimming Strong fat burning effect has cranberries. In addition, the phyto-compounds of this berry eliminate free radicals and cancer cells in the body. On the basis of cranberries, you can prepare a delicious cocktail, which can be used to lose weight.
To make this cocktail you need to mix half a cup of cranberries, celery( 1 pc.), Pear( 1 pc.), Apple( 1 pc.), Cucumber( 1 pc.) And a handful of spinach.

Vegetable smoothie for weight loss

Boil broccoli and finely chop dill. We put the vegetables in a blender, add a few boiled cabbage leaves and a pinch of spices. Fill kefir and mix until homogeneous.

Cleansing smoothies

Cleansing effect to a greater or lesser extent is almost all smoothies. To remove slags from the body, you can use this recipe. We clear carrots( 3 pieces) and beets( 1 pc.) From the skin and cut into cubes. Finely chop the garlic with a knife( 2 cloves) and parsley( bunch).We put in the bowl of the blender crushed ingredients, add radish and whisk.

Smoothies for weight loss for breakfast

  • Green diet Smoothies for breakfast should include a mixture of fast and slow carbohydrates. Do not be afraid of fast carbohydrates. After awakening the body they must help to fill it with energy. The ideal variant of the source of such carbohydrates is the bananas
  • . In order for the smoothies for breakfast to be satisfying, it is desirable to place oatmeal in it. These flakes will not only make a hearty shake, but also help to withdraw from the intestines of harmful deposits
  • Prepare this cocktail can be mixed in a blender banana( 2 pcs.), Oatmeal( 1/2 cup) and low-fat yogurt. On the palate, you can add dried fruit, chocolate( dark only), orange juice, raisins and other products

Smoothies for weight loss on

dinner Can fully replace dinner with the help of a smoothie? Yes, it is quite possible. Of course, all the time to use as a last meal before going to bed only cocktails are not recommended. But, periodically unload the soy stomach with a berry-orange smoothie.

For its preparation, mix black currant( 3 handfuls), orange juice( 1 cup) and low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese( 250 g) in a blender. At dinner, it is not advisable to use honey, but if such a cocktail is very acidic, then this rule can be omitted.

Smoothies for slimming for the night

At night In order to get rid of extra pounds, you need to eat smoothies in which you do not have fast carbohydrates before going to bed. That is, bananas can not be used as ingredients of such cocktails.

The best smoothies that activate the fat burning process are those in which kefir and cinnamon are present. Instead of cinnamon, you can use turmeric or other spices that have this property. In such a drink you can add berries or not very sweet fruit. But from honey and sugar before going to bed you need to refuse.

Fat Burning Smoothies

Grapefruit, kiwi, strawberry and other fruits and berries have a fat burning effect. Such cocktails are best to drink immediately after training. For lovers of sweet and sour taste, a cocktail of pineapple and grapefruit is suitable. Such a drink not only helps to lose a few extra pounds, but also neutralizes free radicals and toxins.

For the preparation of such smoothies you need to mix in the blender the pulp of half a pineapple and grapefruit. Add a spoonful of honey and a few ice cubes to the drink.

Tibetan Smoothies

Fat burning cocktail The drink, which not so long ago appeared in our country, very quickly gained popularity. Tibetan smoothies can be ordered in any large village. But, if you have the opportunity to buy products such as mangosteen, tamarind, langstat, sapodilla and bail, then you can prepare a healing drink of Tibetan monks at home.

To do this, mix the above ingredients in the blender. Add the fennel to them and blend with a blender until smooth. If the cocktail is too thick, you can add a little kefir.

Soup of smoothies

Popular in the West, soups-mashed potatoes are one of the varieties of smoothies. Prepare them fairly simple. And the effect of digestibility can exceed the consumption of ingredients in such soups separately. An excellent smoothie soup will be the below presented recipe.

Clean the cucumber from the skin and seeds. From medium avocados extract the flesh. Grind the garlic( 1/2 clove).With the help of a celery juicer( 5 stems) and cilantro( 1 bunch) squeeze the juice. We put a cucumber, avocado pulp, crushed garlic in a blender, pour the juice( 1/2 lemon) and add the zest( 1/2 lemon).Whisk until smooth. Such soup-puree can be seasoned to taste.

Sports cocktail

Smoothing for cleaning

Excellent smoothing function is a cocktail of spinach, banana and lemon juice. To make it, you need to mix 350 ml of mineral water without gas, bananas( 3 pcs.), A large bunch of spinach leaves and lime juice or half a lemon. In addition to its cleansing qualities, this cocktail will help to fill the body's need for some vitamins and minerals.

