A snowflake dress for a girl crocheted: a diagram and a description. How to tie a baby dress with a snowflake crochet for a New Year's party?

An interesting and unique dress by yourself? Easily! In a snowflake dress, your little fashionista will be the most beautiful for the New Year!


  • How does a snowflake pattern fit for a dress?
  • Dress snowflakes crochet for baby 8 months, 1 year: diagram, description, photos
  • Dress snowflakes for girls 2 - 4 years: diagram, description, photos
  • Dress snowflakes hook for a Christmas party in a kindergarten for girls 5 -7 years: a photo, diagram, description
  • Video: Christmas dress "Snowflake«

dress for girls - a very special article of clothing. The more unusual and interesting - the better.

New Year's dress is a place for creativity. If the dresses for adults have some standards, standards, then children's dresses do not have any templates. Dress-bell, dress-sun or snowflake dress. What can be more original?

In this article we will tell you how to sew a New Year's snowflake dress for a girl of 1-7 years old.

How does the pattern of a snowflake crochet for a dress fit?

A snowflake-style card can have absolutely any pattern. The key point is to make the product itself lush and shiny, like a snowflake. The craftsmen use a variety of techniques for this. For example, layer the embroidery on top of each other or under a hem wear a sumptuous tulle skirt.

Now we will tell you how to use the hook to tie the pattern "Snowflake" for a dress, decoration or any other product.

The scheme by which you can tie a snowflake.

Scheme knitting

The following schemes show only a part of the pattern, the rest of the circuit pattern can easily finish by analogy.

Snowflake Scheme # 2 Snowflake Scheme №2
Snowflake Scheme №3
Snowflake Scheme # 4 Snowflake Scheme №4

Snowflake Crochet Flower for Baby 8 Months, 1 Year: Scheme, Description, Photo

In this part of the article we will tell youHow to tie a beautiful snowflake dress for a little girl of 1 year.

Very simple version of this dress includes: lace top and a tulle skirt. Since the child is still very small, the cost of doing this work will be minimal.

Such a top can be combined in a blue skirt of tulle This top can be combined with a blue skirt of tulle
Start knitting dresses Materials for work
Knitting Patterns Knitting patterns
Beginning of knitting Beginning of knitting
Part 2 part 2
How to finish knitting How to finish knitting

This was one of the many options. Now we will tell you how to tie a snowflake dress for a little girl completely with a crochet, including the hem.

We will now knit such a dress This dress we are going to knit
Coquette and backrest - description yoke and back - a description
2 halves of the back contact 2 halves back bind
How to knit a skirt correctly? How to Knit a skirt right?
Scheme Diagrams

Finally, insert the ribbons in the dress from satin or silk. They will serve as an additional decoration.

You can tie a similar dress from white, green or any other color of yarn and decorate with a flower, as shown in the photo. But it will be a more summer option.

Dresses in white and green dresses in white and green version

Take note! The hem of these dresses can be knitted according to the pattern of almost any round openwork napkin!

snowflakes dress for girls 2 - 4 years: diagram, description, photos

For girls older suitable dress, which scheme will be shown below.

Multi-level dress for the new year crochet Tiered Dress for New Year's hook

Attire such a plan to fit girls 4-5 years.

The beginning of knitting is a square coquette with shoulder bevels. The number of loops typed is necessarily divided into 4 parts for the transfer, the sleeves and the back, and the number of loops for each part may differ.

Knitting scheme of the yoke yoke knitting scheme

Now calculate the armhole length. For this software( half-swallow) of the chest divide by 4 and add 7 loops.

In the next row after the armhole, add the missing amount of hinges( air) for the armpits to get a chest girth. Knit the grid, as before, through the same intervals making the expansion.

Every sixth, fifth or seventh row will ruffles, so the length of the product must be evenly divisible by six, five, or seven, respectively.

Explanation 1 Explanation 1
Clarification 2 note 2

Suitable for dress absolutely any circuit ruffles.

How to knit ruches How to Knit frill

This dress you can tie in white or blue version. They both will look very festive and smart, just in the New Year theme!

Платье ажурное "снежинка" в белом варианте Dress openwork "Snowflake" in white version
Платье ажурное "снежинка" в синем цвете Dress openwork "Snowflake" in blue

Snowflake crochet for Christmas party in kindergarten for girl 5 - 7 years: photo, scheme, description

Onparty for girls 5-7 years of perfect light openwork lace dress, under which you can wear a full skirt and a thin jacket. As this is a holiday, choose the appropriate ornaments. Diadem, earrings, belt, shoes. Your daughter will be at the most beautiful holiday!

This is the dress that we will be knitting now! This is the dress that we are going to knit!

The dress is made in the usual way, that is from the top to the bottom.

knitting process:

  1. Dial chain of stitches in an amount of 15 pieces.
  2. Add an additional three air lifting loops.
  3. Knit by the first scheme.
  4. After that, leave 7 rapports for the front of the dress, 6 for sleeves and back.
  5. The first row consists of tables without a crochet.
  6. For an armhole on each side, dial five air loops.
  7. Knitting continues on the second scheme.
  8. The neck of the dress is tied with bunches without a crochet.
Scheme №1 scheme №1
Scheme №2 scheme №2

Video: Christmas dress "Snowflake«