Smoothing slimming in a blender

In a blender Slimming cocktail can be made from bananas and strawberries. To do this, take fresh or frozen strawberries( 150 g), half a banana, low-fat kefir or yogurt( 150 ml) and cottage cheese( 1 tablespoon).First you need to mix fruit in the blender. Then in the ground mass, you need to add kefir and cottage cheese. Strawberries can be replaced with any berries: blueberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc.

Smoothes on water

Cocktails on the water are not very popular. But, sometimes in unloading purposes it is possible to replace milk with milk or fruit juice. If you want to make such a drink, just mix 2 parts of spinach with one part of the water in the blender. For taste, you can add a couple of bananas to this drink.

Smoothies with banana

Bananas Banana is one of the most popular products used in the preparation of cocktails. Probably, everyone tried a thick drink with this fruit and, not suspecting that he uses smoothies. We suggest you try a banana-pumpkin cocktail. It will not only help to satisfy the hunger before going to sleep, but also thanks to the compounds that make up the pumpkin, it will purify the body of toxins.

We clean the banana( 1 piece) from the skin, cut into slices and freeze in the refrigerator. Put in the blender bowl pumpkin puree( 3/4 cup), vanilla yogurt( 1 cup), cinnamon( 1/2 tsp), nutmeg( 0.125 teaspoon), ground cloves( at the tip of the knife), honey( 1Spoons), frozen pieces of banana and ice. Fill the orange juice( 0.3 cup) and mix until smooth. Serve chilled.

Smoothies with milk

A useful milk-based cocktail can be made by mixing this valuable drink with an apple. To do this, you need to peel apples( 2 pieces), cut them into small pieces and place them in the blender bowl. Then you need to pour the milk( 300 g) and pour the ground cinnamon( at the tip of the knife).Ingredients should be mixed until smooth and drink. If the drink is somewhat sour, you can add sugar or honey to taste.

Smoothies with oatmeal

With oatmeal Oatmeal is a product that helps to cleanse the intestines from toxins and toxins. In addition, oatmeal can satisfy hunger and normalize metabolism. Use this product in cocktails can be practically with all fruits and berries. For example, with kiwi fruit.

Clean 2-3 kiwi from the skin and cut into small pieces. Fill flakes of "Hercules" with boiling water and leave for a couple of minutes. Drain the water and mix in a blender with kiwi and milk.

IMPORTANT: Kiwi contains compounds that have fat burning effects. Therefore, this smoothie is ideal for anyone who follows his figure.

Smoothies with curd

Excellent fitness cocktail can be prepared from cottage cheese and greens. With this drink, you can replace the protein cocktail while exercising in the gym.

For its preparation you need to take a few branches of dill, cilantro, basil and celery stalk. Wash the greens and dry it. Clean the fresh cucumber from the skin. Put all the ingredients in the blender and add the cottage cheese( 100 grams).We mix and enjoy delicious, and most importantly, a useful drink.

Coffee smoothies

Coffee Caffeine and bananas. Probably the best combination in order to awaken and with renewed vigor to take up the execution of their affairs. A cocktail in which these ingredients will be combined is a real "battery" for the body. To make such an energy smoothie is very simple.

Clean the banana( 1/2 part) from the peel and cut it into small pieces. They put them in the bowl of the blender. Then fill the cooled milk( 220 ml) and mix the ingredients until uniform. Add sugar( no more than 1 tablespoon) or honey. And also coffee( 2 tablespoons) and cinnamon( at the tip of the knife).After mixing, you should get a delicious coffee and banana cocktail with notes of cinnamon.

Smoothies for losing weight. Tips and Feedback

Julia. For the first time I tried such a fruit cocktail in the summer in a cafe. I liked the idea of ​​grinding the fruit to mash. In contrast to fresh juices, more nutrients remain in the smoothies. Most of all I like a cocktail of celery, kefir and greens. But, my zest is a spoonful of linseed oil. Such a drink will be enjoyed by all people who follow their figure.

Marina. I remember how I was given a vegetable drink in the kindergarten. It resembled modern smoothies, but was not very pleasant to the taste. Today such cocktails not only have excellent taste, but also allow me to exclude harmful snacks during the working day.

Video. We reduce excess weight by proper nutrition! Green smoothies for weight loss fast and useful!